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Top 10 Best One-Piece Toilet 2020: (Reviews & Buying guides)

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The one-piece toilet has become one of the most common toilets to a large number of house owners. The one-piece toilet is best for modern technology, smooth design, and working performance. Moreover, dirt and bacteria can’t accumulate because there is no problematic joint in its design. The modern one-piece toilet easier to clean than two-piece toilets or other types of toilets. In the market, you will find many kinds of one-piece toilets. But it may hard to find the best one-piece toilet. For your best convenience, I am sharing a list of top-rated one piece toilet reviews, which will help you find a suitable one for your home or office. Let’s have a look.

Best One-Piece Toilet Reviews







1 and 1.6 GPF  

American Standard Champion 4


1.6 GPF

Toto Eco Ultramax


1.28 GPF



1.6 / 1.1GPF

Kohler Santa Rosa


1.28 GPF

Toto Neorest 700H


1.0/0.8 GPF

Swiss Madison st. tropez


0.8/1.28 GPF



1. 0 /1. 6 GPF

Winzo WZ5024


1.28 GPF

American Standard  Fairfield


1.6 GPF


Woodbridge T-0019 has come with all of the features and advantages which you expect for a luxury toilet. It is a popular product of Woodbridge, a manufacturing company with a reputation for almost 16 years. However, these features will correctly suit with your requirements. Three things carry the identity of a proper toilet. These three factors are a comfortable seat, high-quality flush, and exterior design.

Luckily you will get all of these within this toilet. Similarly, the high-quality, powerful silent flush helps to pass anything you have dump inside the toilet. Also, it has a water sensor system, which can save maximum water.

Woodbridge is famous for its external beauty. Its external design is so attractive that your family members, as well as guests coming home, will have high regard for your interests. It’s a comfort height toilet; that means adults or disabled people can use it easily. It’s making by durable Porcelain body materials. Its weight is 152 pounds and 31 x 18 x 28 inches in size, and this toilet consumes 1 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The average volume stands at 1.28 gallons. 

 Highlighted Features:

  • Luxury design with robust dual flush quality
  • Flash volume on average 1.28 gallons
  • Easy cleaning without any painful joint or corner to reach
  • Most durable stainless-steel seat hinge and soft closing cover
  • US & Canada UPC, CSA and water sensor certified


  • Comfortable, soft closing seat and adjustable height
  • Dual flash and killing power of any dirties.
  • Perfect for an adult person.
  • A water-saving sensor quality. 


  • It is heavier in weight.

2. American Standard Champion 4

Are you looking for a faster flush with larger mass moving powerfully one-piece toilet within an affordable price? Then the American standard is the best choice for you. I have been listed this American Standard Champion 4 toilet because of some important reasons. Firstly, the most vital factor is the ability to pass up to 70% amount of toilet dust in a single flush.

Moreover, it’s a revolutionary name for the best cleaning performance. As well as, it stays clean for a long time. Besides, its slow close quality plays a useful role for your peace-loving family. The powerful flush used 1.6-gallon water and mixed it with the ever-green surface. As a result, the toilet bowl stays hygienic most of the time and pass the toilet dirties. 

American Standard Champion 4 is its sixteen-and-a-half-inch rim height in its seating seat. Rim height will allow you to use it more freely and comfortably. Moreover, the American standard has a water sense certificate. This one piece of comfort height toilet dimension is 17.8 x 29.8 x 29.5 inches with a white color elongated style. Its weight is 111 pounds, and making by construction materials are vitreous from china. Overall, it is an excellent one-piece toilet. 

 Highlighted Features:

  • Slow close cover and faster flush quality.
  • Capable of passing the larger mass through the bowl out to 70%
  • Comfortable rim height
  • GPM water consumption
  • Durable vitreous china white color materials
  • Long-lasting cleaning performance
  • Powerful flush with 1.6 gallons of water.


  • Up to 10-years warranty
  • Most comfortable rim height 
  • Quiet and slow closing sounds and Larger mass moving quality
  • Water sense to save water
  • Easier installation process


  • A fewer user has faced in the tank problem.
American Standard Champion 4

3. Toto Eco Ultramax

Toto Eco Ultramax is one of the modern one-piece toilets. Such right products are rarely available at a limited price. Everything from the sleek design to high performance, commercial-grade flushing seems like a perfect match with your needs. Firstly, it comes consistently with a chrome-plated trip liver, an ADA height, and an elongated size toilet bowl with 12 inches rough-in as well. It is using on average 1.28-gallon water in a single flush, which saves the water and also cleans the toilet correctly.

TOTO has a large surface that removes maximum odors. It’s making with soft Sana Gloss Glaze, which can confine debris and bacteria from the sticking surface to holes of the ceramic coating. Because of having this Sana Gloss, your toilet will stay clean with a small number of chemicals. So, it ensures an environment-friendly toilet. 

The overall size is 31.8 x 28.9 x 19.3 inches. Toto ultramax rim height is 16-1/2-inch, tank height is 27-1/2-inch, seat height is 17-inch, and tank width is 16-1/2-inch. As well as the white cotton color and vitreous china materials and elongated design make it more attractive. You can decide to choose it undoubtedly because of its excellent features, quality, and affordable price. 

 Highlighted Features:

  • Super-sleek design and 125% larger 3-inch flush valve
  • Very smooth Sana Gloss glaze for bacteria and debris reducing
  • Soft closing seat and able to save water up to 20%
  • Chemical resistant quality
  • 1.8GPF water consumption and ADA regulation maintenance
  • Official G-grade powerful flush system
  • Fully glazed trap way by computer design


  • 5-years warranty
  • Easy installation with super tightening fixing bolts
  • Very lightweight and affordable in price
  • Soft closes and comfortable seat with ergonomic design


  • Few customers are not happy with their height.  
Toto Eco Ultramax

4. HOROW HWMT-8733

Are you looking for a smart, compact design dual flush one piece toilet for small space? The horow hwmt-8733 comes with the modern features of a small spaces bathroom. It is mandatory, while your bathroom has not enough space for setting up a toilet. Although it is small, all of the qualities are including in it.

I have one item of this for my ten years old daughter. The length and height from the floor both are 16.5 and comfortably suitable for all age’s persons. High quality, fully glazed, and dual leak proof flush quality increase its value much — the average flush amount of 1.28 GPF. You will get a more quite-closing seat, self-cleaning surface, and natural installation advantages. 

Most importantly, this one-piece dual flush toilet has the floor mounting features at 12” rough-in. Vitreous China ceramic materials make it durable and long-lasting. The total size is 25 x 13.4 x 28.4 inches, with 96 pounds of weight. You will be happy to see it’s a contemporary style, white color, and round shape design. Another good advantage is; you will get an additional UF seat in the market for future replacement. It has arrived -c UPC certificate from IAPMO. 

 Highlighted Features:

  • Designed especially for small spaces bathroom
  • Leak-proof clogs free dual flush quality
  • White color and ceramic materials
  • Quite-closing, and self-cleaning seat cover
  • Floor mounting and rough in 12 inches features
  • Available addition seat in the market
  • Comes with IAPMO certificate


  • Floor mounting and suitable seat height
  • Soft-close seat cover ensures a quiet environment
  • 5- years warranty
  • Affordable in price


  • It may seem cumbersome to set up in a prominent place. 

5. Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa

Kohler is another praiseworthy best one-piece toilet for the money for small spaces. One of the many popular features that you will see, first of all, is that it has several seams and creases. I love the various available coloring toilets for a suit with several colors’ schemes. Luckily you are getting black, white, biscuit, diamond, grey, and sandbar color.

Besides, it has an elongated and compact bowl with a seat chair system. As a result, the older person can sit and stand comfortably. Its aqua piston flush flows the water around the pot up to 360 degrees. And use 1.28 gallons of water on each bloom. 

The dimension of this product is 31 x 20.8 x 29 inches. Construct from china materials with an elongated shape. It is also floor mounted. Moreover, it has a water sense certificate as well. I love most of its eye-catchy color. Overall, I can ensure you will not be any wrong if you buy one of these. It is a little bit heavier of 102 pounds.

 Highlighted Features:

  • Comes as a perfect item for a small place
  • Available in several colors
  • Water-saving and clogs are eliminating power.
  • Brevia Quiet-Close seat
  • Water sense certification
  • Adjustable height with sit chair system
  • Use average 1.28 gallons water for per flush


  • Comfortable and chair system seat with soft-seat closing.
  • The cleaning process is easier
  • Strong siphon flushing
  • Modern design with several certifications


  • A little bit of leakage and clogs problems may occur in a rare case.
Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa

6. Toto MS992CUMFG#01 Neorest  

Toto MS992CUMFG is another fantastic best one-piece modern toilet item for best performance in your toilet. Maybe it is not available within a minimum price, but all of the contemporary toilet features are including in it. Firstly, come to the design factor, I can’t leave its compact size and skirted design. Indeed, it is such an item that will provide you with external beauty as well as comfortability. After then look at the advantages and features. What has not in this? The Sana Gloss finishing feature will ensure a long-lasting clean environment. Besides, the ADA compliant refers to it is the best performer toilet in most of the house. Like other items, it has a soft close seat and high-efficiency jet flushing power.

Furthermore, it has one unique feature of remote control automatic dual flush system and a soft nightlight. The soft nightlight helps you to navigate at midnight. The temperature controlling warm seat must impress you while using this toilet. The lid seat can automatically open and close. It will spray electrolyzed water automatically to clean the bowl correctly without any harmful chemicals.  

Toto 01 Neorest is a weight of 124 pounds, and its whole dimension is 32.5 x 15.5 x 21.5 inches. The construction materials are white color ceramic with Sana Gloss finishing. So, if you don’t have a money problem, then I am sure it will be best for you. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple but unique and catchy design with compact size
  • White cotton ceramic with SanaGloss finishing.
  • Soft closing seat and powerful jet flushing
  • The double cyclone flushing system
  • The electrolyzed water spraying process
  • Warm seat and remote-control flush
  • Perfectly fitted for large and small space.
  • Contemporary style and oval shape


  • A soft nightlight for quick navigation in midnight
  • The automatic remote-control flushing system
  • Soft closing seat and double flushing
  • Easy installment process


  • A fewer customer grievance about automatic seat lid opening problem. 

7. Swiss Madison St. Tropez

Are you looking for the best 1 piece toilet in an open budget? Undoubtedly Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. is perfect for you. It arrives from the most credible bath products manufacturing company Swiss Madison. Don’t think about the price. I believe that it will serve you the value of each dollar. It is a square size toilet comes with some great unique features. Firstly, I want to say about it’s a modern and sleek design with a different style. The elongated shape is not able to win your heart. In addition to using it at home, you can also use it for commercial purposes.

Swiss Madison seat is not connected with the bowl. As a result, the seat can comfortably apart from the container. Besides, it is easy to clean. I like most the powerful flushing and natural water usage of it. It’s needs 0.8- or 1.28-gallon water per flush. 

The overall dimension is 26.6 x 15 x 31 inches, with 120 pounds of weight. Note that is floor mounting, and construction materials are glossy white color ceramic. If you would like to take it, I can ensure your satisfaction. You can go with it because of its overall qualities. 

 Highlighted Features:

  • Super sleek, compact size and glossy ceramic materials
  • White color, square shape, and elongated shape toilet
  • Seat apart and replacement feature
  • Floor mounting system and powerful flushing.


  • Water-saving quality. It uses only one gallon for each flush but ensures a long-lasting cleaning
  • The seat can be replaced whenever needed.
  • Easy to clean


  • Toilet bowl and seat are apart from each other.
Swiss Madison st. tropez


Woodbridge t-0018 is another name of beauty and convenience for your single unit toilet, which provides all of the advance toilet features. It is an updated toilet that comes from the reputed manufacturing company Woodbridge. Cleaning is more comfortable than other toilets because of the lack of corners and grooves and the skirted trap way system. Now let’s say flushing quality. A fully glazed muted but powerful flushing will captivate you. Also, flushing has no clogs, leaks, or any other problem. Its chair height is very comfortable for older people to sit and lift.

This toilet is a combination of many great benefits. For example, it has a soft closing seat, floor bolts, and easy installation. Furthermore, it has a stainless-steel seat hinge. Moreover, it has several certifications from UPC, CSA, and water sense. 

Woodbridge T-0018 construction materials are porcelain, and the seating bowl is elongated. The weight is heavier of 151 pounds, and the dimension is 28.5 x 14.5 x 23 inches. Most importantly, it expenses minimum water for flushing. You can take it easy for your bathroom. 

 Highlighted Features:

  • Elegant design with quality features
  • A muted, fully glazed and powerful flushing
  • Leaks, clogs and other problem free-flushing
  • Water sensor system
  • Stainless steel and tight seat hinge and soft closing seat cover
  • Certification from CSA and UPC 


  • Water-saving system
  • Quite flushing and easier cleaning.
  • Comfortable for older people.
  • Easy installation system.


  • Heavier in weight

9. Winzo WZ5024

Winzo WZ5024 is another accessible best 1 piece toilet for the money. At a limited price, such facilities are rarely available in the bathroom. Winzo arrives with vitreous china materials with gloss white finish. There are many good things about water conservation and keeping the bathroom clean. Similarly, it has nothing so complex corners or grooves that can grab germs and dirt. It needs 1.28 GPF water for each flush but high quality to remove the toilet dirt. 

The 17” ADA compliant seat height is very adjustable for most old ages person. You will get far more advantages of the elongated bowl, modern look, and soft-closing seat cover. It is lightweight of 95 pounds, and the overall dimension is 28.8 x 17 x 26 inches. 

  Highlighted Features:

  • Comparatively large toilet bowl with Elongated shape
  • High-quality single flush with up to 1.28 GPF water-saving power
  • 3 inches flush valve and full glazed trap way
  • Side holes feature for bolts fixing
  • Floor mounted system and water sense certification


  • Potent flushing system
  • 17” comfortable and adjustable seat height
  • High-quality cleaning power
  • Lightweight and easy installation


  • This toilet is not so much durable for long-lasting use
Winzo WZ5024

10. American Standard Fairfield

American Standard is an excellent option over the years for its simple, catchy design and useful features. It comes with space-saving features for small to medium size bathroom. As well as it has an attached seat and cover, chrome handle included tank. The easy installation and elongated design will reduce your fear, and simple adjustable features can decorate any size of the bathroom.

American standard is a budget-friendly one piece comfort height toilet made with vitreous china like other best toilets. Vitreous china ensures maximum durability. It expenses 1.6-gallon water each flush, which is suitable for water-saving.

Likewise, before buying, remember that it is a floor-mounted toilet. You will get an excellent plastic seat and seat cover as like another toilet. So, you have not bought any new place. Its 3 inches flush valve is unique for any high-volume condition. The dimension is 29.2 x 16.1 x 26.4 inches, and the weight is 95 pounds. Overall, it is worthy of praise. 

 Highlighted Features:

  • High-quality materials and elongated shape bowl
  • Low profile toilet with 3 inches pilot valve.
  • Polished chrome and side-mounted design
  • Plastic seat and seat cover. 


  • Comfortable seat and soft-closing seat cover
  • Water-saving power
  • Very catchy and Affordable price. 


  • Maybe looking like cheaper for the plastic material seat
American Standard 2862056.020 Fairfield

Best one-piece toilet advantages

The price of one piece is more than a two-piece toilet because it comes with more advanced features that decorate your bathroom as well as the activities. Here are some practical advantages.

Easier Installation method:

As it is one piece, so the toilet bowl and tank come together in a joint. You will get rid of the hassle of installation. So, you can save your money and extra time to install one-piece toilets.

Easier Installation method

Small Size: 

One piece is lower than the two-piece toilet. As a result, you can put it in any size of the bathroom. Space-saving is a great advantage of it. 

Easy cleaning:

In one piece, there no complicated joint and crevice, this is why its disinfection is very more comfortable. Less maintenance:

One section doesn’t need regular maintenance like two pieces. Because of having the bowl and tank together, it has fewer possibilities to break. 

Impressive Design: 

A maximum one-piece toilet comes with elegant design. It is essential to keep your bathroom beautiful. Its design and quality will give you an excellent combination of quality and beauty. 

Comfortable height:

Another great benefit that it arrives with a comfortable height for several ages person. A comfortable height toilet is recommended for those who suffer back pains.

Comfortable height

One Piece Toilet Buying Guide

A plumbing fixture is an essential part of your daily life. So before buying bathroom fixtures, there are some things you need to consider. Because, surely, you don’t want to waste your money. Based on these specific factors, you will be able to determine the right one-piece toilet. I am sharing the most considering factors for your convenience. 

Height & size:

The height of the toilet usually depends on your needs. You should go with a low height if you are short in length. On the other hand, you have to go with a high length. Choose the height according to the toilet user. For example, maybe you will buy it for your child or other elder members of your family. 

Come to the size factor, select the size of the toilet according to the size of your bathroom. If the size is full enough, then you can take a large size one-piece toilet. Similarly, this toilet must have to choose a medium size toilet. A perfect toilet height and size ensures your higher comfortability. So be conscious about it. 


You must ensure that your toilet is going to comfortable for you. Because you have to spend several years with it. The support is depending on some features. Like easy cleaning, powerful flushing, adjustable seat height, size, and easy installation. Besides, the seat materials, the catchy design is also part of comfort use. The overall benefits combine to give you maximum comfort. 

Flushing System:

You will see that there are different types of flush system toilets available in the market. Not all flushing systems may be useful for you. That’s is why finding the right flush can be painful. A pleasant glow should have the ability to remove any dirt. Mostly, it means that good flushing means a proper toilet. But as far as I know, the G-Max, Double cyclone, and dual flushing symphonic flush are high. Before buying a bathroom, make sure about the flushing capacity. Most importantly, it is better to use a dual flush system toilet. 

Water consumption:

Flush system toilets generally spend large amounts of water for removing toilet waste. So, naturally, if your water costs increase, then the electricity bill will also increase. As well as there have possibilities to waste a large amount of water each year. That’s why you have to buy a toilet that is environmentally friendly, money and water saving as well. I suggest going with those one-piece toilets which spend up to 1-2-gallon water per flush. 


Budget is a big deal in buying anything, not just toilets. Although many people think that a high budget means the best product, the matter is not always like this. According to my analysis, you will find some one-piece modern toilet in the market at a minimum price. If you have a tight budget, don’t worry! There are few items perfectly matched with your bathroom available. But keep in mind something is best in quality and features, and you have to spend a lot on it. However, analysis properly before making a final buying decision and find out the best products at an affordable price. 

Final Words

Hopefully, you can understand the reviews of the best one-piece toilet properly. I can ensure that you can undoubtedly go with anyone which I enlist above. 

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