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10 Best Toto Toilet Reviews (May 2020) | Japanese Technology

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Toto serving the customers for a century now has got the game in its favor. People of all spheres have loved the Toto toilets and appreciated its excellence. The Toilets provide an all in all user experience to the customers. The toilets are the perfect blend of modern technology and comfortable usage. Though Toto has a reputation for flaunting luxurious toilets, Toto does not only focuses on manufacturing lavishing toilets; it does also manufacture toilets for the average budget holders. Among the best toto toilets, you may get puzzled to choose the right one for you. Thus we have come up with the toto toilet reviews to ease your buy.


Best Toto Toilet Reviews 2020

NumberNameTop FeaturesGPF
1Toto Drake II1.GMAX flushing technology
2.Toto ADA compliant toilet.
3.universal height
1.6 GPF
2Toto Neorest ms992cumfg1.Remote Control operation
2.Automatic Flush System
3.ADA certified
1.0 GPF and .8GPF
3Toto Ultramax II Toilet1.SoftClose seat
2.12-inch rough-in
3.CEFIONTECT technology for non-sticky glaze
1.28 GPF
4Toto Vespin II1.Two-piece toilet
2.Effective flush technology
3.ADA certified
1.28 GPF
5Toto Neorest 550H1.Hand free operation
2.Toto washlet toilet
3.12-inch rough-in
1GPF and .8 GPF
6Toto Aquia Toilet1. Wall hung toilet
2.One-piece ceramic material toilet.
3.Dual flush toilet
1.6 GPF and .9 GPF
7Toto Drake Toilet1.ADA certified thus uses less water
2.10 inch rough in toilet
3.Comfortable and user-friendly
1.6 GPF
8Toto MS964214CEFG Eco Soiree1.Tornado flushing technology
2.ADA Toilet
3.Tornado flushing system
1.28 GPF
9Toto MS854114ELG Eco Ultramax1.12-inch rough-in
2.One-piece toilet
3. E-Max flushing technology
1.28 GPF
10Toto Washlet G400 Toilet1.3D Toto Tornado flush
2.Five temperature settings
3.automatic washing system
1.28 GPF and .9 GPF

1. Toto Drake II ADA Toilet

This two-piece toilet is the ideal one for your bathroom, extremely easy to install and clean. Moreover, this toilet ensures modern flush technology and siphon jet technology for an effective flush. Less water consumption and comfortable usage make this toilet to be an essential model. Above all, this toilet considered to be the Toto ADA toilet as it is ADA certified. The height is perfect for everyone and even for disabled members.

Drake II Flushing System

The flushing system comes with some modern technologies and offers 1.6 GPF every time. The latest GMAX flushing technology is combined with the siphon jet technology. As a result, the water comes forcefully and is capable of flushing any amount of waste. Moreover, this technology ensures quick flush. The siphon jet technology actively reduces the wastage of water. Rather this technology ensures forceful outcome water for effective flushing. The flushing valve is 3 inches and wider than any other model in the market. All in all, the whole flushing system is excellent and worth your investment.

12 Inches Toilet

The trap way of this toilet is fully glazed; as a result, you will get quiet operation every time. Moreover, the sleek and concealed makes this toilet super easy to clean and maintain. It has 12 inches rough in this easy to install and suitable for every bathroom size. The toilet seat is made of traditional and durable ceramics. Thus it ensures a long life span. The chrome finish flushing valve makes flushing super easy and comfortable.

Toto Drake II Features

  • 1.6 GPF flushing option
  • Elongated seat made of ceramics
  • GMAX flushing technology
  • Siphon jet technology for less water consumption
  • 12-inch rough-in for easy installation
  • Concealed design for easy cleaning
  • Toto ADA compliant toilet.
  • universal height approved


  • This toilet is suitable for every member of the family
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean and install


  • Tank cover sometimes does not fit properly

2. Toto Neorest ms992cumfg

The TOTO NEOREST is the most luxurious best Toto dual flush toilet that you can ever imagine. This toilet takes your washroom experience to the next level with its fancy features. That toilet packed with some smart features, and these features are rarely seen in any other toilet in the market. Apart from being a dual flush toilet, this toilet also flaunts the bidet features. Thus this toilet is the epitome of luxury.

Toto Bidet Toilet

This Toto bidet toilet comes with two flushing options, and they are 1.0 GPF and .8GPF. You can choose between the flushing options individually for solid and liquid wastes. The toilet offers Tornado flush mechanism, and the mechanism ensures the ultimate flushing option. The tornado flushing mechanism is coordinated with the siphon jet technology. This combination results in powerful flushing with less after consumption and quiet operation.

Automatic Flush System

The most attractive feature of this toilet is its automatic flush system. You don’t need to indulge your hands in flushing. It has an inbuilt sensor system that allows it to determine whenever you are done, and you stand up from the toilet seat. It flushes the wastage automatically once you stand up. It has a remote control as well, and you can operate some of the features as well as the wash settings with the remote control.

SanaGloss and Ewater+ technology

The SanaGloss and the Ewater+ technology ensures easy cleaning and less effort from your side. That technology ensures the prevention of stains, bacteria, and molds, and the latest Ewater+ technology pre mists the toilet bowl with the disinfectant electrolyzed water. These features keep the toilet hygienic and clean.

Toto Neorest ms992cumfg

Toto Neorest ms992cumfg Features

  • Dual flush toilet; 1.0 GPF and .8 GPF
  • Bidet Toilet ensures hand free-flushing
  • Tornado and Siphon Jet flushing technology
  • One-piece toilet
  • Ewater+ technology and SanaGloss technology for easy cleaning and ultimate hygiene
  • ADA certified
  • SoftClose Seat
  • Remote Control operation


  • Luxurious experience
  • Easy to clean
  • Maintains hygiene


  • Quite Expensive

3. Toto Ultramax II Toilet

This one-piece toilet by toto combines some modern features along with a comfortable user experience. This toilet is incredibly stylish in design and looks super classy in any size bathroom. The elongated design with the compact size makes this toilet look very appealing. Apart from the outer appearance, this toilet offers some fancy scientific features, high work efficiency, luxury flushing techniques, and ease of use. Because of the flexible size, everyone is capable of using this toilet.

Tornado Flushing Option

This toilet offers a 1.28 GPF Tornado flushing option for cleaning any amount of wastage at a time. Though the Toto flushing system is extremely aggressive against the wastage but is super friendly towards water consumption. This toilet is ADA certified and consumes limited water; thus, you can save on your water bills as well. The Tornado flushing system ensures two nozzles to create centrifugal force in the bowl. The water gets released with ultimate force, and the centrifugal force pulls everything down. The water force in Tornado flushing is so high that any amount of wastage can be flushed away.

Advance CEFIONTECT Technology

Moreover, this toilet has CEFIONTECT technology, and this technology ensures a special kind of glaze that does not allow any stickiness in the bowl. The technology ensures zero wastage stickiness. It also helps with cleaning the toilet. You don’t have to put extreme manual effort; Regular rinsing can keep the toilet clean. This toilet also has Water Sense technology and thus remains extremely sensitive towards water consumption. The 12 inch rough in ensures easy installation and soft close seat technology lets the seat to be opened and closed smoothly.

Toto Ultramax II

Toto Ultramax II Features

  • 1.28 GPF tornado flushing system
  • WaterSense technology for less water consumption
  • SoftClose seat
  • Chrome finish lever flushing system
  • CEFIONTECT technology for non-sticky glaze
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • one-piece toilet for easy installation


  • One-piece toilet prevents leakage
  • Easy to clean
  • Environment- friendly
  • Effective flushing system


  • This product comes in a pretty expensive price range

4. Toto Vespin II

This toilet can be considered as one of the best Toto commercial toilets as it has a skirted design and attractive outlook. This toilet is simple yet extremely satisfactory. Whether you use it for your bathroom or corporate bathrooms, this toilet has features to handle any usage. Apart from all the fancy and extravagant features, this toilet focuses on the essential features. Fewer water consumptions, comfortable seats, easy installation, easy maintenance are some of the most important features of this Toto Vespin ii model.

1.28 GPF Cyclone Flush Technology

It has a dual cyclone flush technology that offers 1.28 GPF flushing option. This dual cyclone or Tornado flushing system swear by cleaning through the double jet mechanism. This system is special due to its effective flushing within the least water consumption. The flushing technology ensures the cleaning of every corner of the bowl. The double jet system also ensures quiet operation. With this powerful flushing technology, you need to flush once for any amount of wastes.

Non-sticky and Glazy Toilet

When it comes to cleaning, nothing can beat this specific Toto model. It has the SanaGloss technology that keeps bacteria, mold, and dirt away from the toilet bowl. The skirted bowl shape, powerful flushing technology, and the SanaGloss technology work like magic on stains. This technology also prevents the development of any stains and stickiness. You will be guaranteed with a non-sticky and glazy toilet bowl after every flush.

12 Inches Rough-in Toilet

This toilet offers 12 inches rough in this is ideal for any conventional toilet. The two-piece design makes the installation process extremely. Moreover, the toilet is floor mounted; thus, you don’t have to face complications while setting up.

ADA Certified Toilet

This toilet has WaterSense technology and is ADA certified, which means it ensures the least water consumption. The skirted seat design lets every member of the family use the toilet with super ease and comfort.

Toto Vespin II

Toto Vespin II Features

  • 1.28 GPF Dual cyclone or Tornado flushing technology
  • Skirted design for universal usage
  • 12 inch rough in and floor mounted toilet makes easy installation
  • ADA certified
  • SanaGloss technology prevents the development of bacteria and molds. It also prevents stains.
  • Effective flush technology.
  • Two-piece toilet with WaterSense technology


  • Less water consumption
  • Easy to clean and less use of chemical detergents
  • Extremely easy to install and maintain


  • Does not include toilet seat

5. Toto Neorest 550H

This Toto washlet toilet is not like all the other conventional toilets in the market. Instead, with this model, Toto ensures a step toward manufacturing smart and advanced toilets. This toilet offers hand-free operation and remote control support. The outlook is unconventional and super stylish. If you are bored with the traditional toilet designs, this toilet will bring a change to your bathroom.

Best Toto Washlet

This toilet offers luxury beyond the limits. It has a powerful dual flushing system. The dual flushing system comes with two optional, and they are 1 GPF and .8 GPF. The powerful cyclone flushing system, along with the siphon jet system, enhances the work efficiency of this toilet. The dual flushing system saves water. You can choose the flushing option depending on the waste type. For liquid waste, you can choose .8GPF, and for solid wash, you can use 1 GPF. Thus no chance of having water wastage.

Toto remote control toilet

This toilet has inbuilt sensors and ensures a hand-free operation. It detects any movement in the toilet and opens or closes the seats detecting the movement. Moreover, it does auto flush when you stand up from the toilet seat. You can also push a switch to flush manually. This toilet comes with a remote control that operates some other smart features.

One-piece unique toilet

Apart from the high-end features, this toilet also looks lavish in your washroom. The design is unique and is not like the age-old traditional toilets. This one-piece toilet is only a single toilet placed on the floor of a bathroom. Thus it looks incredibly stylish in the bathroom.

Sana Gloss technology

It has Sana Gloss technology like all other Toto toilets. This technology helps to clean the toilet easily and prevents stickiness. Moreover, the one-piece design is easy to install and carry.

Toto Neorest 550H

Toto Neorest 550H Features

  • Dual Flush system; 1GPf and .8 GPF
  • Cyclone flush system for effective flushing
  • Siphon jet technology for quiet operation
  • SanaGloss technology
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Hand free operation
  • Universal height
  • 12-inch rough-in


  • Smart features make the usage easy
  • Comfortable toilet
  • Easy to clean
  • Ensures hygiene


  • A bit difficult for kids to use this toilet

6. Toto Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet

Though this Toto toilet does not offer all the latest features, this toilet never fails to cover all the necessary features that you may need. Its simplicity and efficiency make it the best selling Toto toilet in the market. Moreover, this Toto toilet is extremely budget-friendly and belongs to the lower mid-range costing. If you cannot afford the high costing Toto toilets, yet you want to enjoy the service of Toto, this toilet would be ideal for you.

Toto wall-hung toilet

The most exciting feature of this toilet is the wall mounting feature. This feature gives you more floor space for your toilet. If you have a compact toilet and are running out of space, this toilet will be the best option for you. Moreover, the wall hung feature being quite uncommon looks super trendy on your toilet.

Toto dual flush toilet

This toilet has dual flush technology and offers double flushing options. The flushing options are determined according to the types of wastes. For liquid waste, you get the .9 GPF option, and for solid waste, you get the 1.6 GPF option. The dual flushing option also prevents water wastage.

Toto universal height

Though this model is quite simple and does not flaunt fancy features, yet it has the SanaGloss technology; thus, you won’t witness any stain or any infecting in the toilet bowl. This feature makes the cleaning process is as well. The elongated design and universal height make it usable for every member of the family regardless of height, weight, age, and disability.

Toto Aquia Wall-Hung

Toto Aquia Features

  • Wall hung toilet
  • Dual Flush toilet; 1.6 GPF and .9 GPF
  • Less water consumption
  • SanaGloss technology
  • Elongated design and universal height
  • CalGreen certified thus environment-friendly
  • One-piece ceramic material toilet


  • Comfortable use
  • Easy to Clean
  • No stain or stickiness
  • Affordable


  • Complicated installation

7. Toto Drake Two-Piece Toilet

This Toto drake ADA toilet is one of the best two-piece toilet. This toilet comes with powerful flushing technology and the guaranteed promise of Toto. This drake toilet is very much compatible with small toilets but also looks good in any size of bathrooms. The universal height makes it comfortable for every type of person.

GMAX flush technology

This extremely durable toilet steals the show with its GMAX flush technology. The GMAX flush technology ensures fast washing and effective flushing experience every time. This technology increases the water flow around the blow, and the water pulls down the waste very quickly. The whole process is performed with the utmost water force; thus, there remains no residual.

Siphon jet technology

Moreover, this toilet has a 3-inch flush valve, which is larger than most of the flush valves available in the market. Apart from the GMAX flushing technology, it also has the siphon jet technology for less water consumption. It has a trap way that ensures quiet operation.

10 Inches rough-in toilet

The 10 inches rough-in feature is ideal for small bathrooms. It ends up giving more space than the conventional 12 inches rough in toilets. If you have a compact toilet or you want to install a toilet, incorporate compact bathrooms, this drake toilet will be the best option. This toilet has a concealed design for easy cleaning. Moreover, the elongated bowl makes it easy to use for everyone. The packaging comes with all the necessary parts for installation.

Toto Drake

Toto Drake Features

  • 1.6 GPF GMAX flushing system
  • Siphon jet technology for quiet operation
  • ADA certified thus uses less water
  • Elongated ceramic seat and universal height
  • 10 inch rough in two-piece toilet


  • Comfortable and user-friendly
  • Quiet operation
  • Effective flushing


  • Difficult to install

8. Toto MS964214CEFG Eco Soiree

This Toto comfort height toilet focuses on the user comfort most solely. It comes with all the great Toto features that an ideal toilet should have. But the toilet excels in its less water usage. The technology of these toilets uses the least amount of water and ensures the most effective flush. This toilet is very comfortable for the users and extremely easy to clean and maintain.

1.28 GPF Tornado flushing system

It has a 1.28 GPF Tornado flushing system. This power flushing system releases water with full force from the dual nozzles. The nozzles are installed around the rim and produce water with full force in a clockwise direction. The centrifugal water force goes down quickly with the waste and leaves no residual. The flushing system is the best part of this toilet without any doubt.

Elongated design toilet

The elongated seat with the spacious trap way ensures no clogging even with any amount of wastes. No matter if you use more than usual toilet papers, the trap way is spacious enough to flush them without clogging. The elongated design makes the bowl deeper and makes the toilet comfortable for every user.

Vitreous china material

This toilet is made of vitreous china material and is durable. It lasts very long without any maintenance. It has the Sana Gloss finishing that ensures a glossy finish after every flush. Moreover, this technology helps to keep the toilet hygienic and germ-free.

Toto Eco Soiree

Toto Eco Soiree Features

  • 1.28 GPF option
  • Tornado flushing technology
  • ADA compliant and has WaterSense technology for less water consumption
  • Vitreous china material makes the toilet durable.
  • SanaGloss technology for ultimate hygiene


  • Saves water
  • durable
  • easy to install


  • It needs general cleaning

9. Toto MS854114ELG Eco Ultramax

This Toto ms854114elg one-piece toilet comes with the exclusive E- Max flush system along with some other considerable benefits. This toilet is one piece that is very easy to install. Moreover, this toilet is also floor mounted. It does not ask for high maintenance or regular cleaning. The one-piece design is easy to maintain. Furthermore, it assures zero leakage due to construction designs. This toilet comes with some other magnificent features, as well.

E- Max flushing

The flushing system is the E- Max flushing option with the powerful siphon jet technology. It offers 1.28 GPF every time. This technology is powerful and is capable of cleaning any amount or type of waste at a time. You don’t have to flush the second time with this flushing technology. Moreover, it uses limited water for flushing, thus saves water. The 3-inch extra-large flush valve and the powerful siphon jet technology create wonders for your flushing struggles.

SanaGloss technology

It also introduces SanaGloss technology with ionized barriers and a smooth surface. This technology does not allow any debris to stick to the ceramic bowl. This technology also eases the cleaning process. The smooth surface can be cleaned easily with only a rinse of water. Moreover, only flushing would keep the bowl clean, as well. As a result, less exposure to chemicals is seen in this toilet.

ADA toilet

The Vitreous China material is super sturdy and durable. This toilet has a long lifespan; thus, you will not replace this now and then. The elongated design is comfortable for all. Besides, this toilet is certified by ADA for its perfect height.

Toto Eco Ultramax

Toto Eco Ultramax Features

  • 1.28 GPF with E-Max flushing technology
  • Siphon jet flushing technology
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • One-piece toilet
  • Ceramic and Vitreous China material toilet
  • SanaGloss technology for a smooth finish and easy cleaning
  • WaterSense technology for less water consumption
  • CalGreen certified
  • Elongated and universal height


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks stylish
  • Effective flushing every time


  • A bit expensive depending on the features

10. Toto Washlet G400 Toilet

Among all the Toto commercial toilets, this particular model owns to be titled as the most luxurious one. This toilet is something you must experience at least once in your lifetime the smart and lavish features, exclusive design, the automatic operation makes this toilet the most desired one. This toilet has taken science to another level. A total hand-free operation with the most effective flushing option makes this toilet so luxurious.

3D Toto Tornado flush

This Best Toto toilet comes with some features, and all the features are automatic. That means you don’t have to involve your hands. Let’s start with flushing technology. It is a dual flush toilet and offers 1.28 GPF and .9 GPF flushing options for solid and liquid waste, respectively. This dual flushing technology conserves water wastage. Moreover, it has the most powerful 3D Toto Tornado flush technology. This technology ensures a single successful attempt every time.

Five temperature settings

It has an automatic lid open and close technology. The sensor detects any movement by you in the washrooms and works accordingly. It opens and closes the lid, and you won’t need any manual involvement. Moreover, it has an inbuilt air freshener that freshens the air. This toilet has five temperature settings. None of us wants the cold shock in the winter. Thus this toilet determines the seat temperature on its own and changes accordingly. You don’t have to change any settings or anything like that.

Automatic washing system toilet

It has an automatic washing system. And the washing system offers three settings; thus, you can set the washing system as your preferred one. This self-clean technology maintains the highest level of bathroom hygiene. It also has pre- mist technology that softens the bowl. Thus the flushing gets more effective and does not leave any residual on the bowl.

Toto Washlet G400

Toto Washlet G400 Features

  • 3D Tornado Flush toilet Technology
  • Dual Flushing Technology; 1.28 GPF and .9 GPF
  • Auto close and open lid technology
  • Self-clean technology for hand-free cleaning
  • Auto heated seat and air dryer
  • Inbuilt air freshener
  • Pre- mist technology
  • 5 heat settings
  • 3 self-cleaning settings


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Packed with smart features


  • Bit Expensive

Toto Toilets Comparison

Toto Drake II28 x 19.5 x 30.5ADA/
5Gravity Flush
Toto Neorest32.5 x 15.5 x 21.5 WatersenseCotton WhiteSiphon Jet
Toto Ultramax II 16-1/8 x 28-3/8 inWaterSense5Tornado Flush
Toto Vespin II28.5 x 16.5 x 30WaterSenseCottonTornado
Toto Neorest 550H27.8 x 15.3 x 21.5WaterSenseWhitesiphon jet
Toto Aquia 21 x 14.2 x 15WaterSenseWhiteGravity Flush
Toto Drake Toilet29 x 15 x 17.25NoneCottonG-Max Flushing
Eco Soiree28.13 x 14 x 27.75WaterSense4Double Cyclone 
Eco Ultramax31.8 x 28.9 x 19.3WaterSenseCotton WhiteGravity Flush 
Toto Washlet G40028.63 x 11.63 x 26.95 WaterSense23D Tornado Flush

Best Toto Toilets Buying Guide

Toto Ltd is a Japan-based sanitary ware company that has been serving the mass for a century now. The company was founded in 1917 with a vision to ensure toilet experience more advanced and hassle-free.

Toto headquarter

Over the years, this company invented some luxurious and high-end features to maintain its supremacy. The constant quality of products, amazing features, and innovative ideas have made this brand the most favorite among the customers.

No doubt, Toto toilets are unbeatable and are superior to all the other brands. Most of the brands are witnessed to copy the innovations of Toto yet fail to match its level. Some certain aspects make this toilet brand grand. And here they are:

Innovative Flushing Mechanism

Toto has a wide range of flushing systems, and they are quite exclusive, as well. Different flushing mechanism uses an unusual amount of water per flush, but all the mechanisms are designed to use the least water possible. The most prominent flushing mechanisms of Toto toilets are E MAX, G MAX, Double cyclone, and dual max flushing technology. Toto also has some high-end flushing technologies, and they are Tornado flushing technology, Dynamic Tornado Flushing Technology, double cyclone flushing, and so on. Toilets are all about the flush mechanism, and mostly the flush mechanism is the most prominent feature to look for in every toilet.

Toto smart toilet

Thus Toto toilets excel in flush mechanisms and win the heart of its customers.

Wide Range of Toilets

If you are with Toto, you will not have to get the age-old traditional toilets. The most signature part of Toto is its wide range of toilets. You can have different types and shapes of toilets in Toto. Part form covering all the basic types of toilets, Toto also offers some never seen before style and shapes in the toilet. Thus you can never get bored of the Toto toilets.

Toto offers different types of toilets, and they are one-piece or two-piece toilets. These toilets are available in a D shape, round front, and elongated shapes. Thus if you want fancy toilets, Toto is your one-stop destination.

Amazing Technologies

No other brands have ever created any toilets with a remote control system and handless operation. Toto is the first in the market that launched remote-operated toilets. These luxurious toilets are just perfect to meet your lavish needs. For high-level hotels and corporate offices, these lavish toilets are to ensure luxury a step ahead. It offers ionized EWATER+ technology, self-cleaning technology, and so on. These technologies ensure less manual effort. The handless operation ensures utmost hygiene to your toilet.

Comfortable Seat Style

 The toilet must ensure a comfortable seat design. The seamless seat designs of the Toto toilet are all you could ever ask for. The seat height is just perfect for every member of a family. The universal seat height ensures comfort to all. Moreover, the seat design is spacious enough to ensure comfort.

Outlook and Color

Toto swears by the elegant look and sober color. You will always get colors that are suitable for any washroom. Toto knows the delicacy of home decor, thus no compromise in outlooks. The toilets may charge you extra, but it will come in the fines designs.


Toto Toilets have some inbuilt features that keep the toilet seats and bowl safe from parasites. Thus there is less chance of being hampered. Moreover, the sturdy ceramic material of the toilets makes them super durable. Once you are with Toto, you don’t have to worry about replacing or looking for another option.


Undoubtedly Toto is the best among the running products in the running. You cannot but have at least one Toto toilet in your life to enjoy the real comfort. The reviews Toto toilets are the best ones from every aspect. Whether you want a lavish toilet or am average or a lower mid-range toilet, our picked toilets meet all your requirements. You can pick the Best Toto toilets from the selected options.

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