Kohler Levity Shower Door Review: 2021Top 5 Levity Shower Door

Kohler levity shower door review

Last updated on June 11th, 2021 at 09:07 pm

The shower door is the best solution to separate the bathing space. Another part of the bathroom will remain dry; it will give you the best bathing experience. Primarily, a shower door works to prevent bathing water from keeping dry the bathroom.

Kohler levity is the praiseworthy USA, Canada for durable construction and luxurious design. Likewise, the excellent features and functions are so much impressive. We are here with the best 5 Kohler levity shower door review. As well as, you will get the buying guides, the installation process.

Kohler Levity Shower Door Reviews






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KOHLER K-706014-D3-MX  


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KOHLER K-706000-L-SH




1. KOHLER K-706009-L-ABV Levity


This L-ABV Kohler levity frameless shower door is designed with a very stylish look. Your eyes will be pleased to see the sleek outlook. There have two technologies for using this door. One is sliding, and another is a roller system. 

This door is so thick and transparent that you will be overwhelmed by its external appearance. Moreover, the door looks more luxurious as it is frameless. 


The Levity series is the best in terms of quality. The primary material is fragile glass. Although thin, this glass is very durable. Also, there have used anodized bronze brush material for the upper frame, corrosion, and rust-resistant. 


It has a double panel function for opening and enclosing. Another essential function is a cushioned center guide, which will ensure sound-free, quite sliding. Also, we love the vertical blade handle function, which increases the beauty of this door. Also, it has a significant function of repelling water from the glass surface and flow it to the drain. 

KOHLER K-706009-L-ABV Top Features

  • Featured on unique bypass system to slide the door glass 
  • Featured on roller design like a door opening and enclosing
  • The second sliding option ensures the door opening comfort from both sides. 
  • A blade handles and curved towel bars are included with this door.

K-706009-L-ABV Levity Specifications

  • Size: 74.00 x 3.06 x 59.63 inches
  • Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Color: crystal clear glass
  • Material: Aluminum/thick glass
  • Glass thickness: 1/4-inch
  • Finish: bronze
  • Glass: Clear
  • Installation: Alcove
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty

2. KOHLER K-706013-L-SHP 3/8-Inch-Thick


Another impressive shower door Kohler levity shower door 3/8 glass. This door comes with a fantastic outlook. Significantly, the bright silver color finish makes it more gorgeous to all. But the glass transparency is praiseworthy. Additionally, it comes with a new unique roller design, which ensures easier adjustability. 


Kohler levity is unique for providing quality shower doors with durable glass. The glass is so transparent that it looks invisible to all, which maintains the natural beauty of the bathroom. Moreover, the sliding joint panels and roller designs are much more robust in quality. We are also overwhelmed by its ability to resist water. Also, it has the best performance to flow the water to the drain. 


One of the main functions is roller design, which has a good impact on installation. Hence, we are thankful for the levity shower door for plumb out adjustability. Plump is a vertical level function. Besides, there has a soft cushioned cover under the center guide. It ensures an entirely sliding for a shower door.  

KOHLER K-706013-L-SHP Top Features

  • A smaller size shower door with aesthetic design
  • It is featured on a double sliding system with a soft cushioned guide.
  • It will deliver easy entry and come out from the bathing space.
  • Having a modern blade handle with a vertical design
  • Very transparent and more comfortable to clean benefits

K-706013-L-SHP 3/8-inch Specifications

  • Size: 41 x 4.63 x 89.88 inches
  • Door weight: 193.6 pounds
  • Color: Bright Polished Silver
  • Material: thick glass
  • Glass thickness: 3/8-inch
  • Finish: Bronze
  • Glass: Clear
  • Installation: Alcove
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited

3. KOHLER K-706014-D3-MX Levity Bypass


It is a Kohler levity 48-inch shower door. If you are looking for a modern shower door with added benefits, then we would suggest this model. This Kohler levity model is designed with a gorgeous look. Besides, the innovative features also come with it. 


Kohler always believes in providing quality products. This model has been made with high-quality frosted glass. First of all, the frosted glass is very long-lasting. Secondly, there has a matte nickel finish on the frosted glass. 

Kohler levity shower door brushed nickel finish has been used to add extra beauty to this glass. Overall, it is credible for good- quality. 


We liked more the complete bypassable function. Furthermore, the plump vertical adjustability is quite convenient for use. And the double sliding panel function will allow to entire into the bathing space from both sides. Also, the soft and noise-free door closing is fantastic. 

KOHLER K-706014-D3-MX Top Features

  • A durable frosted glass ensures the long-last life span.
  • It is delivering maximum bathing benefits.
  • Having a curved towel bar for putting cloth or towel
  • Transparent and glossy door enrich the bathroom beauty.
  • The center is integrated with soft cushioned to reduce the closing noise.

K-706014-D3-MX Levity Bypass Specifications

  • Size: 74.00 x 3.06 x 47.63 inches
  • Color: Matte Nickel, Nickel
  • Weight: 93 Pounds
  • Material: Aluminum, Frosted Glass
  • Glass thickness: 1/4-inch
  • Finish: bronze
  • Glass: Frosted
  • Installation: Alcove
  • Warranty:1 Year Limited

4. KOHLER K-706000-L-SH


This shower is made of crystal-clear glass and a silver color frame. Moreover, it is effortless but aesthetic to look at. So, you would love it much also for lightweight design. Besides, it has a roller and out of plumb design for easier installation. This door is designed to enhance the regal look of your bathroom. 


A ¼ inches thinner tempered glass is used to make this door. It is good to know that the tempered glass is solid. And there is no possibility of any stain. Moreover, this glass is much transparent to see. Also, the joint above the door is made of durable aluminum. There has a great benefit of this tempered glass that can catch the water and flow it within few seconds. 


The two great functions are the roller design and out of plumb for easy installation. Later on, there have a venter cushioned guide under the door. You will get a convenient handle to open and close. Moreover, it comes with an utterly bypassable door panel. 

KOHLER K-706000-L-SH Top Features

  • It provides multiple panels for door opening.
  • Including a curved towel bar provide clothing space.
  • It comes with a more straightforward cleaning process.
  • Good enough to prevent the water from the drain

K-706000-L-SH Levity Specifications

  • Size: 39.88 x 3.88 x 68.5 inches
  • Door weight: 60 pounds
  • Color: Crystal Clear glass with Bright Silver frame
  • Material: clear glass
  • Glass thickness: 1/4-inch
  • Finish: bronze
  • Glass: Clear
  • Installation: Alcove
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty

5. KOHLER 706008-L-ABZ Levity


KOHLER 706008-L- ABZ-levity shower door is designed with a catchy eye look. The black NDZ frame makes this door more beautiful. Moreover, it is fantastic to see a black glow on the crystal glass. Because waterfalls quickly, it does not stay on the glass for long. As a result, the glass is always transparent and keeps the outlook of the bathroom just right.


The quality of Kohler’s levity is excellent. First of all, look at the glass construction is so durable. You can make it long-last with few maintenances. Secondly, the frame is made of stable Aluminum material. Additionally, the bronze finish makes the frame gorgeous too. 


It is structured with the most effortless functions. In the door opening section, you will get the double sliding panel. At the same time, the rolling function ensures a more straightforward installation. You must like the vertical blade handle. Additionally, a unique and full bypass system is also integrated with it. 

KOHLER 706008-L-ABZ Top Features

  • The durable construction of crystal glass
  • It is a highly stable Aluminum frame with black bronze.
  • Delivering a complete bypass glass with roller system
  • It has a double panel integration in the door sliding.

K 706008-L-ABZ Levity Specifications

  • Size: 47.63 x 3.06 x 74 inches
  • Door weight: 95 pounds
  • Color: Crystal Clear glass with dirk bronze frame
  • Material: Aluminum, Glass
  • Glass thickness: 1/4-inch
  • Finish: bronze
  • Glass: Clear
  • Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty

Why Buy Kohler Levity Shower Door?

Kohler Levity is one of the best brands for the shower door. It is a worthy choice for your decorative bathroom. But there are the reasons you should buy a Kohler levity shower door? Well, here is the appropriate logic in buying a levity shower door.

kohler sliding shower door

Unique outlook:

One of the best reasons to buy levity is a unique design. The simple, elegant design is brilliant to fit into your regal bathroom. Later on, the crystal-clear glass is enough to make you amazed. Likewise, some door shower of levity series comes with an attractive frame. Overall, this is an ideal door series for this modern era.

Entirely bypassable glass:

Bypass glass stands for the sliding door. It refers to such a door which is designed with multiple tempered glasses. Mainly it ensures the best human safety. You will get the best safety because of the bypassable door glass. As well as, it allows you to easier entry and exist in the shower space or bathtub.

Alcove Installation:

It is known to all that nook is the best installation method. An alcove installation means the door is set up against three walls. However, this may also install between two walls. Remember, the alcove is generally referring to the three-wall supported installation.

Convenient vertical handle:

The levity shower door has come with a blade handle. This handle is designed for vertical setup. As a result, you can easily use it. It is called blade handle because of the glossy sharpness. So, the levity is quite good in the vertical shower door handle.

Durable construction:

All of the material of this door is super durable. First of all, the crystal-clear glass with a tempered cover made these more stable. Also, tempered glass ensures the maximum human safety in their bathing space. On the other hand, the tempered cover works to fall down the water from the glass.

Next, come to the highly constructed aluminum door frame. You can use it without breaking or rusting problems over after years.

Transparent finish:

Each door glass of the levity series is very transparent. You won’t feel that there has a glass. Likewise, the aluminum frame is covered with silver or bronze color finish. This finish makes the door frame more appealing to the user. So, you can also consider transparency.

Kohler Levity Shower Door Installation

Here is the most straightforward process of Kohler levity shower door installation. Remember that Kohler comes with three wall alcove installation. However, I also suit to double-wall bath space.

Necessary tools:

  • Scissors
  • Measurement tape
  • A pair of Screwdriver
  • Drill machine
  • Pencil
  • Pliers
  • Tin snips
  • Masonry bit
  • Silicone sealant
  • Masking tape
  • Teeth per inch blade
  • Miter box

Step 1:

Stand in front of your bathing space and measure the distance from one wall to another wall. Pull a line to subtract ¼” from the bottom edge of the shower place or bathtub sidewall. Now, put the bottom track on the center point of the bathing edge. Then set up the bottom track to mark the point.

Step 2:

Notice if the wall jamb and bottom track are in the flat condition as per the shower ledge. If the wall jamb is extended, you can trim to fit. You have to use a coin or like this to set up the corner radius. Hence, set up the jamb wall on the bottom track. Don’t forget to make a hole to connect the screws.

Step 3:

It is the right time to reduce the jamb from the wall. Because you need to make holes with a drill machine, remember the holes should be 5/16” in size for perfect anchoring. Take the bottom track to fill with 100% silicone sealant. And set the bottom track on the ledge. Check out the wall jamb and screw them correctly. Now, set up the upper track in the same process. Now insert the bushing for each glass panel. Set up the hanger panels on the holes.

Step 4:

In the case of an outside panel, combine the roller design for each glass panel. Do the same for the door inside the panel and outside panel. Besides, you need to assemble a roller to the midpoint of the hole of each hanger bracket. After then the rollers should have to be placed on a similar side as the outside-panel leg. Do the same for the outside panel leg.

Step 5:

Now set the internal panel in a flat position and screw it correctly. It is essential to install the inside panel from inside the bathing space. And then attach the towel bars. Lastly, fill the outside and inside glass bottom panel with 100% silicone sealant. That’s it, the Kohler shower door installation.

Final Words:

We hope you can find out a regal glass from this Kohler levity shower door review because we have mentioned the top notches Kohler door. These Levity shower doors are elegant to look at and comfortable to use. If you have any more questions about the shower door, toilet, bathroom, shower, then let us know.

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