Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet: Which Is Better For You?

chair height vs standard height toilet

Last updated on January 9th, 2022 at 02:30 pm

Every toilet, from luxurious to traditional toilet, comes with a chair or standard height. A user has to choose the toilet height depending on the user’s physical condition, age, and preference.

A precise toilet height can give you ever best comfort at the toilet, and a wrong height toilet may give you the ever-worst experience. So, chair height vs standard height size, which is better for you? Here we are discussing the comparison between a chair height and a standard height toilet.


What is Standard Height Toilet?

Standard height or regular height toilet refers to the size that is worldwide used for a full traditional toilet. It is usually designed with 14 to 15 inches height, convenient for the child and adult user who are completely physically fit.

What is Chair Height or Comfort Height Toilet?

Chair height is also known as a comfort height, right height, or universal height toilet. It is designed for those who need additional support when using a toilet. Chair height toilets are generally coming with 17 to 19 inches height. This height is convenient for an older, adult who has a problem sitting down and standing up from the toilet seat.

At the same time, it is required for the user who is suffering from knee and back pain. Moreover, the physically disabled person can use this toilet with comfort.

Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet

Chair Height ToiletStandard Height Toilet
A chair height toilet is designed for added comfort of an elderly and disabled person.Standard height toilet is designed for kids, teenagers and physically fit adult person.
The average height is 17 to 19 inches.The average height is 14 to 15 inches.
It comes with ADA compliant
It doesn’t come with ADA compliant certification.
It seems slightly taller than the regular toilet.It comes as the standard height toilet.
Convenient for knee pain, back painConvenient for smaller kids, short guys, and average height person
These toilets are comparatively heavy.These toilets are comparatively lighter.
It is not suitable for a tight space.It is ideal in a tight space.

Comfort Height Toilet vs Standard Height Toilet Details Comparison

Although the height difference between a chair height and a standard height toilet is only 2 to 3 inches, there is a big difference between the advantages and disadvantages. Here is a detailed comparison of these two units.


A chair height and standard height both toilets have come with unique style and color. In both models, you will get a luxurious appearance, one-piece, and two-piece style. The one-piece type is a little bit more expensive but easy to clean. But a two-piece style is less expensive but a bit tricky to clean.


The installation process is roughly similar for both chair height and standard height toilet. However, some model comes with a manual guide and installation kit. And some model has not come with any manual guide.

Best brands:

The best-reputed brands for a chair height toilet are American Standard, TOTO, Woodbridge, Icera, Swiss Madison, Deer valley, Delta, Gerber, and Kohler brand. And the TOTO, Duravit, and American standard are the best brands for standard height toilets.

Average Height:

When it comes to size then good to know that a standard toilet height is usually 14 to 15 inches. On the contrary, a chair height comes with 2 to 3 inches height more than standard height. And this difference has a big impact according to the user preference.

User Age:

Standard height toilet is convenient for the six years kids to the 45 years adult user. As the standard height is 14 to 15 inches, it would be comfortable to sit down and stand up from the bowl height. Besides, all physically fit person, medium height and short height person.

On the contrary, a chair height is suitable for the taller person. Especially, it is constructed for the elderly and physically disabled persons. Moreover, it is great for the person who has back and knee pain. The 17 to 19 inches height is much comfortable and pain reducer for the older adult.


Chair height or comfort height toilet is slightly lightweight than a standard height toilet. This height difference has not any great impact on the user. However, a lightweight model would be a little bit more convenient than a heavier weight.


Most of the chair height toilet comes with compacted size. As a result, it is suitable for any tight space. So, you can pick it up for a small bathroom and guestroom. But a standard height toilet comes in regular shape and size. So, it needs roughly medium space.

Which Toilet Height Is Good For You?

Before choosing a toilet height, you need to keep in mind some crucial factors. First of all, think about the potential user of this toilet.

If the user is an adult, short or average in height, or kids, then you would better go with a standard height toilet because standard toilet height is convenient for average size.

On the other contrary, if the user is an older adult or disabled person who has enough mobility or a taller person, it would be better to choose a toilet with chair height.


1. Height difference comfort height toilet to standard height? 

Do note the comfort height toilet comes with 17 to 19 inches height and the height of a standard toilet is 14 to 15 inches.

2. Are chair height toilets better?

Yes, a chair height toilet is better for the unmovable disabled and taller person. However, it is not good for the short person and kids. A short person using a comfort height toilet for several years may inhibit natural physical function. Here is the ADA toilet information.

Final words:

We would love to give you short notes on chair height vs standard height at the end of this guide. Toilet height is the most important factor for the user. Standard height is good for average users, but chair height is best for an older adult. It would better to choose a toilet height as per the requirements of your family members.

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