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{Best 5} Icera Toilet Reviews 2020: $$$ Saving Toilet

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You may be surprised at how famous this sanitary brand is when you look at the Icera toilet reviews from the regular user. The company has been manufacturing hygienic fittings from 1995 to now. It has a particular reputation for its attractive design and water-efficient toilets. Are you looking for the Icera toilet for your bathroom? Luckily, you are in the right place now. To get the best possibilities, I would tell you about the top five Icera toilets. 

Icera Toilet Reviews

ImageNameGPFTop Features
Icera muse toiletIcera Muse Toilet
1.28 gallon
1.EPA water sense toilet with skirted trap way
Icera malibu ii
Icera Malibu ii Toilet
1.28 gallon
1.Eco Quattro flushing technology
2.EPA water sense method
Icera cadenceIcera Cadence Toilet
1.28 gallon
1.Wall-mounted one-piece toilet
2.Eco Quattro flushing technology
3.ADA compliant water sense certificate
Icera riose toiletIcera Riose Toilet
1.28 gallon
1.Comfortable chair height toilet
2.powerful Siphon-jetted flush
3.water sense certification

Icera Richmond ToiletIcera Richmond Toilet
1.28 gallon
1.EPA Water Sense Certification
2.Comfortable chair height

1. Icera Muse Toilet

One of the modern and one-piece aesthetic models of Icera muse toilet comes with simple elegance. The updated features and simple eye-catchy design ensure a sophisticated bathroom. It has come with a very comfortable seat and seat cover. Instead, the seat cover has slow hinges because of the metal trip level. 

High-quality flushing system 

Everybody wants a high-quality flushing system in their toilet. I am sure; its great flushing system will impress you. First of all, this one-piece muse is offering you a gravity flush with high effectiveness as it is an EPA water sense method so it will need only 1.28gallon (4.8 liters) water for each flushing. 

Body of the toilet

In the meantime, it has a fully glazed 2″ or 1/8″ internal trap way which helps to pass the waste properly. The flush valve size is 3″ and optimized rim jets. Rim jets are work to make your toilet cleaner. The toilet bowl area is Large enough of 9″ x 7″ sizes. 

Although this one-piece is a little bit higher in price, it doesn’t sacrifice in the qualities. I suggest thinking about this excellent model. 

Icera muse toilet

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Elongated design one-piece toilet with skirted trap way
  • High-quality, smoother and durable Vitreous china materials
  • 16-1/2″ standard seat height and a soft closing seat cover.
  • non-staining glaze and antimicrobial features
  • Up to 12″ rough-in which is 305 in mm
  • It is a factory flush tested product

2. Icera Malibu ii

Icera malibu ii is the upgraded and fully skirted two-piece toilet. It comes with more additional benefits. The elongated shape, simple structure, and the sleeker look make it more demanding. Malibu toilet will enhance your bathroom beauty as well as the user benefits. Also, it is comfortable and enough space-saving. You need only 28″ for setting up the toilet body. 

In the icera malibu toilet reviews, I would say about the unique Eco Quattro flushing technology. Which cadence is up to 30-50 % more than another general toilet? 

EPA water sense certificate

You will wonder that this powerful flushing needs only 1.28-gallon water for removing more than 1000 grams of waste because it is obeying the EPA water sense method. Then its trap way is more significant of 2-1/8 “, and the flushing sounds is very silent. Moreover, you are getting a silent closing premium seat cover. Besides the chair height is 16-1/2” (420 mm) which suitable for almost all ages of guys. 

Body of the toilet

The size of the water surface is 9″ x7″ similar to that of other toilets. Good to know that the overall nominal dimension is 28″ x 16″ x 31-1/8″ which is 710 x 405 x 790 in mm. I believe this will let your comfort and high advantages. If you don’t want to leave an excellent gift, then I request no to skip this model. 

Icera malibu ii

Most Highlighted Features:

  • SKIRTED Vitreous china body materials with solid metal lever. 
  • Eco Quattro flushing system with quite sound
  • The 3″ flush valve and chemical resistant flapper. 
  • 100% factory tested for flushing system

3. Icera Cadence Toilet

Another top-notch accessible toilet is Icera cadence one-piece toilet. I can ensure that its smooth contours, high-end style, and innovative design will captivate you. It is offering unique features than another Icera toilet. If you want maximum advantages from one of your bathrooms, then it is an excellent choice. Let’s know what you will get from this model? 

Wall-mounted one-piece toilet

It is a wall-mounted one-piece of the high-quality toilet. Eco Quattro flushing technology needs 1.28-gallon water to flush a large amount of waste. You will get more the standard 12″ rough-in which is essential for the toilet. 

Body of the toilet

The total weight is 120 pounds. Be aware that this is a complete measure are 16″ width, 27-1/2″ length, and 29-1/8″ height. Here is also seat cover with soft seat closing hinges. The lever placement is located in a convenient position on the front right side. It has made of durable vitreous china material.

ADA water sense certificate

It received the ADA compliant water sense certificate. Which makes it more reliable. Those who like the elongated round shape toilet can also pick it up. If you want a wall-hung one-piece ADA toilet, you can choose this toilet.  

Icera cadence

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Elongated shape one-piece toilet of vitreous china materials
  • The floor-mounted and Fully skirted trap way system
  • 16-1/2″ to rim chair height with soft-closing seat
  • Powerful Eco Quattro flush with only 1.28 GPF water
  • Convenient Eco Polished Chrome lever placement
  • The antimicrobial Micro Glaze finish toilet

4. Icera Riose Toilet

Riose OP toilet is a complete package of qualities, performance comfort, and beauty. Its contemporary design and functional benefits increase its value to all. 

A general wrong idea is more powerful flush needs more water. But this innovative one-piece toilet needs only 1.28 gallons of water. Instead, it can remove up to 1,000 grams of waste by each flush. 

Comfortable chair height toilet

Rios has the most comfortable chair height 16-1/2″ (120mm) from the base to the rim. And this height is suitable to access for all age persons. In the meantime, the elongated shape size is 9″ x 7″ which reduce the bad smell from the bowl. Besides, a high-quality soft seat closing is also included with it. 

Body of the toilet

Moreover, icera riose toilet nominal dimension is 28-3/4 x 17-1/2 x 28″ (730 x 445 x 710 mm), and net weight is 105 pounds. Overall, I believe it would be the best device in your bathroom. The most attractive features to me are it is produced to keep in mind for disabling or physically defected person. Moreover, you will get an installation accessories box. 

Icera riose toilet

Most Highlighted Features:

  • Vitreous china elongated shape bowl with silent seat cover hinges.
  • It is a High-efficiency toilet with a powerful Siphon-jetted flush of 2-1/8 trap way.
  • It has an oversized 3″ flush valve and a chemical resistant flapper. 
  • Vera is the most Reliable metal trip, convenient lever placement. 
  • Two Plastic bolt caps for each and 100% factory flush tested.
  • HET (high-efficiency toilet) with water sense certification. 

5. Icera Richmond Toilet

Richmond one-piece elegant design toilet is my least favorite model. I especially love it for the side lever placement system. The stylish and modernist boxy theme makes it more beautiful. Due to its lovesome specifications, it has become eligible to be installed in your bathroom. You will get a seat and seat cover with it like other models of Icera, or the seat cover is very cool closing. As a result, the rim and ceramic china get to save from cracks and chips. Within your limited budget, you are getting a plastic bolt cap and a metal trip lever. 

EPA Water Sense Certification

The chair height is 16-1/2″ (420 mm) comfortable as like the previous item. It can make a difference between 17″ chair height and 15 “standard height. That’s why it gets the ADA level as well as it has EPA Water Sense certification for potential flushing system with only 1.28-gallon (4.8 liters) water. And the ability to clean up 1000 grams of waste. Besides the oversized 2-1/8 fully-glazed trap way is quite good. 

Body of the toilet

Good to know its nominal dimension is 28-7/8 x 17-3/8 x 28-3/8 which are (735 x 440 x 720) in mm. Moreover, the water surface area is 9 x 7″ sizes. In a word, its impressive look and adequate benefits are praiseworthy. I am a great fan of this model. I hope you will also enjoy these super features at an affordable price. 

Icera Richmond Toilet

Most highlighted features:

  • Elongated bowl, it is a fully glazed trap way with the side metal trip lever.
  • Comfortable chair height, eco-friendly and healthy seat
  • Soft-closing seat hinges, potential flushing with less water.
  • Siphon-jetted and 2-1/8 fully-glazed trap way
  • 3″ flush valve and the flapper is chemical resistant. 

About Icera Toilet Brand

Icera is the credible bathroom sanitary fixture providing company beloved of all. It was established since 1995 and starts to earn its reputation from then. One-piece and two-piece toilet, wall hung, bidets, and vanities are a few examples of their products. But all of the other bathroom fixtures you will get in this brand. And each of these products has the impression of being an elitist as well. It maintains the Quattro flushing system and provides all eco-friendly products. Most importantly, this famous brand has earned Water sense (EPA) certification and ensure you a HET (high-efficiency toilet). 

Is Icera Good Toilet Brand?

Yes! It is a praiseworthy toilet for the disinfection system as well as the bathroom décor. Let’s know the unique benefits of this toilet which doesn’t offer another brand.  

  •  It is a High-efficiency toilet for a powerful flushing system with 1.28-gallon water to remove 1000 gm waste. 
  •  EPA Water sense certificate gaining toilet ensures a maximum healthy environment.
  •  Available up to 9 fantastic “skirted” design with ADA height
  •  A complete package of seat, tank and soft closing seat cover
  •  The smooth surface finish of different metal trim
  •   It has up to three beautiful color black, white and biscuit
  •  All of the products are micro glaze and the non-stick antimicrobial system included within a limited price
  •  Floor-mounted technology helps you to get rid of the unnecessary installing hassle.
  •  Elongated larger toilet bowl design
  •  Comfortable seat height with adjustable chair system
  •  Eye-catchy design and high-quality vitreous china materials
  •  Very reasonable price and long-lasting toilet
  • I believe to consider this benefit, Icera toilet is precious for you which you are getting at only within your budget. 

Buying Guides of Icera Toilet

You might be love to buy an Icera toilet after proper analysis. I am here to help you to say the main factors of this toilet. So that you can verify easily. I have bought up to five Icera toilets to keep in mind these considerations. Most importantly, all of the models providing excellent services to my family. So, you can have a look at this guide to save your money labor and time. 

rough size:

Do you know how important the rough size is for your toilet? It should be one of the essential factors to find out a right Icera toilet. Without knowing the proper dimension or measurement, you may not perfectly fit the toilet in the bathroom. And you can understand the rough-in size in the specification. The distance from the finished wall to the center point of the toilet is called a rough-in format. Even though the older model toilet arrived with 10″ or 14″ rough-in feature, but the latest Icera comes with appropriate 12″ rough-in. I suggest checking this matter before buying a toilet. 

Large water spot:

Though a large number of customers are skipping this factor as a simple issue, I would say remember it before buying your best toilet. A larger spot can reduce the bad odors from the toilet bowl up to long periods. Similarly, it ensures a clean environment and worthy of next comfortable use. You will find elongated and round shape Icera. The form doesn’t matter, but the water spot size should be large enough. So, check it out before decided to buy the toilet. 

Mounting types:

Like other brand toilet Icera has come with the main two types of floor-mounted and wall-mounted. Both mountings are suitable for a different perspective. They are not alternatives to each other. But I suggest using floor mounted. Floor mounted is comfortable to use. As well the setting is more natural then wall mounted toilet. But the wall-mounted has some unique benefits. It is highly space-saving and convenient to clean underneath the bathroom. In this case, you may choose according to your best preferences. 

Water Usage:

It is a mandatory considering thing. Keep in mind that almost maximum Icera toilets are obeying the EPA criteria. It needs only 1.28 gallons of water for each powerful flush where a standard bathroom needs 1.6 GPF, and traditional shower needs up to 3.5 GPF water. It is not only water saving but also can remove a large amount of waste together.

Flush System:

Everybody expects a powerful flushing system that can remove the waste within a few seconds. So, it is essential to be clear the flushing system before selecting a product. Generally, Icera models come with a potential Zetson flushing system. Which is famous for quick cleaning with less water. 

Price and Warranty:

You have a budget to buy the best Icera toilet. So, price is the most thinking factor for you. Luckily, you are getting great benefits within affordable prices. Only the Icera brand has offered you such advantages. Yet I suggest making ideation on the price before buying an Icera toilet. As well as make sure about long-lasting warranty support. 

Final Words:

I believe you will identify the highest efficiency when buying. A little bit of analysis of Icera toilet reviews will be a great assistant to buy the best icera toilets. In the meantime, I would say to follow the buying guide when you will buy. I have written the mandatory considering factors from my own experiences. So, overall, I recommend the icera brand for such great products within my limits. However, if I leave anything about this toilet, then let me know. I will update this content according to your requirements. I wish you a healthy environment with quality products.

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