Top (7) Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews 2020

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Finding a suitable toilet within a budget can be very challenging. Swiss Madison comes out to be a blessing for all the customers as it launches the best quality toilets on a budget. Swiss Madison does not believe in putting too much; instead, it offers the basic features but in the best forms. All the toilets have powerful flushing options along with comfortable bowl design. Though Swiss Madison meets the basic need, the toilets are designed in the modern sense and look extremely appealing. Swiss Madison has a wide range of toilets; picking the suitable can be tricky for you. Thus we have come up with in-depth research on the best toilets and prepared swiss madison toilet reviews. Check out the best product for you.

Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews 2020

NumberSwiss Madison ToiletsToilet TypeGPF
1Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. TropezOne-Piece Dual Flush0.8/1.28 GPF
2Swiss Madison SM-1T106 ConcordeOne-Piece Dual Flush0.8/1.28 GPF
3Swiss Madison SM-WT450 Wall HungWall Hung Dual Flush0.8/1.6 GPF
4Swiss Madison SM-1T112 Ivy Universal Height Dual Flush0.8/1.28 GPF
5Swiss Madison SM-1T257 Sublime IIDual Tornado Flushing Technology0.8/1.28 GPF
6Swiss Madison SM-1T118 VirageElongated Dual Flush0.8/1.28 GPF
7Swiss Madison SM-1T803 ChateauPowerful Dual Flush0.8/1.28 GPF

1. Swiss Madison St. Tropez

This swiss madison sm-1t254 Tropez one-piece toilet can be the best pick considering the mesmerizing features it offers. The amazing dual flush technology along with the soft close seat technology and less water usage make this toilet the most efficient one worth your money. Whether to bring elegance to your bathroom or to ensure a comfortable toilet experience, this dual flush toilet is your one-stop destination.

One piece dual flush toilet

This swiss madison st. Tropez one-piece toilet offers double water flush as per the type of waste. For solid waste, it uses 1.28 GPF, and for liquid waste, it uses .8 GPF. Less water consumption ensures lower electricity bills; thus, this toilet appears quite economical.

Budget-Friendly Toilet

It matches all the features as the big toilet brands, but it excels in keeping the price moderate. It is extremely easy to clean and suitable for both compact and spacious toilet areas. The height is ideal for people of every height. Thus this is probably the best budget-friendly toilet you can ever ask. 

Swiss madison tropez

Top Features

  • Dual Tornado flush system.  
  • Water sense certification ensures less water consumption.
  • The 18-inch ideal universal height.   
  • Ceramic made one piece toilet ensures a long life span.
  • Elongated bowl for comfortable use.
  • Soft-close seat.


  • Sleek design
  • Fits in the smallest places
  • Easy to maintain


  • You will need a plumber to install this toilet.

2. Swiss Madison Concorde 

Swiss madison sm-1t106 One Piece Toilet is porcelain made, high definition, and one of the most promising toilets in the line. This toilet is enabled with some extravagant features and, most importantly, promises utmost comfort with its unique design — the best one to binge on to enhance your toilet piece.

Dual flush

Though it has a low flush, the flushing system can differentiate the waste type. And act accordingly, saves water consumption. Swiss madison sm-1t106 has 1.28 GPF and 0.8 GPF flushing systems for solid and liquid waste, respectively.

Modern look

This swiss madison concorde toilet bangs on with the square design. It looks extremely appealing and fashionable. It has a skirted trap way that makes this toilet look more stylish. Moreover, the square design also makes this toilet comfortable for the users.

Universal height

It has a universal height and is cozy for users regardless of age and height. One can set it up to enhance the bathroom. This toilet can be used to style both personal and corporate bathrooms.

Top Features

  • 1.28 GPF and 0.8 GPF dual flush technology
  • Square bowl for additional comfort and styling
  • The skirted trap way creates more space and enhances the beauty of the washroom.
  • 12-inch rough-in
  • One-piece porcelain made toilet


  • Unique square design
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not leave any residual
  • Concorde Dual Flush technology is extremely effective


  • The toilet seat sometimes moves and is less stable.

3. Ivy Wall Mounted Toilet

Swiss Madison wall mounted SM-WT450 toilet is to meet the latest wall hung design. This wall-mounted toilet is to meet the need for spacious bathroom areas. In modern homes and especially in corporate places, bathrooms are mostly less spacious. Big toilets can accumulate considerable space in these bathrooms. In this regard, this wall hung toilet is to save us all from the space hazard.

Wall mounted dual flush toilet

This toilet can save valuable bathroom space; rather, it has some features to invest your money on. It has the most effective dual flush technology that works great. A single flush is enough for the disposal of any sort of wastes. The double mechanism works differently for different types of wastes. For solid waste, it has 1.6 GPF, and for liquid waste, it emits 0.8 GPF water on every flush.

Stylish look

This wall hung toilet looks extremely appealing and enhances the outlook of your toilet. The carrier tank and the Madison actuator work together to make this product the best in the market. Add on the stylish look; this carrier tank is fully covered. The toilet bowl is super comfortable to use for users of all ages and heights.

Space saving toilet

One of the researches claims that this wall hung toilet roughly saves 12 inches space than all other wall hung toilets. If you have a small toilet, you cannot skip this one. Even in spacious toilets, you can certainly not decline the luxury of having more space. Moreover, this toilet has a soft close seat and seamless porcelain design. Porcelain makes the toilet more durable.

Top Features

  • Dual Flush technology for a useful flush experience
  • Universal height for comfortable and mass use
  • Wall hung to add elegance to the bathroom
  • It offers an adjustable height option
  • Soft closing technology


  • Less water consumption
  • Durable
  • Appealing design


  • Installation is complicated.

4. Ivy SM-1T112 one piece Toilet

This toilet combines all the necessary features that ensure comfort and easy usage. This is a budget-friendly option that includes all the essential features. Rather than putting excessive and needless luxury with a burning price tag, this Ivy one piece model focuses mostly on the necessary and must-have features within the limited price range.

Tornado flushing system

This Swiss Madison sm-1T112 Ivy model is what you will ever ask for your home or corporate usage. This toilet swears by the effective and powerful flushing mechanism. It offers a dual tornado flushing system. The powerful flushing system ensures a centrifugal force to guaranty effective flush every time. This toilet replaces the rim holes and installs two nozzles for efficient flushing experience.

Water Sense technology

Apart from the efficient flushing experience, this double flush toilet also works on water saving. It saves water through the dual flushing mechanism for solid and liquid waste. It uses 1.28 GPF and 0.8 GPF water. Though it does ensure not only a great flushing mechanism but also makes sure less water consumption. It abides by the Water Sense technology and uses the least possible water for every flush.

Soft-closing technology

This Ivy toilet also offers universal height and soft-closing technology. Soft Closing technology declines slams. Again it has quick-release seats to make the cleaning process super easy and time-saving. Thus your toilet cleaning hassle gets declined beyond the limits.

Skirted design

Then come in the design of this toilet. It looks appealing with the elongated bowl, and The skirted design makes your bathroom more stylish. A modern look toilet can change intro bathroom decoration.

Swiss madison ivy one piece

Top Features

  • Dual Tornado Flushing System
  • Universal 12 inch rough in height
  • Skirted design
  • Ceramic material for durability
  • Soft closing and quick release technology
  • Water Sense approved
  • EPA certifies for less water consumption


  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely Durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Effective and powerful flush


  • As per the users, the toilet seat moves around.

5. Swiss Madison Sublime II 

Swiss madison sublime ii toilets are the ultimate solution for your bathroom. This Swiss Madison SM-1T257 toilet has multiple benefits. It saves bathroom space, provides a powerful flush, and looks stylish. All these features are available in one toilet, and surpassingly it does not cost much. This model is probably the best addition to the budget-friendly line of Swiss Madison.

Dual Tornado flushing technology

The double flush technology offers a partial flushing option of 1.28 GPF and .8 GPF. This toilet does not let you compromise higher water consumption. It limits water consumption yet offers an effective flush. Dual Tornado flushing technology works through centric force application and leaves no residual behind.

Easy maintenance

It has soft-closing technology to open and close seat lids smoothly. So, goodbye to the slams. It offers quick release technology for easy maintenance. We all know the difficulty levels of keeping toilets clean. But the quick release technology makes the process easy without the usage of additional tools.

All in one

This toilet is small in structure, and this leaves more space to your washroom. Again, the elongated bowl makes it elegant and a treat to your eyes.  Dual Tornado flushing technology, easy maintenance, soft-closing technology, quick release technology, and beautiful design make Swiss Madison Sublime II easy to pick our list.

Swiss Madison Sublime II

Top Features

  • Dual Flushing for effective results
  • Tornado Flushing Technology
  • Partial Flushing option; 1.28 GPF and .8 GPF
  • Soft Closing Technology
  • Quick Release Technology
  • Fashionable design to save space
  • ADA approved


  • Easy to clean
  • Simple Installation
  • Extended durability
  • Less water consumption
  • Effective flushing
  • Small structure


  • The seat is best for tall users, and short height users may face some difficulty.

6. Swiss Madison Virage  

To give your washroom a modern touch, this swiss madison SM-1T118 toilet can be a great choice. It has an elongated bowl structure that provides a modern touch. The design is super effective for small bathrooms. These days we can hardly manage spacious bathrooms, and extra-large toilets can cover all your washroom space. But this toilet is so compact that it can be set for any size bathroom.

Beautiful design

swiss madison virage design is hugely updated and ensures a jaw-dropping view of your washroom. Sleek and extravagant outlook makes your washroom visually beautiful. Apart from the appearance, this toilet also ensures promising performance.

Easy installation

Swiss Madison SM-1T118 has a dual flushing system along with the partial flushing technology for different wastes. This double flush toilet focuses basically on the basic needs of the customers. It has a super easy installation option. This toilet comes with side holes that make the installation easy and simple.

Easy cleaning process

It does simplify not only the installation process but also eases the cleaning and maintenance process. The quick-release technology helps to unattached and rearrange the seats easily. Thus the customers don’t have to go for any complicated method to clean the toilet seat.

Swiss madison virage

Top Features

  • Dual Flush Technology; .8 GPF and 1.28 GPF flushing option
  • Soft Close technology to decline unwanted slamming
  • Quick Release technology for easy cleaning
  • Side holes for uncomplicated installation
  • Skirted trap way for sleek outlook


  • Fewer maintenance hassles
  • Easy installation
  • universal seat height


  • Sometimes a single flushing attempt may not be enough for excessive waste

7. Swiss Madison Chateau

Swiss madison sm-1t803 follows contemporary design and infuses the necessary traditional features. The white glossy finish gives a very modern touch to its design and increases your washroom decor. This one-piece toilet also excels in saving space and can fit into any size of washrooms. Moreover, it meets all the needs of the customers and can give a tight spot to its contemporary competitors. This toilet has a powerful flushing system, Soft close technology, and universal height along with a compact and desirable design.

Single piece dual flush toilet

This single-piece toilet helps you to keep pace with the modern toilet design. It has a partial dual flushing system of 1.28 GPF and .8 GPF. You can choose between these two options for solid or liquid waste. Moreover, this toilet has soft closing technology to reduce slamming. To keep the cleaning process easy, it has the Quick release technology.

Elongated bowl and universal height

Again, the fully skirted trap- way makes it look more appealing. The elongated bowl is exceptionally comfortable to use. It also focuses on the bowl height and opts for universal height for mass usage. The partial flushing system helps reducing water usage to the minimum level. Thus you are extremely good with water usage and water bills.

Swiss Madison chateau

Top Features

  • Dual flushing system.
  • Soft-close technology reduces seat slamming
  • White Glossy, appealing design
  • Water Sense toilet reduces unnecessary water usage
  • Quick Release technology ensures easy removal of the parts
  • Universal height and elongated bowl guarantees mass usage
  • Made with durable porcelain


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The appealing design gives new dimensions to bathroom appearances
  • Easy to install
  • Compact design uses less space


  • The flushing system is relatively weak than the other models.

Swiss Madison Toilets Comparison

Swiss Madison St. Tropez26.6 x 15 x 31Elongated120 pounds0.8/1.289
Swiss Madison Concorde27 x 14.3 x 29.5Square89 pounds0.8/1.288.8
Swiss Madison SM-WT45020.5 x 14.6 x 12Wall-Hung48 pounds0.8/1.69
Swiss Madison Ivy26 x 14 x 29Elongated90 pounds0.8/1.288.5
Swiss Madison Sublime II24 x 13.8 x 28.5Elongated89 pounds0.8/1.288.8
Swiss Madison Virage27.8 x 15 x 27.8Elongated104 pounds0.8/1.289.5
Swiss Madison Chateau26.3 x 16.5 x 23.5Elongated89 pounds0.8/1.288.5

About Swiss madison company

“Well Made Forever” The motto of the swiss madison company. There is no doubt that swiss madison makes an excellent modern look toilet. Swiss madison not only makes the toilet but also makes shower and bathroom products as well. Swiss madison always trying to makes the new design look product at a low price.

Swiss Madison Toilet Buying Guide

Toilet Type

Swiss Madison promises variety on the toilet type. You can choose from a variety of types.

  • One Piece Toilet: One-piece toilets are incredibly compact and easy to install. If you have a small washroom, this toilet is just the best option for you. Again one-piece toilets are easy to carry and need no plumber to install.
  • Two-Piece Toilet: Earlier two-piece toilet was the ideal toilet design. But in modern days two-piece toilets are declined as it needs extra space. If you have a spacious toilet, you can certainly opt for a two-piece toilet design.
  • Wall Mounted Toilet: This type of toilet is hung or mounted into a wall. Swiss Madison launches wall mounted toilets for industrial use. For industrial bathrooms, these super compact wall-mounted toilets work perfectly.


Most of Swiss Madison toilets come with the 12 inches rough-in. 12 inch rough in is considered to be the ideal one. But in some cases, you may find 10 inches rough-in as well. Choose the rough-in size as per your sewerage requirements.

Bowl Shape

Swiss Madison offers toilets with different bowl shapes, and they are:

  • Round: Round bowls are compact and comfortable to use
  • Oval: Oval bowls take more space in the bathroom; thus, it is preferable for large washrooms.
  • Elongated: Elongated bowls are the most comfortable ones.
  • Square: This unique design may claim more space but also ensures more comfort.

Water Usage

Water usage is significant in modern times. Swiss Madison meets EPA requirements and successfully launches the Eco-Friendly toilets. It limits water usage and reduces water excessive water consumption.

Flushing Mechanism

Swiss Madison has a line of a toilet that ensures a powerful flushing system and has the best flushing mechanisms. These toilets have a dual flushing system. This flushing system has a different water flow as per the waste type. The dual flushing system ensures different levels of water consumption for liquid and solid waste.

Most of the Swiss Madison toilets have the Tornado Flushing system. This flushing technology centrifuges the water flow and consumes heavy waste. It ensures single flushing even for the heaviest wastes.

Additional Features

Apart from the basic features, it has additional features such as the Soft Close and Quick release technology. These additional features make your life easy. It helps the cleaning and maintenance process easy. Moreover, the universal height makes the toilets useable for users with any heights.


Swiss Madison Toilets can be your one-stop destination if you are finding the best toilets with an effective flushing option. Unlike the luxurious brands that will cost you extravagant amount, The Swiss Madison Toilets are incredibly budget-friendly. The swiss madison toilet reviews include the most famous products of the line. Thus you can get the most suitable one for you.

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