Kohler Corbelle toilet review

Top 3 Kohler Corbelle Toilet Review 2020

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The Kohler Corbelle toilet is a stunning addition to this Kohler brand. Kohler Corbelle toilet is world-famous for providing the best flushing technology with easy installation. It has been designed with a highly efficient 360-degree swirl flushing mechanism. Likewise, it provides a ready-built installation. In this guide, we discuss the top three Kohler Corbelle toilet review. It will help you to get the best Corbelle toilet.

3 Kohler Corbelle Toilet Reviews





KOHLER 3814-0

Revolution 360 swirl flush technology

KOHLER 3814-7

Revolution 360 swirl flush technology

KOHLER 5709-0

Revolution 360 swirl flush technology

1. KOHLER 3814-0 Corbelle Toilet

Corbelle is a two-piece toilet with a very sleek and smoother design. Likewise, you can clean it with ease due to the Kohler corbelle skirted toilet design. It is most hygienic because of the powerful swirl flushing. If you want to get a technologically improved toilet, then KOHLER 3814-0 Corbelle toilet is the right choice for you.


The main structure consists of a toilet tank and bowl. Where the tank comes with a cover and left-handed trip lever is on the side of the tank. However, you would buy the toilet seat separately from Kohler. 


It is the most efficient toilet with a swirl flushing system. Swirl flushing designed with a unique mechanism. Which flows the water from the tank spread through inside the toilet bowl. And this strongest flushing removes the waste more accurately. Because of not having the rims system, you can clean the inside of the pan. 


The overall dimension of this toilet is 29.38 x 16.5 x 31.31 inches. Likewise, the weight is fairly less at 105.2 pounds. At the same time, this toilet has a glamorous white color finish. It needs 1.28 GPF water for each flush. High-quality china material used to make this toilet. And the bowl shape is conveniently elongated. Good to know that the manufacturing brand Kohler produced this toilet with ready lock installation. So, luckily, you won’t need any instrument to install.

The key Features:

  • Powerful and unique 360-degree swirl flushing system
  • Allow to clean with rimless system and skirted trap way easily
  • It features on ready lock installation and removable tank
  • A comfortable seat of 16 inches height  

2. KOHLER 3814-7 Corbelle toilet

KOHLER 3814-7 is another excellent Kohler corbelle comfort height toilet. It comes with a complete black shiny outlook. At the same time, it brings the highest cleaning benefits. Most importantly, this glamorous black toilet designed with the swirl flushing mechanism. Overall, this is a standard toilet in this modern era. 


It is a two-piece toilet consisting of an elongated toilet bowl and a box-shaped tank. The bowl height comes as the convenient chair height. So, all users feel comfortable using it. You will get a chrome polished trip lever on the left side of the tank


Swirl flushing is the most powerful flushing. It works based on hydrodynamic technology. As a result, you are getting a quick waste removing power. Your toilet will remain glazy because of this 360-degree flushing system. Besides, it is 8DB quieter than another flushing system. 


The overall measurement is 29.38 x 16.5 x 31.31 inches. And its weight is 105.2 pounds. The vitreous china material used to make this toilet bowl. Do note the color and finish, both are full shiny black. KOHLER 3814-7 toilet arrives with a patented ready lock floor-mounted installation. This is time-saving and hassle-free installation. Besides, you don’t need to drill the level for 12 inches rough-in. Moreover, 10 inches and 14 inches rough-in kits available with this model.

The key Features:

  • Elongated shape bowl provides more space to sit down, to stand, and to move.
  • The skirted trap way design makes the cleaning process easier
  • Revolutionary swirling flushing ensures the cleanest toilet with the 360-degree swirl motion
  • It comes with comfortable seat height
  • Features on fully glazed trap way the left-handed trip lever and floor-mounted installation

3. KOHLER 5709-0 Corbelle toilet

We can’t leave this 5709-0 Kohler continuous clean toilet from our favorite list. Because the combination of powerful flushing and technology make it worthy. Besides, the sleek skirted design impresses you. At the same time, it will ensure the hygienic environment of your bathroom. 


It consists of the first two parts of the toilet. A white color toilet tank and adjustable height included a bowl. At the same time, the tank comes with a cover and chrome polished trip lever. Because of having a ready lock installation system, it doesn’t need additional tools. Besides, it comes with an appropriate toilet bowl height. 


This corbelle toilet brings the most modern swirl motion flushing. A continuous cleaning process with swirl flush. At the same time, it is water-saving too. It needs 1.28 GPF water for each flush. Good to know, it comes with a jet rim. Which can spread water from both sides? As a result, the toilet will clean as well as expense less water. 


When it comes to the specification, the dimension is 29.38 x 16.38 x 31.31 inches. And weight is 104.9 pounds perfect for installing, removing, or transporting. Remember this toilet’s color and finish both are white. And the bowl material is vitreous china. But the bowl doesn’t come with a built-in seat. It is the most effortless tool-free floor-mounted installation. Also, it eliminates drilling hassle on the floor for 12 inches rough-in. You will also get 10″ and 14″ rough-in kit. So, you can install it within a short time. Most importantly, it allows easy detaching of the toilet.

The key Features:

  • An elongated shape two-piece toilet with floor-mounted installation
  • Powerful swirl motion flushing to keep toilet continuous clean
  • Fully skirted trap way ensures the toilet beauty and cleanness
  • Auto-cleaning with the cleaning tablet with jet rim system

What is a Continuous Clean System?

Continuous cleaning refers to a highly developed technology in toilet flushing. It works to keep clean automatically with each flush. You only need to replace the cleaning tablet inside the tank and set the instruction switch. Besides, the 360-swirl flush makes this continuous cleaning more efficient. It can keep a toilet clean and germ-free up to 5X times longer than traditional flushing.

How to Work Continuous Clean System

It is mainly a cleaner mixed water providing system from the tank. In your tank, you can use this constant cleaning kit with tablets. They have a power setting option for continuous cleaning. When the power is setting up as per the user’s needs, it works automatically with each flush. A specific amount of cleaning water will come out of the tank. And mixed with the swirl flushing. So that it can clean all over the toilet bowl. 

The Benefit of a Continuous Clean System

  • It provides the 5X hygienic environment than traditional toilet
  • Kills the germs, bacteria, and germs with each flush
  • Eliminate the problem of long-lasting stubborn from the bowl
  • Auto setting save your time and hassle 
  • Continuous clean technology allows you to stay safe throughout the year

Kohler Corbelle Toilet Buying guides

Kohler corbelle arrives with advanced technological features. These features make it more unique than traditional toilets. So, you need to focus on some specific factors. Which will help you to get the right corbelle toilet?


All of the corbelle toilets always comes as a two-piece toilet. And two pieces are more accessible to the people. Because they have no hassle to buy the seat or tank separately. Besides, you won’t need additional tools to connect the tank and bowl. So, remember to pick up a corbelle with a two-piece style. 


An ideal corbelle designed of the elongated shape toilet bowl. This ensures a larger front space in the pan. As a result, all users feel comfortable using this toilet. Most importantly, the elongated shape is looking smart too. So, you should make sure about the toilet shape.  


The best attraction of this Kohler corbelle toilet is flushing. It comes with the most efficient swirl spinned flushing mechanism. The toilet remains clean and germ-free for a long time. Generally, a 360-degree swirl spin provides the water flow from the two sides of the bowl. As a result, it can clean the bowl accurately. 


Kohler corbelle made of vitreous china material. Vitreous china is highly recommended for a durable toilet bowl. Besides, this material remains shiny and glossy over the years. At the same time, a corbelle toilet tank is made of quality plastic. Which is strong enough to carry the water and kits. We suggest making sure about vitreous china material when you will buy a corbelle toilet. 

Easy Install:

Installation is the best considering factor. Everybody wants a toilet with the most straightforward installation. And most importantly, they want to get a hassle-free installation. In this case, corbelle is a high toilet. Good to know that all corbelle models come as a floor-mounted installation. Besides, there is a ready lock mechanism. So, you can easily install it without tools. Additionally, it doesn’t need to drill on the floor. So, make sure about these factors before buying your corbelle. In below you can find out how to install Kohler corbelle toilet?

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Kohler Corbelle Toilet Installation

Kohler corbelle comes with a more straightforward installation. There need no special tools to set it up. Only a few steps will need to be followed. So, let’s know the process. 

Step 1: 

Firstly, you need to place t bolts into the flange. Now take the wax ring and place it under the base of the trap way frame. Then fit the trap way on the spine. In this time, notice on the t bolts and holders of trap way frame. The t bolts should be placed correctly on the holes. 

Step 2: 

Now place two brackets on the two t bolts. Then use two appropriate nuts on the pins. Make the nut tightened with a ranger. Hence take another pair of bolts and enter them into the frame horizontally. After then place your two-piece corbelle toilet on the ready lock tray way. You will get two holes on the two sides of the toilet body. These holes tightened the bowl with the trap way. 

Step 3: 

Insert the bowl seal to the holes. And fill it with the bolts. Now it is time to make them tightened. And use two screws to cover the nuts. You have already done it. Connect the water supply and check your new toilet. 

Final words: 

That’s it our Kohler corbelle toilet review. Here we have covered the top notches of three corbelle toilets. You can easily choose from the list. We recommend reading the buying guide before buying a corbelle toilet. It will give you more success in choosing the right product. 

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