Top 3 Kohler Persuade Toilet Review 2023

Kohler persuade toilet review

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The additions of Kohler persuade much more to increase the Kohler brand value. Kohler persuade toilet has designed on the two-piece with excellent efficiency of advanced technology. Likewise, a comfortable seat and elongated shape bowl make this toilet much demanded to the consumer. Are you thinking of buying a Kohler persuade toilet?

We are here to let you know the Kohler persuade toilet review on top rated toilet. Stay with our guide to know details.


Top 3 Kohler Persuade Toilet Review



Main Features



Kohler Persuade Curv K-75790-0

  • Two Piece

  • Dual Flush

  • Elongate bowl

  • Comfort height

KOHLER 6355-7 Persuade Toilet

  • 1/1.6 GPF

  • Gravity Flush

  • Black Color

  • Two Piece

Kohler K-75790-95 Persuade Curv

  • Two Piece

  • Dual Flush

  • Chair Height

  • Elongated Bowl

1. Kohler Persuade Curv K-75790-0

Kohler persuade curv toilet is the excellent production of Kohler brand with new style and function. From the design to the function and effectiveness, all come with advanced features. Here is the full review of the curv toilet.

Toilet Height:

One of the advantages of this toilet is that it brings it to a convenient height. Persuade curv comes uniquely with 16.5 inches height, which is perfect for comfortable height. So, it will determine the best comfortable height for all age users

Flushing Mechanism:

The dual flush mechanism will ensure your comfort to use. In this flush system, you can clean the toilet waste within two individual processes. A partial flush will work efficiently to remove the solid, and another partial flush removes the liquids. You will get a nested trip lever on the tank. Through this, you can choose the option of 1.0- or 1.6-gallon water expense.


Besides, this flushing is highly environment friendly to save the water. It needs only 1.0 GPF water to reduce the toilet waste up to 1000 gm. Most importantly, it can save up to 30 percent water with 1.6 GPF flushing while removing the solid waste.


It is a two-piece toilet that comes with a tank and toilet bowl. At the same time, there has a trip lever, smoothest toilet seat, wax ring, and installation equipment. Persuade toilet arrives with the floor-mounted installation. It has a skirted trap way design. So, you install it on the floor with flange. As a result, you are getting free from the hassle of floor drilling.

Persuade Curv K-75790-0 Top Features

  • A highly developed two-piece toilet with sleek white finish design.
  • It offers the best toilet height appropriate for all person older, younger or teenager.
  • It offers 1/1.6 GPF to eliminate solid waste

Persuade Curv K-75790-0 Specs

  • Overall dimension: 28.62 x 14.19 x 32.5 inches
  • Toilet Type: Two piece
  • Flush Type: Gravity Flush
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • Weight: 99 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Height: Comfortable height
  • Shape: Oblong
  • GPF: 1/1.6 GPF
  • Install type: Floor Mounted

2. KOHLER 6355-7 Persuade Toilet

Kohler 6355-7 toilet brings good news for the black color lover. Because it comes as the most elegant two-piece toilet with a full black color bowl and tank. You will impress to decorate your bathroom with this luxurious piece. 

Toilet Height:

Luckily, you will get this toilet with regular chair height. So, it is quite comfortable for all family members. Similarly, the 16.5″ height provides a most comfortable standing and sitting down benefits.

Flushing Mechanism:

The flush is of a dual flushing system. That’s why you can flush the toilet as per your need. It allows you to use 1.0 GPF water to reduce liquid waste. On the other hand, you can enhance the flushing power up to 1.6 GPF which ensure you to remove the solid waste.


You would appreciate the Kohler brand because of less water using the mechanism. All models of persuade has designed with a dual flushing system. That’s why you have not to waste additional water for less waste. Specific flushing needs a fixed amount of water as well as, the flush button is situated on the top of the tank.


Kohler 6355-7 Persuade Toilet complete package of an ideal toilet. You will get an attached tank and toilet bowl. Besides, seat cover, tank cover, flush button, installation gear, and tank accessories are including with it. A fully skirted design with floor-mounted installation. The most significant benefit that it doesn’t need a drill machine to mount the toilet. You can install it with the flange.

KOHLER 6355-7 Persuade Top Features

  • It comes with a fully skirted trap way which is the convenience to clean.
  • It comes as a complete package with toilet tank accessories and seat bowl and cover.
  • Having a top mount button to choose two individual flushes.
  • It allows maximum user to use this toilet with comfort.

KOHLER 6355-7 Persuade Specs

  • Overall dimension: 28.62 x 14.18 x 32.5 inches
  • Toilet Type: Two piece
  • Flush Type: Gravity Flush
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • Color: Black
  • Height: Comfortable height
  • Shape: Oblong
  • GPF: 1/1.6 GPF
  • Install type: Floor Mounted
  • Warranty: 1 year

3. Kohler K-75790-95 Persuade Curv Toilet

Are you looking for such a two-piece toilet having maximum advantages of an expensive modern bathroom? We love to introduce you to K-75790-95 Persuade Curv Toilet because it is worthy of fulfilling all of your toilet needs.

Toilet Height:

Like another persuade toilet we have mentioned above, it has a suitable chair height of 16.5 inches height. We should be thankful to the Kohler brand because they think about our average user experience.

Flushing Mechanism:

It has made based on the dual flush system. So, a lot of water will save each year from your bathroom. Such an eco-friendly toilet is indeed rarely found. The 1. 6 GPF and 1.0 GPF water flushing system included with this toilet.


You can’t even think that this quality dual flush can save up to 5000 gallons of water per year. This toilet provides you with the chance to consume as much water as you need. Which will save you from wastage?


A toilet tank, a tank cover, and toilet bowl with seat and seat cover are the basic, including the purpose of these two pieces. Besides, a left-handed trip lever is connected to the left side of the tank. The installation method is more natural because the manufacturer company has been added an installation kit in this package. Moreover, due to the fully skirted trap way, you can easily mount it on the floor.

K-75790-95 Persuade Curv Features

  • This Kohler persuade Provides comfortable chair height to easy sitting down and standing.
  • It provides the chair height seat, powerful flush, and durability
  • Easy to clean because of the fully skirted design
  • It comes with easy installation on the floor.

K-75790-95 Persuade Curv Specs

  • Overall dimension: 28.63 x 14.19 x 32.5 inches
  • Toilet Type: Two piece
  • Flush Type: Gravity Flush
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • Color: Ice Grey
  • Height: Comfortable height
  • Shape: Oblong
  • GPF: 1/1.6 GPF
  • Install type: Floor Mounted
  • Warranty: 1 year

Is Kohler Persuade Toilet Money Worthy?

We recognize Kohler persuade toilet as the money worthy product based on some particular advantage and features. Firstly, convince is a complete package where you will get all elements of a standard toilet. Hence, the sleek, elegant style and unique color option are notable for loving this toilet.

Most importantly, this toilet designed with a specific dual flush mechanism. Although, you will find several models of dual-flush but persuade is entirely different. Because it offers 1.0 and 1.6 GPF water, it is wondering the fact that it can save 5000-gallon water per year.

So, considering all of these factors, we definitely believe that Kohler persuade toilets are money worthy.

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Why you choose Kohler Persuade Toilet?

It is essential to focus on some specific factors when you want to get the best Kohler to persuade the toilet in the market. Although we have made a list of the top three best toilets of influence model, you should analyze a bit of the below factors.

kohler persuade toilet

Flush Type:

Persuade toilet always comes as a complete two-piece package and dual flushing system. We recommend choosing a dual flush toilet. Dual flushing system that allows you to consume water according to your needs.

Toilet Height:

Keep remembering that you have several ages of family members to use a combined toilet. So, pick up such a toilet with a standard toilet height. Generally, 17 inches to 19 inches in height is known as the comfort height.

Bowl Shape:

There have two most Conventional toilet bowl shapes in the market. The elongated and round shape are generally found in everybody’s home. We have no specific recommendations in this case. Because both these shapes are required for several purposes. Keep in mind one thing, that the elongated shape toilet is comfortable for the clean. 

Installation Method:

Floor mounted or wall hanging each installation has individual benefits from several perspectives. But overall, the floor-mounted installation is much more popular than a wall hanging because this installation method is more natural and needs less equipment.

Why Kohler Persuade Toilet Difference to other Kohler Toilets?

From all aspects of quality, durability, uniqueness, and price Kohler persuade are quite different from other kohler toilets. We note out here the unique benefits of influence toilet so that you can make a difference from another.

  • Incredibly sleek and compacted design with skirted trap way
  • Made from highly stable vitreous china material to last over after years with low maintenance
  • More comfortable floor-mounted installation with less equipment
  • Easy to clean the outer surface because of the hide trap way
  • It is incredibly useful to remove the waste up to 1000 gm
  • Having a powerful flush with a dual mechanism of 1.0 and 1.6 GPF water
  • ADA compliant, smoother toilet seat surface and elongated bowl size
  • Best suitable toilet height as like a regular chair compatible for all users.

Kohler Persuade Toilet Installation

Kohler persuade it is a fully skirted two-piece toilet. So, it will have a hide trap way. But keep remembering that the Kohler persuade toilet installation method is simple as like other two-piece toilets. You have to pay attention to some necessary factors.

kohler persuade toilet installation

Step 1: Removing the older toilet (if you had)

At the very first, take apart the previous toilet from the flange. At the same time, reduce the wax from the basement of the toilet accurately with a knife.

Step 2: Cleaning the basement

Now clean the flange surface properly to apply the new rubber seal. Connect the wax ring with the trap way and make it tightened with the T bolts.

Step 3: Pre-Mounting

Now, Secured the mounting brackets with pivot mount from the other side of the toilet. Make sure these will not over tightened.

Step 4: Mounting

 Now lower the toilet slowly and place it on top of the mount bracket. However, take care so that the mount will be perfectly lined with the side pivot holes. Make tightened the bolts from both sides. However, don’t make it over tight. And the pins should be covered by the cap.

Step 5: Water supply connection

Here you need to connect the shutoff valve with the waterline. Check out any unexpected leak into the tank. Then start the water supply and let the container be full. At the same time, screw the toilet seat. That’s it the whole process. Your new Kohler persuade toilet is ready for use. 

Final Words:

Kohler persuade toilet review has covered most desired top-rated toilets. You can choose any toilet from the above list. But keep remembering to read the buying guide. Our buying guide will assist you in picking up the right toilet for your home.

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