Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews: Top 5 List 2021

glacier bay toilet reviews

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Glacier Bay is a house brand of the world’s popular retail store, Home depot. It produces varieties of kitchen and bathing products like faucets, sinks, and toilets. Among all of the nice creations of the Glacier brand, there have some aesthetic toilets to meet your daily need. Due to the intentionally affordable price and product quality, this brand is top-notches in the world. Here we have discussed on top five Glacier Bay toilet reviews.

Is Glacier Bay A Good Toilet? 

Glacier bay toilet would be an excellent choice for you. Glacier bay toilet comes with achieved the watersense certification, and it can save the water bill. Secondly, the design elegancy with porcelain finish provides smoothness that suitable for any bathroom. Third of all, it is designed with comfortable seat height with ADA compliant nod. Moreover, this toilet is water efficient and powerful in flushing.

Glacier Bay Toilet Reviews 2021





Glacier Bay Power Flush 2-Piece

Glacier Bay N2420

Glacier Bay Caspian

Glacier Bay N2430E

Glacier Bay N2428E-10

 1. Glacier Bay Power Flush 2-Piece

Glacier bay power pure toilet is aesthetic to see due to the glossy white elongated bowl and longish tank that Curved on both sides. It is

beautiful enough to match with any regular to a luxurious bathroom. And this power pure comes with an individual two-piece style.

Glacier bay is featured on Niagara Stealth Technology that is also known as patented hydraulic technology. At the same time, the quick connect installation reduces your hassle and time. Besides, the non-exposed fill valve eliminates the refill noise.

It has a slow closing seat and simple structured hinges that easier to keep clean. Luckily, it is designed with 16.5 inches taller toilet seat height that provides more space for legs comfort. Moreover, it has a 2 3/8″ fully glazed trap way.

We have made this glacier bay power flush reviews because of the powerful flushing that needs 1.28-gallon water. Moreover, the Vacuum-Assist system accelerates the strength of flushing. You can save a thousand gallons of water every year that also indirectly reduces your electricity bill. This Glacier bay toilet is certified by watersense and HET.


  • Toilet seat included with this package, so you don’t need to buy separately
  • It needs far less 20% water than the standard 1.6 gallon that is money saving
  • Includes a slow-close seat


  • One Color option

Glacier Bay Power Flush 2-Piece Specs

  • Dimension: 28 x 32 x 17.1 inches
  • Type: Two-piece
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • Color: White
  • Flush: Single
  • GPF: 1.28GPF
  • Slow-close seat: Yes
  • Install: Floor mounted
  • Certificate: WaterSense

2. Glacier Bay N2420

This glacier one-piece toilet review represents the Glacier Bay N2420 which is one of the nice productions of this brand. The cast-designed tank and bowl look like a luxurious chair. Simultaneously, the bright and glossy white color finish adds purity and sanctity to this model. And it is a stylish one-piece toilet.

It is featured in a spacious front space with an elongated shape bowl. Hence, the integrated one-piece style makes your cleaning task easier. Moreover, the vitreous china material is stable and crack preventing.

The dual flushing functions are great to reduce water use. It offers 1.1-gallon water per flush for liquid waste and 1.6-gallons per flush for solid waste.

It is designed with the strongest flushing system to reduce the utility bill because there is multiple water consumption with 1.1 and 1.6 gallons per flush. So, it helps you to use water as per the solid or liquid waste type.


  • Glacier Bay N2420 is notably lightweight at 93.8 pounds that ensures easy moving in transportation and installation.
  • The flush button has on the top of the tank that is easier to press
  • Curved edges and smoother line enrich the minimalist beauty
  • Bay N2420 arrived with all installation tools


  • Only one color option

Glacier Bay N2420 Specs

  • Dimension: 30 x 29 x 18 inches
  • Type: One-piece
  • Color: White
  • Material: vitreous china
  • Weight: 93.8 pounds
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • Flush type: Dual flush
  • GPF: 1.1/1.6 GPF
  • Install: Floor mounted

3. Glacier Bay Caspian

In design, Glacier bay Caspian is all in one toilet that comes with a modern minimalist look. The sleek edge of the tank and bowl has added uniqueness to this model. Apart from these, the fully concealed trap way makes it so smart. In style, Caspian is a two-piece model.

Caspian is featured on the most comfortable elongated bowl. After then the minimalist two-piece style feature makes it smarter to look. Similarly, the ADA-compliant height provides comfort when sitting or standing.

One of the impressive functions of the Caspian unit that it has a dual flushing function with 1.1- and 1.6-gallon water. Besides, the fully concealed trap way added seamless beauty to this toilet.

You must raise the dual flushing system of the Caspian toilet. First of all, it has two individual options to reduces the waste with low and high water. Secondly, this is made up of a gravity flush that keeps the bowl clean and germ-free for a long time.

The Caspian bay two-piece toilet has arrived with the ADA compliant and watersense certification.


  • This model comes with all necessary hardware for installation
  • The minimalist design allows for effortless cleaning
  • The standard 12″ rough-in size is suitable for maximum bathroom


  • You have to buy the water supply line separately

Glacier Bay Caspian Specs

  • Type: Two-piece
  • Rough-in-size: 12 inches
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Flush: Dual flush
  • GPF: 1.1/1.6 GPF
  • Soft close seat: Yes
  • Color: White
  • Install: Floor mounted
  • Warranty: watersense/ADA

4. Glacier Bay N2430E

We have come here with glacier bay dual flush toilet reviews. Glacier Bay N2430E would be the best compliment in your bathroom. It is designed with a simple outlook. But the outer surface is very smooth and glossy. And there has vitreous china primary material of this toilet. And the chrome-plated finish with white color makes this one-piece toilet gorgeous.

Excellent water-conserving is the greatest feature of this model. And the vitreous china construction can efficiently prevent all kinds of stains and abrasion. Another good feature of this one-piece is the user comfort in sitting and standing with 12 inches rough-in.

It arrives with dual flush functions that allow the user to conserve 15,000-gallon water per year. At the same time, it comes with a convenient top-mounted flush button.

You can choose this model for the highest flushing performance. It needs 1.28-gallons of water per flush. Due to having a dual flushing option, this toilet can save 15,000-gallon water per year.

Glacier Bay N2430E becomes more popular because of the limited lifetime warranty and watersense certification.


  • The vitreous china surface can prevent the stain and friction
  • It comes with all essential components a toilet required


  • This one-piece Glacier is comparatively heavier

Glacier Bay N2430E Specs

  • Dimension: 33 x 29 x 18 inches
  • Type: One-piece
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • Color: White
  • Flush: Dual
  • Height: Chair height
  • Install: Floor mounted
  • Warranty: WaterSense /ADA

5. Glacier Bay N2428E-10

It is a modern toilet design that looks eye-catchy, and the contemporary outlook makes it more beautiful. The white color vitreous china material ensures long-lasting beauty. And this compacted toilet has come as two-piece style.

It is a highly efficient single flush one-piece toilet. Then the bowl design is very spacious to improve the flushing power and clean the bowl inside. And this toilet comes with an easier installation system.

There has a 2″ wider fully glazed trap way function that is efficient to pass the waste quickly. Not only that, the fully glazed function can balance the outer beauty of this unit.

In terms of flushing, Glacier bay is similar to the most powerful toilet. It shows great performance in quick flushing and water reserving.

lifetime warranty on limited parts of this toilet. And it has a watersense and HET certification.


  • High-Efficiency toilet
  • 10 inches rough-in-size
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • One Color

Glacier Bay N2428E-10 Specs

  • Style: Two-piece
  • Material: vitreous china
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Flush: Single
  • GPF: 1.28 GPF
  • Color: White
  • Install: Floor mounted
  • Rough-in: 10 Inch
  • Certificate: Watersense

About Glacier Bay Toilet Brand

Glacier bay is a unique brand for bathroom and kitchen fixtures. And this brand is not independent of its own identity because there is a deep relationship with the home depot company.

Mainly, Glacier bay toilets have been producing in north American foremost groups, and they don’t sell these toilets directly from their company. The North American groups let their products be sold from home depot. Most importantly, Glacier bay is mostly known as the sub-brands of home depot.

Good to know that Glacier bay comes with versatile fixtures for the toilet and kitchen. Mostly they designed several faucets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and basins. Also, this brand is very cost-efficient. As well as the product quality is far better than the previous traditional model.

Considerations Before Buy Glacier Bay Toilets

Here is the most important consideration can help you to make the right decision when choosing a Glacier bay toilet.

Bathroom size:

When you are finally going to buy a Glacier bay toilet, think first about your bathroom size. If your bathroom is spacious, you would better go with an elongated shape two-piece toilet. If there is limited space in your bathroom, we recommend choosing an elongated-shaped one-piece glacier bay toilet.


Budget is a great issue for any household item. Glacier bay toilet brand comes with money worthy way. If you want to pick up a Glacier bay toilet, you need to budget about $150 to $400. So, make sure about the budget first.


The standard rough-in size is 12″ that is found in the maximum plumbing system. We would say to check the rough-in measurement of your bathroom. Then choose the toilet with the right rough-in size.

Bowl height:

Good to know the standard bowl height is 16-19″. It is also known as the ADA compliant height. The ADA-compliant height is convenient for the elderly because the 16+ inches height added comfort when they sit down and stand up. On the other hand, the regular bowl height is good for the kids.

Bowl shape:

There have two types of the toilet bowl; one is elongated, and another is round in shape. Do note that elongated comes with a larger front space that is easy to access but needs a larger space to set up. On the other hand, the round shape bowl comes with shorter front spaces for the kids, teens. And round shape needs short space to set up. You can also check rectangular and square shape toilets.

Flushing method:

No matter what toilet brands you will choose but the preference of good flushing demandable to all. Glacier bay is great in water reserves. It saves a lot amount of water each year that helps electricity bill reducer too.

Moreover, there have some excellent dual flush toilets in the Glacier bay brand. Dual flush offers individual water usage for solid and liquid waste.


1. How do you fix a Glacier Bay toilet?

The seals that have around the glacier bay tank outlet may leak in some cases. If you have faced this problem, then empty the tank first. Then tear off the flush valve canister from the fill valve to unscrew it. After then pull off the older seal and put the new seal. Lastly, reassemble the tank. 

2. Does Glacier Bay have a lifetime warranty?

Glacier bay comes with a limited lifetime warranty. However, this brand is promising in superior quality and artistry. It is recommended from the Glacier bay brand buy from the original consumer to avoid product defects.

Final Words:

At the end of our Glacier bay toilet reviews, we love to say that it is the best brand for the limited budget purchaser. The most promising features of Glacier bay toilet are water reserving, cost efficiency, and user-friendliness.

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