Delta Toilet Reviews: 2021 Budget Friendly Toilet

Delta toilet reviews

Last updated on May 20th, 2021 at 08:54 pm

In this modern era, you can’t think of a complete house without a convenient, luxurious toilet. Delta toilet comes with the most aesthetic design and developed technology. But it might be a tricky task to pick up the best one from the full range of Delta toilet collection. With the proper care and depth analysis, you can get some excellent Delta toilets. We have made Delta toilet reviews based on enormous ideal criteria.

Our Top 4 Delta Toilets



Main Features



Delta Haywood Toilet

  • Two piece

  • Chair height

  • Round/ Elongated bowl

Delta Turner Toilet

  • Two piece

  • Single flush

  • Chair height

  • 1.28 GPF

Delta Prelude Toilet

  • Two piece

  • Elongated bowl

  • Rough in 12 inch

Delta WH Haywood C01905- C21905

  • Two piece

  • Round bowl

  • Comfort height

1. Delta Haywood Toilet

Delta faucet brand is worthy of praise for this fantastic Delta Haywood toilet. Haywood toilet is most reliable due to the water certification and low price with advanced features. Luckily, you will all contemporary amenities into it which is generally found in the expensive toilet. But the great thing is you have not spent much on it. 


The marvelous design is best suitable with gorgeous bathroom fixtures and furniture. The Toilet tank and bowl has designed with simple construction. This design has two shaped toilet bowls. Elongated and Round front shape is available. 


When it comes to the fabric then first, we have to say about the appropriate bowl height. Because Delta faucet thinks about the disabled person during this toilet. Bowl height is 16.4 inches which is so much beneficial for a sick or disabled person. Hence, it is must need to say that it comes with a soft-closing seat. It will remain you safe from the annoying sound of seat closing. Most importantly, you are getting a nightlight with the place. Moreover, the flushing button is including in the tank left top side.


It is technically very advanced. Because it is providing decent flushing. For ensuring a clog-free performance, you can pick it up. Besides, this flushing will save up to 20%water. 

Delta Haywood Toilet Top Features

  • You can choose round or elongated shaped
  • It comes with Slow-Close Seat with Nightlight
  • ADA comfortable chair height, and 1.28 GPF high-power flush

Delta Haywood Toilet Specs

  • Dimensions: 17-1/2″ W X 27″
  • Toilet type: Floor Mounted
  • Shape: Round (Also have elongated bowl)
  • GPF: 1.28 GPF
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Type: Two-piece toilet
  • Height: Chair height
  • Certification: ADA/ WaterSense

2. Delta Turner Toilet

Delta turner toilet is the first choice of intellectual people. It is designed wonderfully with a smart look. At the same time, this great model is consistently praiseworthy for money and water saving. Besides, it is good enough for easier installation. Additionally, affordable price increases its value more.


The design of this toilet is very eye-catching. Its elongated shape and bright white elegant look are able to make you happy. It will easily match with any expensive bathroom fixture. The toilet tank looks great after connecting it even though it comes separately.


It consists of a suitable toilet bowl, tank, and soft closing toilet seat. Although, the flushing power is 1.28 GPF (HET) as like another delta toilet. It has also come with water sense certification and ADA complaints. Similarly, the chair height is designed for all. 


It is providing the most leak-free and clog-free experience. Most importantly, the trap way is to hide and which is 2″. A t the same time, it offers HET flushing. This model comes with all types of instruments for installation. Moreover, it provides the installation tool and wax ring.

Delta Turner Top Features

  • An elongated shape two-piece toilet with tank  
  • It comes with a soft closing seat, wax ring and installation tools
  • It has ADA complainant chair height and 1.28 GPF flushing

Delta Turner Toilet Specs

  • Toilet type: Floor Mounted
  • Weight: 90 Pounds
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Oblong  
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • GPF: 1.28 GPF
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Type: Two-piece toilet
  • Height: Chair height
  • Certification: ADA/ WaterSense

3. Delta Prelude Toilet

Another suitable toilet in Delta is called Prelude. This elongated shaped toilet on the front has a high flushing capacity. We got a lot of benefits this model is offering. All in all, the delta prelude toilet is ready to give you the best feeling. Since the price is low; Then why don’t you take this fantastic toilet?


 This toilet is designed in such a way that everyone will feel comfortable. It’s nice to see the front of it as elongated. Most importantly, the vitreous china bowl material and white color toilet tank make this model much more gorgeous. 


It has two central parts of the fabric. One is a toilet bowl. Another is a toilet tank. Then several small pieces are also coming with it. For example, a wax ring, comfortable seat soft closing mechanism are the essential parts. Fortunately, you can get the tools to install the toilet. Moreover, a polish trip lever, 3″ flush valve has connected with the tank. 


It is also significant from the technological aspects. First of all, it offers 1.28 GPF flushing, which is the highest powerful for 20% of water. Its high technology comes with 17 inches of bowl height from the floor. Besides, we know that perfect rough-in is needed for all toilets. Where delta prelude has 12 inches rough in size. Most notable that you will get the plumbing fixture with it. 

Delta Prelude Toilet Top Features

  • Tow piece elongated shape toilet with bidets, wax ring, tank and installation fixtures
  • Modern designed HET with more robust flushing and water-saving
  • Perfect rough in size and convenient toilet bowl height

Delta Prelude Specs

  • Dimensions: 29.3 x 16.8 x 32.9 inches
  • Toilet type: Floor Mounted
  • Weight: 96 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Oblong  
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • GPF: 1.28 GPF
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Type: Two-piece toilet
  • Height: Chair height
  • Rough in: 12 inch

4. Delta WH Haywood C01905- C21905

If you want to buy the best toilet to come out of the condition, then we strongly recommend the Delta C01905-WH Haywood. Because it provides all amenities which can offer a highly expensive bath. Indeed, we are surprised when we think of all of its facilities. Only delta faucet can give this type of advantage. So, you can pick up this two-piece toilet with confidence. We believe this will make you happy. 


It has been designed keeping in mind the space-saving benefits. Because of the round shape, you can install it in a small space. Besides, the basement and toilet tank are also an attractive and perfect match with the toilet bowl. It is not less in any part of the modern luxurious toilet


In its structure, you will notice a toilet tank, bowl, and a 2″ fully glazed trap way. Unfortunately, there have not a wax ring, toilet seat, and installation device. You can buy these separately. Luckily, the flush lever of chrome finish ensures the easiest flush controlling. 


In the case of technology, it is forward one step then another toilet. Because it has hydro wash flushing features. Which always keep the toilet bowl clean. Toilet height ADA compliant included. So, the user can sit and down quickly. The matter of fact that, it comes with water sense certification. The 1.28 GPF is so much efficient to keep the toilet safe from the clog.  

Delta C01905- C21905 Top Features

  • ADA complain and water sense certified tow piece toilet
  • Comes with 16.5 Inches toilet bowl height and lip feature is impressive
  • Powerful flush with clog-free facilities
  • It is space-saving and made of vitreous china material

Delta C01905- C21905 Specs

  • Dimensions: 27 x 17.5 x 30.78/ 27.06 x 14.38 x 16.5 inches
  • Toilet type: Floor Mounted
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Round  
  • Bowl: Round
  • GPF: 1.28 GPF
  • Material: Vitreous China
  • Type: Two-piece toilet
  • Height: Chair height
  • Certificate: ADA/ WaterSense

About Delta Toilet Brand

Delta is a brand that offers all kinds of innovative bathrooms and kitchen faucets. Besides, creative DIY project ideas providing service is their newest addition. It has developed technologies with the easy solution of Touch2O®, Docking, and H2Okinetic®. These bring magical benefits as per the customer demand. 

Moreover, this brand offer verities of price. Not only for the toilet, but this brand is also praiseworthy for its luxurious bathtubs, faucets, and shower.

Is Delta Toilet Right for You?

We strongly believe that the delta toilet is the right choice for you.

We have some ethics behind this. First of all, we notice that the delta toilet brand tries its best to provide beneficial features as much as possible. Then, Delta is highly committed to using developed construction material. It ensures a product will long-last. 

We were fascinated by what happened next that it includes a wax ring and designed the maximum chair height. We love to provide our older family members with safety. Always, a perfect seat height must need. Most importantly, Delta offers realities of the price range so that you can get a high-quality toilet within a limited budget. 

Delta Toilet Buying Guide

Delta toilet

A buying guide is the best procedure to take the right delta toilet. We have discussed some unique considerations. Which will help you to get the best delta toilet?

Which Shape is good for you:

Toilet shape will provide you with huge benefits from several aspects. Because of a proper way, you can install it into small spaces. Hence, your using comfort mostly depends on the perfect way. Delta comes with an elongated shape and round shape. Both are popular with the user. But we liked the elongated shape more.

Rough-in size:

When it comes to the size, we refer to the rough-in size as well as the dimension. Because toilet size mostly depends on the right rough-in. Generally, the ideal toilet should have 12 inches of rough-in capacity. Hence, we would like to say about the toilet bowl height. It is another essential factor of scale. We recommend choosing the 17 inches bowl height.

Suitable Color:

Be aware before color choosing. You should pick up a toilet with the bathroom color theme. Although Delta comes with an elegant white hue. Which matched with any color décor. But you have to check out again before buying it.

Essential Features:

 It is essential to check the main features. For instance, the flushing, water-saving, and installation. Besides, you have to check the trap way system and toilet rough-in. Moreover, certification is an excellent method to figure out the best toilet. So, check out these factors.

Build in Material:

The vitreous china and acrylic material are much used to make the delta toilet and bathtubs. Because both are highly durable and stable. So, pick up a bathroom with vitreous or acrylic


Wall hanging or floor mounting, what is better? Both are good enough. But as far as we know. The floor mounting toilet is best convenient ever. Below you can find, how to install delta toilet?

Delta Toilet Installation

Delta comes with a more natural installation method. We are trying to discuss with you the whole process with some simple steps. First of all, you need the equipment to install a Delta toilet.

  • Toilet Bowl
  • Toilet seat
  • Tank and lid
  • Wax ring
  • Mounting hardware
  • Safety Goggles
  • Flashlight
  • Blanket and silicone

If you have a previous toilet, uninstall it first. Then keep the place clean to the new installation. You have to mount the toilet basement with proper bolts. After then, take the wax ring and set it under the new toilet. Now, take a seal and place it around the toilet bowl.

In the second step, put the toilet bowl on the mounting hole. Now, tighten the nut bolts properly. Be aware of over tightened. Then it is time to set the toilet tank. For this, you need to put the gasket under the tub correctly. There have three bolts to connect the container with the bowl. So, set the tank on the top behind the pan. Then, tighten the three bolts. Ok, you have done correctly. It is time to connect the water supply.


We made this delta toilet guide with our best efforts. Each of the selected products is best considered as per the real user. So, you can blindly go with any model above. Yet we suggest checking and analyzing a lot before buying. So, have you another question about it? Just let us know.

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