Round vs Elongated Toilet: Which is the Right Toilet For Home?

round vs elongated toilet

Last updated on March 3rd, 2023 at 09:03 am

Round and elongated is the most used toilet shape in the 21st century. These are most comfortable, convenient, and prettiest. But a large number of consumers have a common question that Round vs elongated toilet, what is best for them? Are you confused too? To select the toilet shape. OK, it’s nothing about to be a worry.

There may be some similarities and differences in different aspects. In this guide, we will discuss in detail the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the two types of toilets so that you can realize what is best for you. 


Round Toilet:

Round Toilet
Round Toilet

The round toilet is almost round in front of it. Due to the roundness, the space inside it may seem less. The measurement from the holes to the edge is 16-17 inches. Do note that, this height can be a change for a different brand. First of all, you can go with this if you have a small space for the toilet set up. It is usually great for teenagers, children.

round toilet dimensions
Round Toilet Dimensions


  • Perfect fit in any small bathroom
  • Appropriate for the child and special needed
  • Best affordable in price


  • The cleaning process is a bit tricky.
  • Not a good fit for the oldest person or disabled person

Elongated Toilet:

elongated toilet
Elongated toilet

It is a toilet with an oval size toilet bowl in the font size. The size is comparatively more significant than the round bathroom. Keep in mind that it defines the manufacturing company. The 17-19 inches bowl height is ideal for elongated shape toilets—one of the unique conveniences of this toilet that you can install in both larger bathrooms. The physically disabled person and the older person feel comfortable using it than round shape toilet.

elongated toilet dimensions
Elongated Toilet Dimensions


  • Best suitable for large bathroom
  • Comfortable for the older family person
  • A disabled person can use it without hassle.


  • A little bit expensive
  • Not perfect fit in a small space

Comparison Round vs Elongated Toilet

Flushing performance:

You will get different types of flushing method in both Round or elongated toilet. For instance, the double cyclone, tornado flush,ideal pressure, gravity, and dual flush are most efficient among them. Anyway, the elongated shape bowl comes with more efficient flushing. If you want to focus on the water-saving and efficient power flush, you can go with elongated. But the round shape is not bad. 


When it comes to the comfort factor, do note that both are best comfortable from different aspects. Primarily, it depends on user demand. The elongated shape toilet provides more excellent sitting benefits. Keep in mind, elongated is best for teenagers and adults. You need to pick round one for the child. 


Although the scale doesn’t fact a lot, you should pick up a toilet size as per the whole bathroom areas because inappropriate toilet bowl size is a matter of bore. As well as, this can destroy the bathroom beauty. Round size bowl won’t need more place in front of it. On the other hand, the elongated size will need a little bit more space in front of the toilet. 


Toilet cleaning
Toilet cleaning

In the elongated vs round toilet cleaning, we found the elongated has the best more natural cleaning method. Because there has a single crevice around under the toilet bowl, so, you can enter the brush to clean it properly. On the other hand, the round shape comes with a lot of services inside the container. That’s why the cleaning process is comparatively tricky. 

Installation method:

If we want to express in a short, then the installation process is mostly similar for both. But good to know the installation can be a little bit change because of the toilet size and weight. So, you don’t need to be confused about the installation process. 


Both toilets are arriving with modern smart design. But we have a recommendation for you. We know It would help if you used analysis on the bathroom decor. We mean consider another fixture of your bathroom. You can say well about which design will be best for your bathroom. As well as remember to ensure the construction material quality because the brightness of a toilet depends on the material. 


The price of both Elongated and Round may vary according to the brand. But if you compare the price of two toilets of the same brand, then the amount of elongated will be higher than Round. For example, around style 1.28 GPF round toilet cost is approximately 180$ where an elongated toilet of similar design will cost you 230$. With another fee, you have to invest up 225-300$ for a round shape toilet. On the other hand, for elongated you have to spend 275 to 360 $. Meanwhile, there has no notable difference in inefficiency.  

What do We Recommend Between the Round vs Elongated?

As per the comparison discussion, we hope you can realize the similarity and the discrepancy between elongated toilet vs Round. Have you still wanted to get a suggestion from us? Ok, we have understood, both of the elongated vs round shape is over popular to the user. We have seen both are quality products. Our suggestion is to go with something which will ideally be matched with your necessity. But we firmly believe that elongated is best between these. 

Recommend round vs elongated toilet infographic


We hope you have got a transparent idea on the topic “Round vs elongated toilet, what is best? “There have a lot of similarities and disparity in their features. We think there have not a specific answer to this question. Because both are coming with great features, for this reason, we can’t select a particular name. It highly depends on your preference and needs. If you have any additional for this guide, then let us know.

Frequently Asked Question: 

Can an elongated toilet replace a round toilet? 

Yes, it is possible to mount an elongated toilet on around shower. But, the comfort of the seat and function can be changing a little bit. 

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