How to Solve Sewer Smell in Bathroom?

sewer smell in bathroom

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Sewer smell in bathroom is the profoundly lousy experience for you. Am I right? Maybe you have bored getting the sewer smell in your bathroom. The leading cause of sewage smell is the harmful methane gas which can threaten your health, even explode can cause high levels of methane. 

However, no need for more concern about it. Let me help you to explain why does my bathroom smell like sewage as well as you will learn from this guide on how to get rid of sewer smell in the bathroom. Hopefully, you will enjoy a fresh shower without any foul smell and bacteria. 

So, let’s have a dive into this article without delay. 


Reasons of Sewer Smell

If it happens from an underground drainage system or through the whole plumbing system, then the main reason is noted out below-

Maybe it is natural if you have got unusual odor in your bathroom for a few times. But bathroom smells like sewer is a matter of think. Because it can cause any internal sources. Residential homes usually have a drainage system under the house. If there is a problem with the plumbing system, you will find the rotten odor of the drain in your house, bathroom, even in the kitchen sink. If the existing plumbing system is well, then the drainage odor should go to up into the pipe. Similarly, it can cause the internal problem of the bathroom fixtures.

Here the most crucial average reason for sewer smell in the house-

  1. Water evaporation into the P-trap piping
  2. Seal broken of the toilet
  3. Internal pipe bursting
  4. Growing trees roots inside the sewer pipe
  5. Bellied, collapsed, deformed and demerited the drainage system
  6. Internal mechanical defect of toilet pipe fittings
Sewer Smell in the bathroom
Sewer Smell in the bathroom

Whatever the reason, you have to find out as soon as possible. If you have already got this type of smell, then don’t skip it at all. Good to know that there can produce toxic gas like hydrogen sulfide and methane. Which is quite harmful to your health even can cause severe damage. 

Symptoms for Bad Sewer Smell

If you ignore the sewer smell in bathroom. You might sick gradually. Here are some common symptoms you may feel from the bad sewage smell in the bathroom.

• Loss of consciousness 

• Loss of coordination

• Create Headaches

• Feeling uneasiness

• Feeling annoying

• nausea

• breath problem

• over drowsiness

• heart palpitations

• Weakness

• Dizziness

• Suffocation

Solutions of Sewer Smell

Sewer smell is not an ignoring fact. It is an emergency to find out the references first. We are thinking that a sewer is coming from the toilet. And most we are sure about it. But the sewer smell can produce and come from the water system like shower, bathtub, sink, even washing machine. First of all, you have to identify from which specific source you have getting the bad smell? Then you can make the best solution. Because all of the problem solutions are not similar. When you can find out the primary reason, it doesn’t matter to solve the problem. 

The smell from the shower drain

Remember, the toilet is not only the reason for producing bad sewer smell. Also, you have to check the shower drain. Shower drain can create a bad smell for two main reasons. 

shower drain smell
shower drain smell

1) Biofilm accumulation

It is natural to use shampoo, face wash, body soap, even shaving cream during the shower. These components are going underneath the shower. Gradually they are accumulating with a dense layer. This accumulation method is mainly biofilm. As the biofilm grows, the bacteria build up and start to spread the rotten odor. Besides, the bacteria produce a kind of slippery substance around the inside of the pipe. These substances can’t eliminate without a great product. As a result, the whole bathroom fulfills with sewer smell. 

Solution for biofilm accumulation:

It is a more natural process that you won’t need to call a plumber. You have to make some natural cleaner with the mixing of baking soda, white distilled vinegar, hot water as well. Firstly, uncover the shower drain with a screwdriver. Then apply the natural mix of vinegar and baking soda. Let it stay for a few minutes. Then use hot water into the pipe. Lastly, rubbed inside around the hose to clean the bacteria and dirt. If you still have the odor problem, then better to contact with a plumber. 

2) Dry P-Trap

P-Trap is also responsible for producing bad smell. It means a U-shaped pipe that should have kept some water for preventing the bacteria and dirt. If you are using the shower rarely, then the water can evaporate from the P-Trap tube. Moreover, if you are using the shower regularly and yet getting the bad odors, then it indicated more complicated issues. Because of leaking the P-Trap, it can dry and produce bacteria. 

Solution for Dry P-Trap:

Run the shower and let to flow some waters so that the P-Trap will hold enough water. If this process doesn’t work, check all of the pipes. If you still have the problem, contact an expert plumber. 

Sewer Smell in Toilet

Are you getting lousy sewer smell from your toilet after a few times flushing and using air freshener? There have three primary reasons for creating a horrible smell in the toilet. The wrong installation cut the vent pipe and loosen the seal.

Sewer Smell in Toilet
Sewer Smell in Toilet

1) Loose seal problem

A free seal is often responsible for spreading sewage smell from toilet. A toilet bowl has two seals to connect. Anyhow the seal is free or breaks; it can produce sewer odors. Sometimes water can spread around the intricate crevices and grows bacteria there. Besides, this problem can also cause various cracks in the toilet.

Loose seal repair process:

Figure out if the seal is free or damaged. Then you could install a new one and solve your problem. As well as you have to check the toilet bowl. The wax ring may have broken, set up a new wax ring. If you feel problem to do these tasks, then call a professional plumber. 

2) Wrong installation and cut vent pipe

The wrong plant of a toilet can produce bad sewer smell. Vent pipe works for controlling the air system through the home plumbing. A vent pipe can pass a bad smell from home to outside. But if your plumber can’t set it up correctly, and then it spreading the sewer smell into your bathroom

Wrong installation pipe

Cut vent problem fixing:

As the vent pipe problem is a little bit tricky so you can call a plumber to solve it quickly. If necessary, he might set up a new vent cut pipe. Moreover, the vent pipe can have cracks. Generally, plumbers are using a smoke machine to repair it. 

The smell in Bathroom Sink

Often you can get the sewer-like smell from the pan. There are several reasons why sewer smell in the bathroom sink. Shower drain and a dry P-Trap is responsible for this. Besides, it can cause an overflow buildup mechanism. So, check the overflow system first. If found there an overflow buildup, apply an effective method to solve it. 

Many sinks have a specific hole for the water outlet near the top, which prevents the overflow in the bathroom. Pan can produce germ, bacteria, and grime near the water in the overflow area. 

Solving the sink smell:

sewer smell in bathroom sink
sewer smell in bathroom sink

Luckily, you can clean it easily with some bleach, water, and a bottle brush. First of all, use a bottle brush to scrub the debris from the overflow area. Then take some bleach, and some water mixed them properly. Secondly, apply this blend into the sink overflow area. Rub the sink area several times with bottle brush and flow enough water to clean the sink. Hopefully, the odors will utterly remove.

Final Words:

In most of the case, Sewer smell in bathroom comes from the usual source which I discuss above. I believe that you can remove this annoying sewer gas smell in the bathroom to follow my guides. So, no reason to think more about it. If your bathroom smell doesn’t transfer in spite of applying all of these methods, then I have recommended you to contact an expert plumber team. I hope you will enjoy a fresh, healthy environment in your toilet

Clean up! Stay safe! 


1) How much does a plumber charge to replace a wax ring?

Good to know that the wax ring and wax seal is a similar thing. However, you will need 50$ to 100$ to replace a wax ring. It is the total cost for both materials and labor. Although the ring cost is less than 10$. But sometimes you may need the closest flange. That’s why the replacement cost will increase

2) What does it mean when water leaks from the base of the toilet?

Pooling in the toilet basement makes you realize that the wax seal is damaged. If water is draining from the bottom of the toilet, you can tighten the closet bolts.

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