(5 Steps) How to Clean a Bathtub With Bleach

how to clean a bathtub with bleach

Last updated on March 27th, 2021 at 07:08 pm

Have you noticed that an unexpected yucky stain is developed in your bathtub? Bathtub getting stain because of using the soap scum, mildew, and grime. So, you don’t need too much concern about this common issue. Just remember that the chronic stubborn can be harmful to your bathtub. So, it needs proper maintenance at the proper time.  

We found the most more comfortable and safer process is bleaching powder. It will clean the bathtub as well as germs and bacteria. The most crucial matter that bleach can keep the tub finish glossier and scratch-free

In this guide, we will say how to clean a bathtub with bleach. As well as, we will cover the safety tips for using bleach correctly. So, let’s have a closer look.  

Guides to Clean a Bathtub With Bleach

Do you know bleach can work magically to reduce the red stain from your bathtub? And it will increase the brightness of the tub. But you need to know the proper way to clean bathtub with bleach to get back your white glossier stain-free bath.  

Step 1:

In the first step, you have to remove all of the attached equipment from the bathtub. Generally, several things are included with the tub. For example, there have a soap case, shampoo bottle, and another thing. Also, you have to remove the anti-slip mat from the ground of the tub so that the tub’s inner surface will be clean properly. 

Remove soap case and shampoo bottle

Step 2:

Then fill the whole tub with fresh water and let to passes into the drain. Now take a stopper to closed the drained face. Again, fill the container with water and mix a cup of bleach into the water. Don’t forget to wear the safety glass and an old dress before making this process. At the same time, take a spray bottle full of mixed water and bleach because it would better to clean the around wall and mesh areas of a tub. 


Step 3:

Now left the bathroom for 20 minutes. So that the bleach can efficiently work for removing the stain, germs, dirt, mold, and mildew, at the same time, it will make brighter the tub. But don’t forget to come back after 20 minutes because overdoses can be harmful to the tub material. 

left the bathroom for 20 minutes

Step 4: 

In this step, it is essential to scrub the bathtub correctly. So, you can take a wet sponge to scrub the inside of the tub. You will notice how a little bit scrubbing will clean the tub. Most importantly, wear high-quality hand gloves when scrubbing the tub wall and floor. Otherwise, your hand will damage very severely. 

Scrub the tub

Then remove the stopper from the drain hole. And let the water go through the drain. After then, fill the tub again with fresh water and let it go to the pipe. 

Step 5:

Let it dry for a while. You can use your favorite Perfume room freshener to reduce the terrible bleach smell. But it will take a few hours to remove the bad smell altogether. Ok, this simple cleaning process is done. 

Use bathroom freshener to reduce smell


Bleach is the most powerful cleaner. So, experts said that use the bleach for difficult stain or stubborn red stain. If possible, skip the cleaning bathtub with bleach. Because, as a result of a long cleaning process, the tub may be damaged gradually. You can use vinegar or detergent for a simple stain. 

How suitable bleach with different bathtub material

It is a mandatory thing to consider before use bleach to clean your bathtub Because bleach is a highly powerful cleaner. If you can’t use it properly, then several dangers can happen. Mostly, you have to concern about the tub materials. Bleach might not be suitable for all tubs. 

Fiberglass material: 

Bleach is quite suitable for cleaning the fiberglass bathtub


It is bleach friendly, but you have to remember that bleach is suitable for only white porcelain. Another enamel can be discolored with bleach.


It is directly conflicted to clean an acrylic tub with the bleach because bleach will damage the acrylic coating.


quite good for bleach cleaning

Cast Iron: 

Your Cast Iron bathtub will not properly get rid of the red stain with bleach clean

Stone resin: 

Bleach friendly material

Cultured Marble: 

Good to know that it is only suitable to use with water. Could you not use it with concentrated bleach?


Not ideal for bleach cleaning. It can damage the wood tub surface.

Caution while clean the bathtub with bleach

Bleach is a little bit harmful because of powerful chemical substances, so you need to maintain some caution while cleaning a tub with bleach. So that you can keep safe and the bathtub finish will also remain good. 

  • Keep open the bathroom door and window; otherwise, the bleach fume can go into your nose.
  • Stay at a safe distance when applying the bleach inside around the bathtub.
  • Wear hand gloves, sunglasses, and an old apron to keep safe your body and dress
  • Never mix the bleaching power with another cleaning material.


1. Can bleach damage a bathtub? 

Bleach can’t damage a bathtub from the general perspective. But bleach is a harmful chemical. Although it is a popular cleaner for bathtubs, we think that the user should concern about the tub’s material because there has some bathtub construction that is not suitable at all with bleach. 

2. Can you leave bleach in the bathtub overnight?

No, never you can do this. It will significantly hamper your bathtub. But the question is How long to leave bleach in the bathtub? You can only leave the tub with bleach mixing water for a maximum of 20 minutes. So, there have not any question to keep it with bleach overnight. 

Final Words:

Bleach cleaning is the most effective and more natural process to get the newest brightest bathtub. We have tried to discuss this step by step guideline for your easy convenience. Hopefully, you have got a transparent idea of how to clean a bathtub with bleach. We recommend reading seriously about the caution section. As well as, we must learn what material tub is bleach friendly. 

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