Dual Flush vs Single Flush: Which Is The Better Toilet?

dual flush vs single flush

Last updated on June 18th, 2021 at 08:34 pm

Do you prefer to establish a new toilet in your washroom? It is extremely critical to select the right flushing toilet for your home, office, business, and more. There are two flushing toilets in the market like single flush and dual flush toilets. Are you confused about opting-in the Dual Flush vs Single Flush? Or which is the better toilet? Don’t have to awe.

In our article, we are focusing on the clear comparison and the more crucial things between Dual Flush vs Single Flush toilets.


Single Flush Toilet

Alternatively, Single-flush toilets have come with only one flushing procedure.  Therefore, this type of toilet is very common, the establishment in older homes and buildings. It offers to flush with the exact quantity of water (five gallons) that helps to clean all types of waste. 

Single flush toilet

However, these traditional single-flush toilets are easy to uncover replacement parts as well as the cheapest restoration costs. Well, single-flush toilets also destroy rather more water than dual flush.

Dual Flush Toilet

Dual-flush indicates just two flushing processes. When you see the dual flush toilet, normally-it has two buttons that are placed on the lid of the tank rather than the lever. These two buttons work for two types of flushing.

dual flush toilet

However, one button is used to flush less water (about 0.8 gallons) for cleaning only for liquid waste. And the other button is pressed for powerful flushing to clear up solid waste (about 1.6 gallons). So, dual flush helps to save water.

Comparison table: Dual flush vs Single flush


Dual Flush

Single Flush

Flushing system

These come with buttons.

These types of flush require leaver.

Quantity of water

Two options - less water and more water; you can use only your necessary.

Single flush toilet consumes more water, only one option.


Not available



More expensive

Less expensive


Costly maintenance

Less than Dual flush toilet


Yes (Depends on brands)

Yes (Depends on brands)


It offers two flushing systems.

You can use one flushing system for everything.

In-dept. single flush vs dual flush toilet

Now, we present here more information about dual flush vs single flush.

Water-Saving Toilet

The most common or traditional types of toilets are the single flush or gravity toilets that are available on the market. To force down the waste comes a lot of water for cleaning. But they are a growth underground. Presently, single flush toilets contain for using 1.6 gallons of water per flush or less. On the other hand, some of the toilets permit to use up to 5 gallons per flush. And, you can see some HET (High-Efficiency Toilet)  single flush toilets using less than 1.28 GPF.

Contrarily, double flush toilets flush you for using two flushing opportunities like for the full flush use 1.6 gallons of water, alternatively 0.8 gallons of water for using a half flush. If you need to use the little water for liquid waste, you can be done. Or if you need to use the more solid waste, you can be done. In the nutshell, we get two buttons from dual flush toilets which buttons suggest using a half & full flush.

Finally, single flush toilets are very common for users but not an extra feature to save water. On the other hand, the dual flush toilets provide you something more than the single flush. Even this type of toilet helps to save water.

Flushing System

Almost the flushing systems of between single flush vs dual flush toilets, single toilets are the best position for users. Just because of facing some difficulties when users use the dual flush toilets. For flushing these buttons, users need to give more force to the lid of the tanks.

Alternatively, single flush toilets are simple to the flushing system, you do not need to press on the force. In this situation, single flush toilets are the best ones.

Maintenance Facilities

Single flush toilets are common & popular. That’s why their supplementary parts are available to the market. If you need to repair or rebuild the fraction of the single flush, you easily find all the replacement portions as soon as possible.

Contrary to the popular dual flush toilets provide you an effective as well as suitable using facilities within saving water. However, it is very easy to choose any flush- a half flush or full flush which you need. But the vital challenge with this toilet, it doesn’t do very easy to bolster due to its components are not simple to get.

 Finally, the single flush toilet is the best for finding all maintenance facilities easily.


Contrasting between the single flush vs dual flush toilets with considering the eco-friendly feature, dual flush toilets stand at the best position. This dual flush toilet helps to save a lot of water.  For it’s saving the water features, making it eco-friendly in the environment. The most significant thing is to save up to 25,000 gallons of water per year.

 On the other hand, single flush toilets don’t put on this eco-friendly feature. So it is harmful to the environment.


Price is the most vital part of buying any products. Truly, the single flush or traditional toilets are less costly than the dual flush toilets. Therefore, dual flushing’s fractions are also high cost and rare to find. Single flushing’s maintenance costs are lower and available than a dual flush toilet. So, before buying you should consider the price within your budget.

single flush vs dual flush toilet
single flush vs dual flush toilet info-graphic

Which is the better one? Singel or Dual flush

It is the more considerable part which one is the better between single flush vs dual flush. However, if you expect to realize which toilet is perfect for you, you should consider their features as well as price.

You should consider your choice and the pros & cons of these flushing toilets. Single flush toilets are reasonable and easier to uphold but a lot of waste in the water.

Yet, dual flush toilets are not cheap even its maintenance cost is high but helps to spend less on water. So, when you decide to buy a toilet, you should consider the above things.


We have already provided you accurate information about the dual flush vs single flush toilets within the comparison table from our research. Now turn on your choice to select the best one and enjoy it!

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