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(Best 5) Miseno Toilet Reviews 2020: (Buying Guide)

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Miseno is the fastest-growing sanitary ware producing American company inspired by the Italian owner. It is appreciated year after year for providing all kinds of bathroom and kitchen wholesome like toilets, bathtubs, and faucets. This brand is the first choice of them who prefer much the style and skilled production. Miseno toilet reviews will indicate the details offer of these toilets like function, effectiveness, and the overall performance to pick up the best suitable Miseno toilets for your home. Today we would say about the top toilets from this brand as per the user opinion. We can assure you that these five can fulfill all of your needs. So, let’s know the offers and unique benefits of each five models.

Miseno is one of the best toilets in terms of unique functional features, luxurious design, and limited price. Not only that, but it also deserves a reputation for providing versatile products. Another notable factor that this brand follows contemporary design before making a toilet. Each of the toilets comes an aesthetic look that can fit almost all bathroom.

You can notice that Miseno release respectively one-piece, two-piece toilets for both floor-mounted and wall-mounted. Similarly, this brand is growing fast to cross several standing brands. At the same time, the maximum toilet model comes with factory test success and water sense certification. 

Moreover, it is providing the additional benefits of providing installing bolts kit and wax ring for user convenience. Because this manufacturer always thinks about customer satisfaction. 

So, We believe this is a worthy toilet brand for the above logical reasons.

Miseno Toilet Reviews

1. Miseno MNO1503C Two-Piece

Having all of the advantages of the standard toilet, additional benefits, and simple, elegant design has made this Miseno toilet appealing. We found it best within all two-piece toilets of this brand. It is a worthy choice for a perfect fit with your beautiful bathroom. As well as useful to complete all of your requirements. So, let’s know what MNO1503C is offering?

Exterior Beauty:

Miseno MNO1503C is a two-piece toilet of a smoother chrome finish that comes with vitreous china materials. The very compacted overall shape is suitable for small space as well as the more prominent place. You love its gorgeous but straightforward exterior look. The most beneficial side that it is a mostly assembled toilet from the manufactures. So, you won’t bear the assembling hassle.

Elongated Shape & ADA-Height

When it comes to the structure, you will get a high-efficiency toilet tank, elongated shape & ADA-height including toilet bowl, wax ring, and a comfortable seat with the seat cover. The elongated bowl provides an extra 1-1/2″ additional space. The seat cover has a soft opening and closing mechanism. Also, a plane stainless-steel tank lever is including in front of the tank. Moreover, you will get bolt kits for easier installation. The chair height is 16-3/4 inches perfect for all age’s persons. Besides, this toilet is lightweight of 95.5 pounds, and the white color glossy finish is impressive. 

Powerful Flushing System:

It has an exceptional 1.28 GPF flushing system with a three inches flush valve. At the same time, it can save up to 20 % water that is quite well than 1.6 configured toilet. A single flush can remove up to 1000 gm of waste. Good to know that the glow is tested from the factory.

Top Features:

  • A durable floor-mounted tow piece toilet with a simple, elegant design
  • Combination of Crack preventing porcelain clay and chipping and staining vitreous china layer
  • Highly-effective flushing system including 3″ flush valve
  • Comfortable seat height for all people

Miseno MNO1503C Specification:

2. Miseno MNO240C

If you are looking for a compacted size toilet within the Miseno brand, then MNO240C has come with all kinds of benefits to meet your needs. It is a luxurious two-piece toilet design with a box system tank. Most importantly, the features of this toilet are working like Kohler or American standards brands. At the same time is a money-saving product for the more natural installation method. Then what are the unique benefits providing this model? Let’s know


It comes with a modern style, including an elongated toilet bowl, seat, seat cover, and a rectangular water tank. The top edge of the tub and the basement have an excellent unique design. Besides, the stainless-steel tank lever looks glossy and more comfortable to press. Because of the separated two-piece function, you can install it without hassle. Good to know for your concern, its overall height is 31-1/4″, width 17-3/4″ and depth is 28-1/8″. Similarly, the bowl size is 16-3/4,” and the passageway size is 2-1/4″. 


One of the most sturdy and durable Vitreous China materials is using to make this toilet bowl. Primarily, high-quality porcelain and semi-flexible compound both combinedly make the vitreous china material. Moreover, it ensures a scratch-free bright look. 

High-quality flushing:

A 100 MAP rating increases the flushing quality much. It refers to the waste-reducing power and amount of water usage. As well as It keeps to reduce 1000 gm waste as well as save maximum water. Moreover, a sanitation bar also comes with it. Which helps to get rid of the seeping problem. 

Top Features:

  • Aesthetic two-piece design with separated bowl and tank
  • Floor mounted style and an extending 1-1/2″ elongated bowl
  • Powerful flush with 3″ flush valve and left side lever button
  • ADA compliant integrated water-saving quality
  • IAPMO / cUPC Listed and water sense certified

Miseno MNO240C Specification:

3. Miseno MNO120C

This reviews for those who are searching for the one-piece Miseno toilet. It is a floor-mounted toilet that comes with huge excellent features. This model is brand new in the market but growing fast as a best-selling product. We are excited to share all of its benefits. 

One-piece Design:

The attached toilet tank and bowl will add a new level of beauty to your bathroom. Besides, We would say it’s the top to bottom white color bright look. Overall, it is a luxurious model exception to the exhibit passageway. Within the floor-mounted one-piece model of Miseno brand, it is our first choice.  Having an overall 28-5/8″ height, 13-5/8″ width, and 30-1/4″ depth. The bowl height is 16-5/8″, and the passageway size is 2″.

Chair Sitting Height:

Many know it as a leisure height. Producing brand release this model with the maxim comfortable seat height 16-3/4. Most importantly, any age person can use this with their convenience, even an older or disabled person too. Moreover, it gains the ADA compliant standards. 

Flush score:

The flush score depends on the built-in flushing method. Here you will get efficient flush with less water. You will need only 1.28 gallons of water for removing 1000 gm waste. 

Top Features:

  • One-piece floor mounted toilet with elegant design and durable, long-lasting service
  • Comes with an appropriate wax ring and bolt kit package for easier installation
  • Comfortable elongated toilet bowl with extending 1-1/2″ area
  • A high performer in the flushing system with a 3″ valve
  • Eco-friendly and ADA standard compliant

Miseno MNO120C Specification:

4. Miseno MNO1500C Bella

If We couldn’t give a review of another heart-winning tow piece toilet of Miseno, We would have regret. At the same time, you will miss an excellent option for your bathroom. It will fulfill all your demands like another two pieces. Also, it has some unique benefits you will feel ease to use.


It comes with two separate parts toilet bowl and tank. The toilet bowl is a round shape with a unique design than a casual toilet. Similarly, the toilet tank comes with a simple eye-catchy look. Remember the Trip Lever Location you will find on the left side of the tank. Most importantly, both tank and bowl are looking bright.  This toilet is a little bit extending height of 31-1/2″, and the width is 17-1/4″. Good to know the depth as well is 27,” and the bowl height is 17,” which comfortable for all ages of users. 

High Performing Flush:

You will get an as usual powerful flush, which is offering another two-piece of Miseno toilet. Maximum 1000 gm waste will quickly pass away with only one bloom.


The high-density porcelain clay material is good enough for lasting over the years. Besides, a vitreous china surface layer saves the toilet from unexpected cracking and scratching. Moreover, vitreous give it a glossy look. 


This model has a water sense of accreditation for the eco-friendly water-saving quality. It can save a maximum of 20% water than any other casual 1.6 GPF water. Also, this model comes with ADA complaint benefits for suitable toilet bowl height. 

Top Features:

  • A quality tow piece floor mounted toilet with a round shape bowl
  • High-quality porcelain material with a vitreous china surface
  • Comes with ADA bowl height and effective flushing with 1.28 GPF water
  • A molded toilet seat with a slow closing cover
  • Addition of the bolt kit and wax ring

MNO1500C Bella Specification:

5. Miseno MNO370C

Miseno MN370C comes with a unique feature as well as another regular benefit. If you are looking for a luxurious two-piece toilet with a fully-skirted design, then We suggest choosing this model. It will provide maximum advantages within your ability. So, why late to know its features? 


You will see if you notice that it is unique in style and much glossier that another regular toilet. Most importantly, the entirely hide passageway will ensure you a new beauty in the bathroom. When it comes to the in detail specification, first of all, I would say about the measurement. From the basement to the top-notch of the toilet tank height is 31″ and the width is 15″ from furthest left to the furthest right point and lastly the overall depth is 28-1/2″. We think it will better for you to know the 16-1/2″ bowl height. Most importantly, the aged person and disabled person can use it with the highest comfort. 

Trap way:

Mainly, this model is unique for a particular trap way system. It is the only best one in my favorite list of these reviews for the convenient trap way. Good to remember that the passageway size is perfect 2″. 

Toilet Tank and Flushing:

A rectangular container with a powerful flushing method using minimum water of 1.28 GPF. Besides, the separated tank can save a lot of water together. Moreover, it is ADA compliant integrating and also having a water sense certification. 

Top Features:

  • The aesthetic design of the two-piece toilet with a hide trap way
  • Arrives with an elongated extending bowl of vitreous china material
  • The bowl height is super comfortable with 12″ rough-in

MNO370C Specifiction:

About Misano Toilet Brand

Miseno is a promising brand to provide the stunning bathroom fixtures and accessories which will perform over the years. 

Because it realizes the owner’s feelings of excitement and dream when they come to buy their bathroom fixture. 

The luxurious look and effectiveness of each of its products will add excess spark in your life. Overall, it is a reliable brand for the enormous number of American house owners. Most importantly, a lot of guys would like to buy Miseno products to expense some extra money because of its quality. 

Buying Guide of Miseno Toilets

Even though Miseno produces a high-quality one-piece and two-piece toilet, but We recommend noticing on few specific things. Which factors will be referring to the best value model within the highest benefit? We have already mentioned the five best miseno toilet. You can choose from the favorite list, or you must consider the below things to get the best model. 

Toilet Design:

Interestingly, all models of Miseno is coming with an attractive design. Mostly, it depends on your choice. If you love to get a suggestion, then we like more the two-piece toilet. Because it looks more elegant for attaching both parts of the bathroom. Similarly, there have fewer possibilities for deposits of dirt in the joint of the one-piece toilet. Remember that it is not so much important things. So, you can choose any model. 

Mounted Type:

 The mounted type will be best as per your demand and preference. But we love most the floor mounted. Mainly, the story attached type is most convenient to a large number of guys, including me. You may ask why? Because it doesn’t need any problematic installation hassles. As well as suitable for children to use. On the other hand, the wall hanging model is a little bit less comfortable with the kids. So, try to choose a floor-mounted toilet. 

Flushing System:

The best flushing power is 1.28 GPF over the years. We have figure out five toilets with a maximum of we think you can find out a model with this consideration. At the same time, keep in mind the waste-reducing power. All of the excellent flushing’s can reduce 1000 gm waste in one flush. 


When it comes to the elements, then We would say select a toilet with vitreous china. Besides, there have few models made of porcelain clay with a surface glassy china glaze. Both of these materials ensure a glossy look. So, remember to check out the proper equipment before buying it.


Choose an ADA complaints integrated bowl height. And must pick up a toilet with water sense certification. The water sense certified toilet can save 20% water. 

Final Words

In this Miseno toilet reviews, We sincerely try to figure out the most user-friendly best toilet. All of the models are factory tested and highly efficient to the user. You can choose anyone from this list. And you can analyze a bit before making a decision. Lastly, We would say we must follow the specific factors of the buying guide. If this content is helpful, share it with your friends and family. 

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