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mirabelle toilet reviews

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Mirabelle toilet is famous over the years for an enormous number of toilet ranges, different style, and luxurious design. One of the greatest and unique of this brand, they are making all models for large and small toilet individually. At the same time, it comes with a high-quality flush mechanism, adjustable rough-in size, comfortable seat, and low water usage benefits. Maybe you feel difficulties to figure out a Mirabelle toilet. I sincerely believe that Mirabelle toilet reviews can be your best assistant to find out the Top Mirabelle toilet. 


Top 3 Mirabelle Toilet Reviews

Although Mirabelle toilets are available in several models in different sizes as per the bathroom size, so there have a lot of models to make you confused. If you would like to pick up only one best Mirabelle, a proper analysis is urgent. But as a user of Mirabelle toilet, I love to share the top three Mirabelle toilet reviews based on my market research and user experience. I firmly believe that anyone from this list will perfectly fulfill your requirements.

Mirabelle BradentonOne Piece Floor MountedHET1.28 
Mirabelle MIRKW241NSWHOne Piece Elongated ToiletHET1.28 
Mirabelle AlledoniaOne Piece Floor MountedHET1.28 

1. Mirabelle Bradenton MIRBD241SWH 

Mirabelle Bradenton is a new addition to the trustworthy brand Mirabelle. Almost all of the benefits of a traditional toilet integrated with this model. If you give priority the quality than design, then Bradenton is the right choice. But I think you need to know about its features.

Uniform Look: 

Although, it comes with a simple uniform look with off-white color and smoother finish. The simplicity of this model can grab those minds who love simple, catchy design. Bradenton toilet will be suitable for all sizes of a modern bathroom. 


Structurally, this is a one-piece toilet with a lot of benefits. It comes with an insulated tank, which can prevent the condensation from the outside and the ending up on the floor point. Comfortable seat, soft-closing seat cover, and giant toilet bowl. Besides, it has a convenient flushing switch system on the top right side of the tank. 

Mountain type: 

It is a floor mountain toilet with a Concealed trap way. Due to hide trap way, your toilet will look smarter. Which also increases the bathroom interior beauty. However, mountain type is most of the time right and recommended to get rid of wall hanging installation hassle.

Toilet Bowl: 

The bowl has an elongated shape of vitreous china materials. Similarly, the toilet seat is most comfortable with a silent closing seat cover. Besides, the seat cover has integrated with the ADA complaint. 

Powerful Flushing system:

Its water flow rate is 1.28 gallons for each flush. As it has a water sense certification, so this toilet can save up 20% water than regular use. 


Bradenton’ weight is 80 pounds, and total dimension is 28-11/16″ (H), 27-7/8″ length and 17-3/16″ (W)

  • Simple uniform design with a more straightforward installation process
  • ADA compliant integrated soft-closing seat
  • Eco-friendly and powerful flushing system with water sense certification
  • Elongated toilet bowl and fully concealed trap way

2. Mirabelle MIRKW241NSWH

Mirabelle MIRKW241NSWH is another reliable and attractive Mirabelle one piece toilet from Mirabelle brand. This model is covering all of your requirements. Also, it comes with a glossier white look and unique tank design. 

Exterior Appearance:

It has a sophisticated outlook to increase bathroom interior beauty. Because of the secret trap way, its beauty seems much smarter. Besides, the vitreous china material and white color smoother finish sounded good. At the same time, the glassy china material ensures more comfort. 

Functional Parts:

Like another traditional toilet, Mirabelle arrives with an elongated toilet bowl, a soft seat cover, a bright stainless-steel turning flush button, and a single tank. The flush button is very convenient to use. Due to its position in the front of the tank and the right side of your hand. Similarly, the elongated bowl is providing the additional 1-1/2″ space than another model. Remember, a giant bowl is more comfortable than a smaller container. Its smoother surface works for resistant corrosion and tarnishing. 

Trap Way system:

The manufacturer company produces this toilet with a fully concealed trap way system. It keeps hiding the passageway, which is usually looking like ugly. Good to know that the hall is 2”. 

Flushing system:

It has a powerful gravity flushing system and water sense certification. That’s why this model is eco-friendly and can save up to 20 % water from the general toilet flush. In the meantime, it allows for removing huge toilet waste together. 


The height from the top of the toilet tank to the base floor is 29-3/8″. Then the full depth is 29-1/2″, and the width from right to left of the toilet is 18-5/16″.

  • One-piece floor mounted toilet with easy installation
  • Very comfortable seat with adjustable height and 12” rough-in. 
  • Powerful flushing system can save up 20% water
  • Fully concealed trap way and appropriate passageway

3. Mirabelle Alledonia MIRAL241WH

Alledonia MIRAL241WH is another worthy choice from Mirabelle toilets brand. If you like a more lightweight toilet in floor-mounted toilets, then this model would be great. It is much more reliable, mainly because of its certifications. Even though this toilet comes with a simple look but being accessible within a short time for qualities, it is maximum similarly with another accessible Mirabelle Sitka toilet.  


Alledonia is very simple but modern to look but use much for several benefits. It comes as a white color floor mounted toilet with an insulated tank, seat and seat cover. Moreover, due to the hide trap way, this toilet is looking more decorative. Mostly, a straightforward design will best perfectly suit with your bathroom. 

Structural Function:

It also usually comes with an insulated tank, large and elongated shape toilet bowl, and a soft-closing cover. Elongated shape bowl is extending out an extra 1-1/2″ than another round shape toilet bowl. Similarly, A silent seat closing is accessible to all. The flush button will be found at the top of the tank. Besides, alledonia offers a fully skirted trap way. 


You will get a HET high-efficiency flushing in this toilet configuration, which needs 1.28 GPF water for each flush. Besides, this toilet has gained a water sense certification. So, you can save up to 20% of water. Similarly, this healthy flush can remove massive toilet waste together. Also, a glow is tested and ADA compliant integrated. 


It has made from high-quality porcelain material. As well as the elongated bowl material is vitreous china. And the seat cover material is developed plastic sheet material that can protect the user from several disease-causing germs. Its flush button comes with glossy steel metal. 

Toilet Bowl: 

Luckily, you will get a comparatively larger and elongated bowl. At the same time, the seat height is very suitable for disabled and older family members. The seat bowl frame is smoother too. 


The height from the base bottom to the top of the toilet is 28-9-16”. And the length from the tank backside to the front of the rim is 28-15/16”. Its actual width is 14-9/16”. Good to know that it comes with a 12” rough-in. 

  • Sophisticated simple appearance one-piece toilet
  • Elongated shape more giant bowl with a silent closing cover
  • ADA complainant and water sense certification integration
  • Fully skirted glazing trap way

About Mirabelle Brand

Mirabelle has become a famous brand from the founding time for providing bathroom fixtures. It is producing stylish one-piece and two-piece toilets as well as different sizes sinks, luxurious bathtubs, and several unique faucets. Mirabelle is a brand that focuses on product effectiveness and elegant look as well as keeps the price within a limit. A user can get maximum and long-lasting benefits from the Mirabelle brand. Overall, it is praiseworthy for quality and style. 

Is Mirabelle a worthy Toilet brand?

Yes! Mirabelle is a worthy toilet brand. Due to the unique design toilet, board range of models, and extensive benefits, it is becoming more popular. Let’s know the logical reason for choosing this brand. 

First of all, Mirabelle comes with a uniform and simple design with an elongated toilet bowl. Generally, a uniform design toilet can perfectly suit any kind of bathroom. Similarly, the elongated bowl shape is much more convenient than a rounded shape bowl. After then, Mirabelle’s toilet comes with a fully glazing trap-way to hide the passageway. The visible hall is annoying and looking odd. So, considering this factor, it is a good brand. 

Second of all, you are getting a powerful ADA compliant integrated flushing system that can save your water usage as well as the electric bill. For each flush, you will need only 1.28 gallons of water. At the same time, it has a HET (high-efficiency toilet). 

Then the vitreous china material is quite good for a long-lasting toilet. Considering all sides, it would say that Mirabelle is a worthy toilet brand. 

Mirabelle Toilet Buying Guide

By focusing on certain things, you can take the best shower in Mirabelle. Today I will tell you the things I found by searching and analyzing customer reviews. Hopefully, you will follow these criteria’s and pick up the best Mirabelle toilet. 


You have to check the rough-in size before buying a Mirabelle toilet. Rough-in refers to the measurement from the finished wall to the center of the bathroom. Generally, most of the Mirabelle toilet comes with 12” rough-in. And it is standard size. So, be careful about it to choose a bathroom. 

Mount type:

My above mentioned each best Mirabelle model is floor mounted. But there has some other toilet of wall-mounted. Even though the floating toilet makes a different look in your bathroom, but it Can be hard to install. Overall, floor-mounted is best. I suggest choosing a wall-mounted toilet. 


It refers to the required water per flush. The standard GPF (Gallons Per Flush) is 1.28 gallons of each flush. I have listed out three best toilets with 1.28 GPF, which will save your water. You can pick up one for the above list.

Water surface:

Always try to choose giant water surfaces toilet. Because as much larger the water surface as the bad smell and unpleasant odors will down for a long time. If you want to ensure an odor-free bathroom for your family members, then you can choose a Mirabelle toilet.

Bowl Height:

Bowl height is the most considering factor in choosing a toilet. Remember that a perfect bowl height is best for you and the other family. Most importantly, the older person and the physically unable person feel comfortable with a tall toilet. Primarily, it also has ADA compliant features. 

Final words

I have tried to figure out the best growing and accessible Mirabelle toilet. Hopefully, this Mirabelle toilet reviews will assist you in getting a model that can fulfill all of your needs. My above favorite list of the shower is excellent for overall performance. So, if you want o to consume your time, then simply choose one from the list. 

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