Proflo Toilet Review for 2021

proflo toilet review

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Proflo is a reliable brand of kitchen and bathing accessories products. This brand has been producing all kinds of sanitary and kitchen appliances. The main focus of Poflo is customer satisfaction. And it is promising to provides quality products with a luxurious appearance. The developed technology and advanced features have exceeded user demand. Proflo toilet is one of the unique and successful innovations of this most significant brand. We will discuss in this content about the Proflo toilet review. We are confident that you can take the best toilet for your sweet home. So, let’s began.

1. PROFLO PF9401WH/PF9401/ PROFLO PF6112 1500/ PF6112WH

We are saying about the most attractive and efficient toilet of the Proflo brand. One of the advantages of this is that you can buy this tank and bowl separately. This model is prevalent because it has improved features at a lower price. 


It is an elongated shape toilet of straightforward and a suitable fit for most of the bathroom. Due to the smoother white finish looks, it has gained the praise widely. Luckily, you can use it with three sizes of the tank with 10″, 12″ and 14 inches rough-in. Besides, it is Eco approved and having a water sense certificate. You need an individual tank to complete this toilet installation. It allows a floor-mounted installation.  


This toilet bowl arrives 1-1/2″ back to the front distance, which is better than the round shape toilet bowl. Hence, the 2″ trap way will provide the more natural waste exceeded. It has made with gravity flush and needs 1.28 GPF water. Undoubtedly this is better than the proflo 1.6 GPF toilet. Good to know the depth is 28″. We have especially noticed on the 12″ rough-in size and 1/8″ bowl height. Toilet tank height is overall 14-1/2″. At the same time, good to know the front to back length is 8″.  


The vitreous china material is used to make this toilet bowl and tank. Vitreous is the most durable raw material for the toilet. Moreover, it won’t get scratch with regular use. As well as this material is glossy too. The bowl weight is very mild of only 43 pounds. And the tank weight is also light of 31 pounds. Then the color and finish both are bright white.

PROFLO PF9401WH/PF9401/ PF6112 1500/ PF6112WHTop Features

  • An efficient toilet bowl with modern amenities.
  • It is suitable to fit with up to three toilet tanks
  • Features on powerful flushing, appropriate bowl height, and rough-in
  • It comes with a comfortable toilet seat and soft closing seat cover

PROFLO PF9401WH/PF9401/ PF6112 1500/ PF6112WH Specifications

  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Toilet Type: Two piece
  • Weight: 43 pounds/31 pounds
  • GPF: 1.28 GPF
  • Install type: Floor Mounted
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Rough-in size: 12 inches
  • Certification: WaterSense
  • Warranty: 1 year


Want to get the best complement of your bathroom with the two-piece toilet? We strongly believe this proflo toilet will be a wise choice for your toilet. Because it provides all in one benefit within your budget. It is a unique one considering the design, quality, and outlook. Most importantly, this toilet is known as a proflo pressure assist toilet. 


These two pieces come with an immensely smarter plan. And it is a decent toilet to increase the bathroom’s entire beauty. The elongated shape bowl and rectangular toilet tank combination make this toilet catchier. Besides, the glossier external surface of the toilet bowl and tank is indeed gorgeous.  You are getting this complete toilet with 82.5 pounds weight. The color and finish both of white. 


A lot of wondering functions include into this two-piece toilet. Which is ready to provide you with the maximum benefits. First of all, it has made as a floor-mounted toilet for easier hassle-free installation. Then, you are getting a stronger gravity flush in this toilet. High-efficiency flush will require 1.28 GPF water which can save up to 20% water. Moreover, it has a convenient left front trip lever to control the glow. The trip lever is of a similar color to the tank. At the same time, a comfortable seat and mild closing seat cover also come with this toilet. The total height is 31-1/4″, and pressure is 30-1/4″. Good to know the depth as well 15-3/4″. At the same time, notice on the 12″ rough-in size. Many want to the bottom and height from the rim. For their concern, the height from the side is 17″, and depth is 8-7/8″ x 7-5/8″. 


It is mainly constructed from vitreous china material. You can make sure that this is high-quality material in the toilet fixture world. Do note that it is a non-skirted toilet. Besides, the seat and seat cover are made of durable plastic. Because of the water-saving and eco-friendly material, this toilet is more popular. 


  • An elongated shape non skirted two-piece toilet with a bright outlook.
  • It comes with a highly efficient water-saving mechanism
  • Having the certificate of water sense and ADA complaint
  • A floor-mounted model with gravity flush tank

PROFLO PFCT103HE/ PFCT103HEWH Specifications

  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Toilet Type: Two piece
  • Bowl: Elongated
  • Weight: 82.5 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Height: ADA Height
  • Shape: Oblong
  • Certification: ADA
  • GPF: 1.28 GPF
  • Install type: Floor Mounted


PROFLO PFCT100HEWH/ PROFLO PFCT100HE is another top-class toilet with a powerful 1.28 GPF flush system. This toilet comes with a water-saving flush with a low budget. If you want a proflo toilet on a budget-friendly this toilet is a good option.


Proflo always wants customers satisfied with a low budget. This Proflo toilet comes in a two-piece toilet with a round shape toilet bowl. Classic look with round-front shape enriches your toilet experience.


It arrives from the manufacturer as a floor-mounted toilet. In the service, first of all, there has a siphon jet flushing system of 1.28 GPF water. Then it has a white finished trip lever in the front left side of the tank. 


This Proflo toilet is made with high-performance vitreous china material. Vitreous china material is a durable long-lasting material. The toilet’s weight is 79.5 pounds, So you are getting overall a lightweight toilet. It comes in under factory flush tasted. So this is suitable for any type of home use.


  • Comes with siphon jet flushing system with 1.28 GPF 
  • High-grade porcelain material make this toilet
  • Round bowl shape toilet with easy installation

PROFLO PFCT100HEWH/PFCT100HE Specifications

  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Toilet Type: Two piece
  • Bowl: Round
  • Weight: 79.5 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Flush Type: Siphon jet
  • GPF: 1.28 GPF
  • Trip Lever: Left Mounted
  • Install type: Floor Mounted

About ProFlo Toilet Brand

Proflo is a world best-reputed brand for providing bathroom, kitchen, and commercial appliances. This brand is strongly withstanding with a reputation for credibility. Most importantly, this brand is won customer hearts for the last few years. You will get available there a wide range of products. And each of the production is a worthy choice for the user. 

This manufacture is committed to providing the best product. Most noteworthy, proflo focuses on customer satisfaction. Luckily, it can significantly exceed your expectation. So, whatever you need in-home or industries, proflo is enough to serve you with its high-quality products. 

Are ProFlo Toilets Good for You?

Yes! Proflo is a fantastic brand for providing a two-piece toilet. As well another great feature, proflo bath is best for high efficiency 1.28 GPF flushing. This flushing mechanism will save your 20% water. So, you can pick it up as an eco-friendly toilet.

Similarly, the Proflo toilet is available as a single part of the tank or bowl. It mainly great support for those who need only one piece. We also praise this brand because it produces toilets with an ADA complaint and water sense certification. Besides, the installation method and features are also good enough then another brand. So, overall, we recommend this toilet for a comfortable most natural experience. 

Buying Guide of ProFlo Toilet

Undoubtedly Proflo is a credible brand to fulfill your demand. But we think it would better if you focus on a few specific topics before buying a Proflo toilet. Otherwise, you may choose the wrong product. Here we will talk about some such issues. proflo toilet

Types of toilet:

 You will find two types of toilets, one-piece, and two pieces. Although their task is different as per the specific service, both are important. But you need to understand your requirement. First of all, the one-piece proflo toilet comes with a more straightforward installation. So, you can easily install this toilet without hassle. On the other hand, the two-piece installation method is a little bit challenging. Keep in mind that a two-piece toilet comes with more efficient, durable, and water-saving power. 

Toilet bowl shape:

Bowl shape is the most crucial part of a proflo toilet. You will get these two sizes elongated and round shape toilet from this brand. You might be confused about their difference. So, for your concern, each shape comes with exclusive benefits. First of all, you have to know about their features and then make your decision. We recommended picking an elongated shape toilet for the larger bathroom or more substantial space. Similarly, you would better to go with a round shape for smaller space. 


Toilet bowl height is closely related with the comfortability. For this reason, you have to pick up a toilet with the right height. You will get available immense toilet height. In this case, you have to consider the average user height. So, be careful about the height. Otherwise, you may lose using comfort. 


Almost all of the proflo toilet is comfortable. Yet, we think you should be alert before choosing a toilet for the bathroom. Because investing in a toilet is a long-term investment. It is challenging to change the toilet often. 


Toilet durability depends on the materials and finish. So, you have to give priorities to these two factors. That’s why to be sure before buying a toilet that it has made from the high-quality materials and finish. 

Final Words:

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this Proflo toilet review and can choose up the right one. Remember the above buying guide information we have mentioned. Otherwise, you may regret the wrong investment.

We have tried to list out the top notch’s toilet above. You can choose any model from the list because each of the models is highly efficient and great for the money. However, you might have another choice. We will enrich this content later with another good option. So, have you any more questions about this? Let us know in Toilets shower.   

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