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To the campers and the people who are on road trips, nothing can be more precious than having a posh showerhead on their RVs. RV being your home away home must have a comfortable shower to calm your travel freak mind. The best rv shower head is to ensure a home-like shower experience even miles apart from your shower room. RV shower heads are engineered in such a manner to consume less water but providing moderate water pressure.

To calm your nerves down and to ensure a refreshing mind, you cannot compromise having a luxurious RV shower head in your next camping. But finding the right showerhead is a big hassle. No matter you order online or buy from physical shops, you will get to see many brands promising fake features. To secure the best deal for you, our team has scrutinized and come with an out and out idea on rv shower head reviews.


What is an RV Shower Head?

rv shower head
RV Shower Head

An RV showerhead is a plumbed handheld showerhead into the RV washrooms. Not only in RV washrooms, can these showerheads be used in your home and even in boats. These showerheads are compact and super comfortable. Though the RV showerheads come in a compact size, it can offer extensive features. RV showerheads mainly focus on amplifying water pressure. In RVs or motor vehicles, the water storage is less normally.

Thus RV showerheads save the water storage by ensuring moderate water pressure. There is almost no difference between the traditional showerheads and the RV showerhead. But most of the traditional showerheads are not handheld, and mostly they are larger in size. In short, RV showerheads are designed in a manner to ensure your luxury and refreshing bath even away from home.

Best RV Shower Head reviews 2023

To give your purchase a fair shot, you cannot skip going through the online reviews. Even online reviews are the most reliable aspect to believe before you buy any RV shower head. But you must follow authentic and practical reviews. To ease your problem, we have picked 9 best rv shower heads and reviews them based on features, durability, and efficiency. Our reviews are based on personal experience and are absolutely none biased. Read the full reviews and buy the most suited one for you



Spray Setting



PIH High-Pressure RV

3 functions


Oxygenics Fury 92781 RV 

72 inches


YOO.MEE Shower Head

79 inches


Dura Faucet DF-SA130-ORB

60 inches


Camco 43712 RV Shower Head

9 inches


Oxygenics 26781 Hand Held Shower

60 inches


HOMELODY High-Pressure Handheld

6 Funtions

Stainless Steel

Aqua Dance 3316 Hand Held

6 Spray Settings

Chrome Plated Premium ABS

 Dura Faucet DF-SA400-SN

Single function

metallic nickel brushed

1. PIH High-Pressure RV Handheld Shower Head

PIH High-Pressure is probably the most elegant rv shower head with a shut-off valve to try on this list. People who won’t wish to make their RV washroom cozy and comfortable with an elegant touch must go for this product. This showerhead does not confine itself only in enhanced looks; instead, it has some great features. This showerhead is multi-functional, preserves water, and ensures super comfort. This showerhead provides you water intensity settings even when you are a thousand miles apart from your home.

This best rv handheld shower head comes with a high water pressure facility at the same time, preserves water. High-pressure RV shower head ensures that you don’t have to take long for your shower (mostly we don’t have much time to take a long bath in RVs). The PIH RV showerhead offers a 2XP turbocharging feature that eventually preserves water. And you don’t have to wastewater.

It comes with a long hose of 59 inches and is super flexible. For children and pets, this flexible hose is extremely comfortable. The installation process of this showerhead works best for everyone. The packaging comes with an easy to understand manual guide that allows even a newbie to install the showerhead with ease. Moreover, it has a hose clock, Teflon tape, and mounting bracket, and you can install this to your RV showroom within a minute.

This RV showerhead does not limit your shower experience and offers great water flow variation. You get three settings the pause, pulse massage, and great shooting.


  • You will not run out of the water as it saves water
  • High water pressure does lengthen the shower
  • You can enjoy massaging option


  • It comes in only one color

PIH High-Pressure Features

  • 2xp turbocharging to preserve water
  • Three water flow settings
  • On/ off valve for easy operation
  • 59-inch hose for supreme flexibility
  • Easy installation with mounting bracket and hose clock

2. Oxygenics Fury RV Shower Head

Oxygenics shower head rv brings about the best camping shower head solution to install into your RVs. This showerhead is eye-catching in its appearance and jaw-dropping at its efficiency. A complete combination of the sleek look and sturdy efficiency. The more one will elaborate on this showerhead; the more one will fall short for words. This showerhead offers all the features and benefits that you may crave during your camping days. Undoubtedly the best RV showerhead in the list; It’s a high-pressure rv shower head along with settings and also reduces water wastage.

The most magnificent feature of this showerhead is its low GPM feature. It comes with 2.00 GPM water flow, which is great for RV showers. It helps to prevent water wastage. Moreover, this showerhead infuses oxygen to water and makes the water drops large. That means you will end up using excess water and will be able to store water. In RVs where water is stored is a struggle, this feature is definitely your savior.

When it comes to customer comfort, no doubt, this handheld showerhead is all you can ask for. The showerhead is handheld, thus super comfortable to use and handy to set in an RV. The handheld showerhead is rubber gripped. No matter how slippery or wet you can be, it won’t fall from your hands. It has five water flow settings and allows you to set the water flow according to your requirements. The no clogging formula is the best win. It does not clog in midway, thus very useful for the isolated shower.

The installation process becomes effortless with plumber’s tape and wall mounting. No struggle in installation as well. This showerhead is lightweight, thus suitable for RV washrooms and handy to use. And this RV showerhead also ensures a long lifespan. It is made of nickel and is sturdy enough to run for a long time.


  • Durable and lasts for long with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable user experience
  • Lightweight thus easy to carry
  • Can be used in the home as well


  • Users sometimes complain about the shut off switch

Oxygenics fury features

  • Nickel brushed body makes the showerhead durable.
  • Five spray settings bring versatility.
  • The 72-inch hose makes shower comfortable and flexible.
  • Inbuilt flow control lever to dictate the water flow
  • Rubber grips ensure slipper free use

3. YOO.MEE Shower Head

This showerhead came up as the most popular one during our research. The main aspect behind its huge popularity can be the handheld feature. Being the best rv handheld showerhead, it ensures the utmost flexibility to the users. And for the RV washroom, flexibility is the main factor look for. Apart from being flexible, this best rv shower offers some ergonomic features and extreme durability.

First thing first, this showerhead provides great water pressure. As it is a handheld showerhead, it is capable of delivering high water pressure even when there is not sufficient pressure in the line. The user can bring the rv shower head and hose closer to the body and enjoy preferred water pressure. It will let you enjoy both massaging and relaxing feelings. Apart from the handheld benefit, this showerhead has an inbuilt one-way regulator. This water flow regulator helps you optimize the water pressure regardless of the water flow condition in the pipe.

Either you like spa-like feeling or muscle relaxation or both together, this RV showerhead is capable of providing you utmost luxury. It has three water flow settings; pulsating massage, I powerful shooting, and mixed. You can choose from the settings and get your preferred shower experience. The longevity of its lifespan is commendable. This RV showerhead is chrome polished and designed to last long. Thus it is incredibly durable.

You won’t love to have a clogged showerhead during your camping. Consider the mineral blockage; this RV showerhead ensures silicon rubber jet nozzles. These nozzles can be cleaned by rubbing only and also lessen the deposit of mineral. Moreover, the installation process is straightforward.

This showerhead understands your hassle of cleaning the nozzles when you are on a trip or camping. Thus it comes with rub-clean jets nozzles technology. This technology allows you to clean the nozzles by rubbing your hands only. These nozzles also prevent mineral blockage.


  • Easy to clean and install
  • Extremely flexible
  • Suitable water pressure for a great shower experience


  • Some reviews have complained about the durability of the hose.

YOO.MEE Features

  • The showerhead body is made of ABS engineered grade plastic, and chrome polished finish for durability.
  • 79-inch long hose for flexibility.
  • Silicon rubber jet nozzles for easy cleaning and less mineral deposit.
  • Three water flow settings for a luxurious shower experience
  • Mount bracket for easy installation
  • Water flow regulator to maintain water pressure

4. Dura Faucet DF-SA130-ORB

Dura Faucet is the most prominent brand for RV showerheads and has been dominating the market for several years. This particular model is the most popular addition to its magnificent line of products. The unique Meta based design of this showerhead makes it stand out from others. Apart from the sleek design, the showerhead also offers some jaw-dropping features.

The main feature of this showerhead is its constructive design and appealing appearance. No doubt, we would want to have a sleek washroom to make our shower more pleasant. The Dura Faucet showerhead is unique in color, and no other showerheads can match its appearance level. Besides the design, the showerhead is made of premium grade synthetic resins. The exclusive construction makes the showerhead super durable and sturdy. It comes with a valve switch, and this switch controls the water tickle.

This showerhead is lead-free; thus, it ensures the safety of your family and pet. Considering the rv shower system washroom fact, this model comes with all the necessary installation equipment. It is not possible to get a plumber in your RV; thus, it ensures a no plumber installation process. Moreover, this showerhead is extremely to use and perfect for new users.

One of the most exclusive features of Dura Faucet showerhead is its synthetic hose, and the hose is 60 inches long and a visual treat to your eyes. The showerhead is handheld and comes with a wand for a better grip. The wand makes this product extremely handy to use for campers on their RVs or in any other motor washrooms.


  • Easy to install
  • handy to use for better grip
  • Perfect for RVs due to the lightweight


  • The trickle valve sometimes do leakage

DF-SA130-ORB Features

  • premium-grade lightweight synthetic resins material for no corrosion and fade-free long lifespan
  • Base wand for better grip in RVs
  • 60-inch synthetic hose
  • Hose ring and mounting hardware are included in the packaging for no plumber installation.
  • Trickle valve for water-saving and pressure controlling.
  • A moderate water flow rate of 2.2 GPM
  • Extremely lightweight

5. Camco 43712 RV Shower Head

Whether you want to replace your old showerhead or want to install a new one in your mobile homes, Camco off white showerhead can be your wise escape. This showerhead is specially designed for RVs and boats. The features, the size, and the easy installation process make this RV shower head to be perfect for your RVs. This RV showerhead with a shut-off valve ensures water-saving and makes you free from worrying about your water wastage. Sleek design and compact size enable this RV showerhead to fit even into the smallest shower rooms.

If we consider the water pressure, this model will ensure you the most water pressure you can ask for. Moreover, it has an on/ off valve that makes it easy to prevent water wastage. When you are shampooing or washing your clothes, you won’t need continuous water flow. Thus you can easily turn off and turn on the water flow with the switch. This feature makes it extremely handy for marine and motor uses. It does ensure not only proper water pressure but also provides five water flow settings. You can change the settings via a gliding lever and can customize the water flow.

The size of this RV showerhead is a blessing for compact bathrooms. The showerhead is overall 9 inches, and the showerhead is 4 inches. You cannot even realize its presence in your compact marine or motor bathroom, but the size is big enough to cover your back.

The shower tips are made of rubber, thus super easy to clean. You can clean with your hands only by rubbing the tips. The installation process is easy forever the new users. All in all, this showerhead is the best choice if you want to use it for your RV washrooms.


  • Saves water
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Beautiful off white sleek design


  • The handle is the way too small and risky grip.

Camco 43712 Features

  • On/ off valve for water-saving
  • Five spray settings for versatile water flow
  • 4-inch compact size perfect for tiny washrooms in RVs
  • Rubberized shower tips for easy cleaning
  • Comes with adjustment hardware for easy installation

6. Oxygenics Hand Held Shower Head

Oxygenics has its fan base for its lavish specifications and eye-catching designs. This showerhead focuses on water pressure and water storage. Though the main focus is on water pressure, this showerhead has some extraordinary features to beat the mainstream. Easy installation, easy maintenance, and beautiful design have made this showerhead a treat to your RV bathroom.

This high-pressure rv shower head amplifies the water flow. Even you are running short of water in your RV bathroom, and this showerhead has an inbuilt technology to amplify water flow. Also, it widens the water coverage so that you can enjoy a luxurious shower experience in a compact RV bathroom.

When you are in your motor bathrooms, obviously you will not have loads of time to take a shower. This RV showerhead is a quick fix for your swift shower. It produces water flow in a specific pattern that ensures a quick shower, even if you have long hairs. In RVs, you never know if you will get clean water or not. But this Oxygenics showerhead has got your back. It has an inbuilt filter system that filters the water no matter how hard the water is. But hard water must be avoided to ensure durability.

The internal parts are non-sticky. Thus prevents the minerals from being clogged, and the nozzles are easy to clean as well. It has a push-button to minimize the water flow. As stated above, this RV showerhead masters in conversing water; the push-button actually does the magic.


  • Do not clog very often
  • Flexible and durable
  • Ensures quick shower


  • Users complained about uneven patterns.

Oxygenics 26781 Features

  • Push off button to control water flow and to save water.
  • Sleek design and classy finish
  • Inbuilt specific spray pattern for a fast shower experience
  • Amplifies the water flow
  • Non- sticky internal parts prevent clogging
  • 60-inch hose for flexible use

7. HOMELODY High-Pressure Handheld

This chrome finish rv shower head and hose can be your pick if you are looking for some modern features and safe options. Just like the pioneering brand in the market, this showerhead believes in serving the ultimate advanced features along with the maximum numbers of water settings. This certified RV showerhead is elegant in appearance and sturdy in durability. This showerhead can meet all your state of the art expectations regarding your RV shower experience.

It has a push on/ off button to restrict water flow when water is not in use. When we are on our RVs on any trip or camping, water storage is the biggest challenge. If you are bathing your pets or your children, you probably wastewater. But this push button makes it very easy to switch off and on the water flow. Thus it contributes a lot to minimize the water flow.

This best rv shower head does not let you bored with one kind of water spray. It offers five water settings, and they are Power Mist, Alcachofa de presión Alta, Rain Massage Pulsating Massage, and Power Spray + Massage. No matter whether you want a rainfall shower experience or spa-like experience, you just have regulated the settings. This showerhead is safe for your pets and family as it does not emit lead at all. It is cUPC certified and extremely safe regular use.

The installation process in this showerhead steals the show. It comes with a 1/2″ connector that allows a no plumber installation experience. Super convenient to use and install.


  • Applicable for pets, old and disabled family members, and children.
  • Easy to install
  • Safe for family
  • Long hose increases flexibility


  • The push-button sometimes causes leakage.


  • Chrome finished body ensures maximum durability
  • Comes with a 1/2″ connector for easy installation
  • Push on/ off button to converse water
  • 118-inch shower hose for flexible use
  • Six spray settings for versatile water spray

8. Aqua Dance 3316 Hand Held

Aqua Dance is claimed to manufacture the most luxurious featured RV showerheads in the market. This model of the Aqua Dance family bears the delicacy of the brand with the utmost pride. This RV showerhead with a shut-off valve enables you to enjoy several options, and some never seen a feature in your RV bathroom.

This RV showerhead is manufactured to turn your compact RV shower room into a luxurious spa-like bathroom.

The first thing that worth your consideration is the size of this RV showerhead. This showerhead is 4 inches and perfect for a small bathroom in your RV or marine vehicle. The size is appropriate for full-coverage shower experience; You can use this showerhead, both overhead, and handheld. It comes with a 5ft long stainless hose that ensures flexibility. The hose is long enough to cover every part of your body.

This RV showerhead swears by versatility, thus offers six water spray settings. The settings are Power Mist, Power Rain, Rain Massage Pulsating Massage, Rain Mist, and Water Saving Pause mode. The water-saving mode is admired highly to store water in RVs. The settings are easy to operate with a three-click lever dial. You can dictate the water spray whether you want to have rainfall shower experience, massaging experience, or a hot water refreshing bath.


  • Flexible and can be used overhead and handheld
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • versatile water spray


  • This showerhead can be difficult for people with shorter height.

Aqua Dance 3316 Features

  • Chrome finished body for durability
  • Six spray settings for versatile water spray
  • Rub jet nozzles for less clogging and easy cleaning
  • Easy no plumber tool-free installation
  • 4-inch showerhead for a full coverage bath experience
  • Three click lever makes the setting change easy

9. Dura Faucet DF-SA400-SN

This showerhead brand is known for manufacturing luxurious RV showerheads, and this particular model is probably the best one among all the manufactured ones. This RV showerhead suits perfectly to your small RV washrooms. The size is so applicable for compact bathrooms. Again you can save water and install this showerhead very easily. It amplifies water flow and ensures a secure grip for better use.

This RV showerhead, like all the other Dura Faucet models, amplifies water flow through an inbuilt technology and also widens the water coverage. Thus you won’t need hours in your RV bathroom when there is low water pressure in the pipe. Moreover, this showerhead comes with a tickling valve. This valve allows storing the water. When in RVs you are running out of the water, you must rely on this showerhead.

This single-function showerhead is capable of ensuring a home-like feeling to its usersThe grip of this showerhead is extremely secured; thus, you can be comfortable even in mobile vehicles. The installation and cleaning process is easy. This RV showerhead also promises durability with its nickel brushed and chrome finish. The metallic design looks extremely elegant and complements your washroom; This showerhead can be used both overhead and handheld. You can use it as per your requirements. 


  • Design is very appealing
  • Comfortable hold in slippery hands
  • Saves water


  • Doesn’t come with a hose

DF-SA400-SN Features

  • Chrome made, and metallic nickel brushed material makes the showerhead sturdy and durable.
  • Hose connector ensures a no plumber
  • Amplifies water pressure
  • Trickle valve to converse water storage
  • Secured grip wand for comfortable use

Best Rv Shower Head Buying Guide

To pick the best shower head rv, you have to look for specific features. Apart from these features, one thing you must consider is your requirements. Requirements vary from person to person. Thus you must be specific about your needs and then look for the features. 

Low GPM Rate

GPM rate is a water flow indicator. When you are camping or even on a road trip, you cannot risk the water storage. A low GPM rate can save your water. RV showerheads are specialized for low water flow to store water for the long run. Always choose a showerhead with 2 to 2.5 GPM. One more thing to consider, you must go for low flow rv shower head but never go for less water pressure showerheads. Low water pressure can prolong your shower time, and that is not welcome while camping.

Handheld Showerhead

As your RV shower head is installed in a small place, the handheld showerhead can be beneficial. RVs offer a small shower room, and your RV showerhead being handheld can be comfortable. Handheld showerheads can be adjusted easily and will occupy a limited place. Moreover, handheld showerheads are super easy to use. You can cover every part of your body, and you can enjoy the massage experience as well. 


RV shower heads are the most expensive due to their lavish services. Thus you must buy durable showerheads that will worth your investment. Never go for showerheads made with cheap materials. Chrome or nickel brushed materials are suitable for long lifespan expectancy. Again you can also go for stainless steel or premium grade plastic materials. Never settle on cheap materials at all.


The outer appearance of your showerhead also matters. And for RVs, you must look for showerheads with compact size and sleek design. The RV bathrooms are small in size; thus, any extravagant design or big size showerhead can look out of the place.


This feature is the most important one to look for. Easy to install showerheads should hit your priority list. Especially for RVs, you cannot afford those complicated installation process. All the big brands these days offer no plumber installation feature. Find such RV showerheads for yourself, as well.


No matter how big the brand is, you must be sure about the efficiency before you buy it. Your RV showerhead must maintain absolute water pressure, offer spray settings, and must maintain its efficiency for a long time. RV showerheads with less performance value will make you suffer in the long run, and in some cases, it can force you to switch to another.

Comfortable User Experience

Whenever you buy a shower head, you must look for a comfortable level. And when it comes to RV showerhead, this is the most important thing to consider. Always go for RV showerheads that are capable of ensuring comfort even in the limited size washroom.

RV Shower Head Buying Guide Infographic

Handheld, flexible hose and non- slip grip is some comfort feature that must be present in your RV showerhead. 


Though a pleasant shower experience during camping or a trip is the most admired thing one can ask for but picking up the best rv shower head is the toughest thing. There are several types of showerheads present in the market, but very few of them are original RV showerheads. You can get confused among them very easily. Best rv shower head reviews will help you out to get the best product in the market. 

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