Kohler Villager Tub Reviews: 2023 Buying Guides & Installations

Kohler villager tub reviews

Last updated on February 15th, 2023 at 07:22 pm

Villager tub is the glorious addition of the Kohler brand. Function and aesthetic design have made this tub popular. And the enameled cast iron build material provides long-lasting durability. Moreover, it comes with a straightforward and quick installation. Overall, this can give you a heavenly touch in your bathing. We have come to introduce the three best Kohler villager tub reviews. You can choose the one you like.


Kohler Villager Tub Reviews In 2023



Main Features



KOHLER 715-0 Villager Tub

  • Slip-resistant

  • Alcove Install

  • Cast iron made

  • Life time warranty 

Left-hand drain

KOHLER 714-0 Villager Bathtub

  • Cast iron material

  • Right hand drain

  • Life time warranty

Right-hand drain

KOHLER K-716-0 Villager Tub

  • Alcove Install

  • Slip-resistant

  • Life time warranty

Right-hand drain

1. KOHLER 715-0 Villager Tub

Fantastic Design:

It is designed with timeless beauty. First of all, the white color finish is looking very elegant. Then the graceful lines are fantastic to see. At the same time, the smoother enamel surface is praiseworthy. Moreover, this is made with enough comfortable depth.

Cast Iron Material:

Villager tubs are made of highly durable enameled cast iron. It will give you better service year after year. Because, this material can prevent Scratch, stain, and impact. Besides, it is easier to clean. So, you can enjoy your bath with this stable tub for generations.


A lifetime safeguard function comes with this tub. It comes with slip-resistant technology. The matter of fact that, this tub has a built-in anti-slip bottom. That means the slip-resistant system is a part of the enamel cast iron. As a result, you can use this for life safety. Then it has 30-40-gallon water holding power. A left-handed drain is also included with this tub. At the same time, this village tub has arrived with ADA compliant certification.

KOHLER 715-0 Top Features

  • Highly efficient in enough water flow during bath
  • Ample inside space to someone easy movement
  • The left-handed drain is most convenient to use
  • Permanent slip-resistant system
  • Long-lasting for the enamel cast iron material

KOHLER 715-0 Specs

  • Dimension: 60 x 30.25 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 316 pounds
  • Material: Enameled Cast Iron
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color & Finish: white
  • Capacity: 30 – 40 Gallons
  • slip-resistant: Yes
  • Drain: left-hand drain
  • Installation: Three Wall Alcove
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

2. KOHLER 714-0 Villager Bathtub

Rectangular Design:

It is another villager bathtub with a stunning design. Very few bathtubs that will get you so stylish. The rectangular shape and white color glossy finish are charming. This Kohler 714-0 villager tub specs are very convenient. It will be quite suitable for all of your beautiful bathroom fixtures.

Long-Lasting Material:

The most popular cast iron material is used to make this villager bathtub. Cast iron is always the perfect choice for bathtubs. There is no possibility of staining. So, you can easily use this tub without unnecessary scratches. Likewise, it comes to stand out for an extended period.


This bathtub comes with compelling water flow features. You can enjoy the most relaxing bath within a short time. Then we notice on the integral apron function. The critical apron function makes the installation process more comfortable. Furthermore, the right-handed drain and additional ledger function are included with this tub.

KOHLER 714-0 Top Features

  • The integral function ensures easy installing
  • Right-handed drain provides the proper water flowing
  • Added ledger space is 4” suitable for putting several small soap or shampoo

KOHLER 714-0 Specs

  • Dimension: 63 x 36.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight: 350 pounds
  • Material: Enameled Cast Iron
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color & Finish: white
  • Capacity: 30 – 40 Gallons
  • Drain: Right-hand drain
  • Installation: Three Wall Alcove
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

3. KOHLER K-716-0 Villager Tub

Stylish Design:

When it comes to the creation of Kohler villager 716 bathtubs, it comes with a modern, stylish design. Statistics say that a large number of customers are amazed to see the luxurious outlook of this bathtub. Significantly, the white color finish, smoother line, and shape make it impressive to all.


We love to be thankful to the Kohler brand for this quality material of villager tubs. The cast iron, most robust construction material. It will provide you with a glossy and smoother surface. Besides, it is roughly lightweight. So, it is easier to move from here to there. Most importantly, you will win to get this durable cast iron tub.


It has an excellent position to make you relaxed within a few minutes. Another significant part is the built-in textured bottom. Here have several examples of an accident. So, it will save you from slipping. Then the left-handed drain is preferable to pass the water from the bathtub.

KOHLER 716-0 Top Features

  • Sturdy cast iron build ensures the long-time durability
  • Smoother Scratch preventing surface increase the bathtub beauty
  • The integral apron technology provides easy setup

KOHLER 716-0 Specs

  • Dimension: 30.25 x 60 x 14 inches
  • Weight: 316 pounds
  • Material: Enameled Cast Iron
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color & Finish: white
  • Capacity: 30 – 40 Gallons
  • Slip-resistant: Yes
  • Drain: Right-hand drain
  • Installation: Three Wall Alcove
  • Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Why you Buy Kohler Villager Tub?

There have several specialties in Kohler villager bathtub to buy it. Here we sort out the most crucial reasons to buy this awesome bathtub.

kohler villager tub

Luxurious Design:

The stylish rectangular design is pretty to fit a bathroom. At the same time, it looks elegant due to the white color finish. Besides, the smoother finish line and other ledge are handy. Plus, the craving bottom texture for slip prevention is excellent.

Easy Installation:

This villager bathtubs come with a quick and more easy installation. Because there has an integral apron system with this bathtub. An integral apron makes the installation easy within a short time.

Durable Build:

One of the super-durable bathtubs is Kohler villager cast iron tub. Because the primary build material is solid iron. And the cast-iron structure is always last long for several years. Even, it will stay like new after a few years later. You want to get a bathtub for the upcoming several years. So, you can pick this Kohler villager.

villager cast iron tub


Price is a big deal for all products. Everyone wants to buy a priceworthy product. After having completed extensive research, we can learn villager is quite a price worthy. Even you will get very few bathtubs as like it. The quality and features are very high compare with the price point. So, you can go with this to consider the price too.

Warranty and Certification:

Verification and certification are other great facts to buy this bathtub. Because villager bathtub comes with up to three years of limited warranty. A contract ensures product durability. We suggest purchasing a bathtub to see the proof. Besides, villager tubs have ADA compliant certification.

How to Install Kohler Villager Tub

Many are facing problem to install a bathtub. Luckily, villager tubs arrive the easier installation. Because there has an integral apron. So, you can install a three wall alcove system.

Essential Tools:

  • Woodworking tools
  • A 14” pipe wrench
  • Safety shoes and glasses
  • Square and screwdriver
  • Normal pliers
  • Plumbers putty
  • Wallcovering
  • Silicone sealant
  • Metal shims and drop cloth

Step 1: Removing the Old Bath

First of all, apart from the drain line from the trap. Then open all connections with the floor protection board. Then remove the older bath. At the same time, make sure about the subfloor. Clean the subfloor if there have any unnecessary things.

Step 2: Measure Bathtub and Floor

Now, take the complete bathtub measurement. It is essential to measure the bathtub height, width, and depth. Likewise, bathroom space measurement is necessary. So, take the bathroom floor space measurement.

Step 3: Taking Measurement.

Create a framing with 2x four measurements. Remember to leave the additional space for the wall and subfloor. And make a rough-in hole of 6″x12″ for drain connection. Then install the drain correctly. In the next step, you have to set up your new tub.

Step 4: Prepare the New Tub to be Placed

In this step, place the tub on an appropriate cloth. So that you can move it quickly. And set it in the right place. After then, check if the bathtub is suitable for all side’s walls. If there have any fault, you will better repair it. Otherwise, there may happen several problems with your bathtub.

Step 5: Plumbing Installation

Your bathtub installation has been done. Now you have to install the whole plumbing connections. Firstly, connect the drain line with the trap. Likewise, install the faucet valve and spout tee. His supporting subfloor may damage from the unexpected drain connection. So, seal all of the unnecessary drain connection. That’s it the whole easier installation. You can check out the drain line connection again. And make sure your tub is preparing for use.

The caution:
Be careful during carrying the Kohler villager tub because it is the super heavyweight of solid cast iron.
Wear essential dress and equipment to ensure your maximum safety
Read the Kohler villager installation guide correctly before starting to install it.
Use a perfect cloth when you finally go to move the bathtub.


In this Kohler villager tub reviews, we have figure out the top three best villager bathtubs. First of all, we consider product quality. After then, we give priority to the features and outlook. So, we found all of the above models are great from all aspects. So, you can pick up from that sorted list. Have you any questions about Kohler villager tub? Then let us know.

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