How to Remove Flow Restrictor from Shower Head (7 Easy Steps)

How to Remove Flow Restrictor from Shower Head

Last updated on January 5th, 2022 at 08:36 pm

The restrictor uses the showerhead to control water flow. A showerhead restrictor is an essential tool for maintaining the optimum water flow. The important thing is that maintain an optimum level as not too much or not less.
To get optimum water flow, you need to know about how to remove flow restrictor from showerhead.


What Is Shower Head Restrictor?

 People personality depends on the design and clearness of the bathroom and the shower. So, decorate your bathroom, and shower without giving any chance to complain.

From do a lot of work or come home from a long way, need a complete fresh bath. By taking a shower with the proper flow of water gives you a fresh mind.  

Showerhead restrictor act as a regulator to flow the proper water supply. The restrictor sometimes may not work properly due to gathering dirty for long time use or any object present in it. We need to clean it properly or replace it with the new one. You should have knowledge or skill on how to remove flow restrictor from shower head.

Because a low flow shower head restrictor kills your valuable time. So, go to your market as soon as possible and choose a good quality restrictor.

Replacement of shower head with a new one is another solution to remove low flow shower head restrictor. If you can afford it, try to replace it with a new modern shower head. Or, if not, clean the restrictor. 

shower head flow restrictor remove

Shower Head Restrictor Quality: 

Quality characters setup from the manufacturers. Before buy check the shower head restrictor review. High rated shower head with restrictor has more pressure chamber and more categories to control the water flow. The better quality showerhead may last for a long time.

Locate the Shower Head Restrictor

The restrictor valve generally set on the base side of the showerhead. It looks like a small disc. Such as flat, circular, star-shaped design which vented plastic and fills up with the pipe or other fittings. The restrictor covers the inlet shower head. Colors, slimness is the characters of restrictors and inserts to close the edge.

Locate the Shower Head Restrictor

List of Necessary tools

Some essential tools are required to remove shower head restrictor. Collect all the primary materials at first and then try it.

 essential tools

Shower Head Flow Restrictor Removal

You can identify the restrictor into the showerhead. The restrictor is the main reason for the low flow of water. Stay with us with patience and follow all the rules and regulations.

Step 1

Start with detaching the showerhead at first from your shower arm pipe. Plug out the connecting nut by using wrench by placing the cloth in the connection point. A rag can use to avoid plastic damage. By using rag metal also keep from scratch.

At first detaching the showerhead

Step 2

Remove the head from the shower screen by turning in a clockwise direction.

Step 3

Take the paperclip to unbend it properly. Then you can see the shower head’s gasket. Pry out this by using a paperclip. Need especial for handling them to save from damage. Take in hands’ palm and do it properly.

Step 4

After removing the gasket or O-Ring, then come to the point to remove the flow restrictor. It usually is a plastic disc. It presents behind the star-shaped metal piece. The paper clip also uses for hooking the underneath restrictor. Then twist up properly and can remove easily.

Step 5

Restrictor of flow put out with the screwdriver or corkscrew and re-arranges it. Safely set the gasket so that it does slide back into the seat. If their present shower screen places it correctly into the place. Then give pressure for tight it.

Step 6

The plumber’s tape removes from the threaded end. Then replace the showerhead on the arm. Put off the old tape and wrap it with a new piece properly around the same place.

Step 7

Hold the showerhead in the right place with cloth and wrench. Then screw the nut with proper tight. Again reuse rag to save from any damage. After that can run the shower and hope that increase the water flow.

Lastly, wrapping up is the last session of the removal of the showerhead. According to the Energy Policy Act, 2.5gallons/minute is the unique flow of water from the showerhead. Without wrapping up, increase the water flow, which causes water and money loss. Keep awareness on it, and it helps to any pressure issue.

To apply the entire step properly can install flow rate restrictors into the showerhead. Manufacturers are installing this in their showerheads.

Advantages of Shower Head Flow Restrictor Removal

A shower head restrictor is essential to maintain the flow of water. 17% 0f water require for only showering purposes. Try to present here the most advantages of the Shower Head Flow Restrictor Removal.

1. Can Utilize Optimum Water

Water is a fresh element of nature. Without water, we can’t pass a single day. For us and our future generation, it is our responsibility to reserve adequate water. Human life, agriculture, or natural ecosystem depends on water. So we need to use water at the optimum level.

2. Save Money

You can save money by using the optimizing the level of use of water. These effects can hamper the activities of the household and the family member. The flow restrictor can help in this case.

Save your money

3. Give Bill to Heat up the Water

You need hot water for the shower. The restrictor of the showerhead contains the flow and reduces the bill.

4. Save Time

Time is more valuable things than any other matter in our world. So try to clean it and reset it or set it with a new one.

5. Feel Better Mind

A good flow of water from a showerhead can give you better refreshments. Low flow showerhead restrictor can’t give you the opportunity. So, set up a restrictor at your shower head or putt of the old one. Save your time and money and avoid water loss.

Advantages of Shower Head Restrictor infographic

Disadvantages of Flow Shower Head Restrictor

Everything has an opposite reaction. The use of a restrictor for the showerhead also has some problems.

1. Low Water Pressure

If your showerhead has a low stream of water supply; there no need to set any restrictor. It may cause more problems for supplying water. In this case, the restrictor is not encouraged to set up.

2. Time Waste

Restrictor supply less water than without restrictor condition. So, for taking a bath or doing any other work need more time to gather required the amount of water. For this type of case, many people put off the restrictor from the showerhead.

The manufacturer already provides the procedure of removing the restrictor from the showerhead. Without following the process, a restriction may hamper the showerhead to continue its works

Water Flow Rate:

2.5 gallon/minute water flow rate legally allowed by the Federal Energy Act. In market place present more gallon/minute water supply quality shower head. But it is a loss project. Use optimum and save the water for the future.

Pressure Design:

from the review descriptions, try to adjust the showerhead with restrictor correctly to get quality water pressure design. I get a low flow rate; you can choose the narrow shape shower head to increase the flow rate.

How to Gets the Best Water Pressure

Get the best water flow from the showerhead with restrictors depends on some mechanism. The pressure design, flow rate, quality, shower head design, etc. are acting as the criterion to fit the best shower head water pressure.


Get optimum water flow to replace the showerhead restrictor. You can find different types of showerheads in the market. You can replace the old model of shower head with the new, modern, efficient, and also an affordable one. Replacing is more comfortable than removing the flow restrictor from a showerhead.

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