American Standard Edgemere Toilet Reviews

American standard edgemere toilet reviews

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American standard is a well-known brand of toilet fixtures production. In this brand, you will get a high-quality one-piece and two-piece toilet with aesthetic Design. All of the toilets that have come from this company are the best budget and eco-friendly.

If you looking for a trustworthy toilet brands? You can perform analysis on American standard edgemere toilet reviews. It will provide you to recognize the good American standard. Let’s dive into the next.



Main Features



Budget Friendly

American Standard 204AA104.020

  • Two piece

  • Single Flush

  • 1.28 GPF

  • 5 Year Warranty

Editor Choice

American Standard 204BB104.020 Edgemere

  • Two piece single flush

  • Rough in 10 inch

  • Left hand trip 

  • 5 Year Warranty

 American Standard 204BA105.020 Edgemere

  • Right-Hand Trip

  • Single flush

  • 1.28 GPF

  • Round Bowl

1. American Standard 204AA104.020 Edgemere


American Edgemere is designed with a timeless style. And it looks brilliant and sleek. Hence the manufacturer made this for compacted bathroom. Besides, there has a great combination between this toilet tank and bowl. 


It has an efficient flushing system. You can save 20% of water per year due to the low consumption flushing. Each flush will need 1.28 GPF water which is 4.8 liter per flush. Besides, the strong water flow keeps clean the toilet bowl. As a result, the toilet bowl stays germs and bacteria-free.

Included component:

You will get a toilet tank, bowl, rim, and seat cover with this 204AA104.020 EdgemereBesides, there will have all the necessary installation kits for the tank and bowl. Moreover, a left-handed trip lever comes with this model. 


Edgemere comes with the EZ-installation method. Good to know that it is the newest toilet installation system. You will get some crucial benefits from this toilet. For example, there will have upright floor bolts. So, you don’t need to cut the bolt when you install this toilet. Luckily, this benefit is only coming from the American standard Edgemere toilet.

Warranty and certification:

This fantastic toilet comes with up to a 5-years warranty. And, it has EPA WaterSense certification. So, you can replace any parts within 5-years. And the WaterSense stands for the low consumption water supply. This simultaneously saves water and reduces electricity bills.

American Standard 204AA104.020 Top Features

  • It is a combined toilet of one tank and toilet bowl.
  • Compacted toilet size provides the benefits for a small bathroom.
  • Vitreous china material is quite durable for several years.
  • A polished chrome left-handed trip lever is comfortable to use
  • EZ toilet installation methods with all kits ensure easy installation.
  • A long-lasting clean surface keeps the bowl bacteria-free

204AA104.020 Edgemere Specifications

  • Dimension: 30.19 x 17 x 31.13 inches
  • Toilet type: Two piece
  • Flush type: Single Flush
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Weight: 85.2 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Oblong
  • Installation: Floor Mounted
  • Certificate: WaterSense
  • Height: Right Height
  • Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

2. American Standard 204BB104.020 Edgemere


It is another best Edgemere toilet from the standard American brand. It is designed with a modern classic style. Good to know, American standard made this toilet think about smaller bathroom space. Because it is the smallest size Edgemere in our top list, you will love the toilet bowl glossy finish. If you are looking for American standard 10 inch rough-in toilet, this is the right toilet for you.


We are grateful to the standard American brand for this stronger flush as it is a low consumption flushing so you can save a fair amount of water and electric bills each year. Most importantly, this is such a powerful flush that can remove up to 1000 gm solid waste within one flush.

Included components:

A floor-mounted toilet body and tank are the main components of this package. Besides, the installation kit, toilet rim, seat, and seat cover has included with this. And a smoother chrome plated trip lever connected with this.


Edgemere is providing the most effortless toilet installation. In this toilet package, there will have an EZ-installation kit. And all of the parts will have into this kit box. For example, toilet bowl to tank gas kit, attachment handle, and nut bolts are included with this kit. Besides, all necessary kit for toilet bowl also comes with this toilet.

Warranty and certifications:

You will get up to 5-years limited warranty for product replacement and repairing service. Do note that a product with a good warranty ensures the product trustworthiness. Likewise, it is urgent to know about the certification. This American Edgemere comes with an EPA WaterSense certificate for ultra-water saving.

American Standard 204BB104.020 Top Features

  • A round shape, smaller size and compacted toilet suitable for small space
  • It comes with floor-mounted EZ installation.
  • The 10 inches rough-in -size is suitable for smaller kids
  • Water-saving with low consumption with powerful flushing
  • Durable construction and glossy clean surface

American Standard 204BB104.020 Specifications

  • Dimension: 26.19 x 18.88 x 30.25 inches
  • Toilet type: Two piece
  • Flush type: Single Flush
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF 
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Weight: 67.6 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Oblong
  • Rough in: 10 inch
  • Installation: Floor Mounted
  • Certificate: WaterSense
  • Height: Right Height
  • Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

3. American Standard 204BA105.020 Edgemere


American Edgemere is designed with so simple but elegant look. The whole toilet is compacted for a small bathroom. The American standard Edgemere round toilet comes with a front design and elegant outlook. Likewise, the toilet size is medium to suit different bathrooms. Due to the white color finish, it looks more attractive. 


If you want to get a highly powerful flushing system, then this Edgemere would be the best choice. Because it comes with general flushing but powerful. There have two main benefits of this flushing technology. Do note that one is low water consumption. And another is quick waste cleaning. 


When it comes to the installation, Edgemere is a worthy choice. Because this model provides an individual installation kit for bowl and kit, also, it has a handle attachment for tank connection. Even the bolts will have in an upright position. Most importantly, there is no need to cut any bolts. 

Warranty and certification:

This model gives you a lifetime warranty. However, you will get a specific service for the whole lifespan of this toilet. Also, it has a highly effective WaterSense certification. That means you can flush with only 4.8 liters of water. As a result, at least 20% of the water will save every year only from your home. 

American Standard 204BA105.020 Top Features

  • A round shape combined toilet with tank and bowl
  • It has a powerful flushing and water-saving technology.
  • It was very compacted in size to fit a smaller bathroom.
  • Included installation kits for perfect set up
  • A right-handed chrome trip lever is handy.

American Standard 204BA105.020 Specifications

  • Dimension: 28.19 x 17 x 31.13 inches
  • Toilet type: Two piece
  • Flush type: Single Flush
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 GPF
  • Bowl: Round
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Weight: 84.8 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Round
  • Lever: Right-Hand Trip
  • Installation: Floor Mounted
  • Certificate: WaterSense
  • Height: Right Height
  • Warranty: 5 Year Warranty

Why you Buy an American Standard Edgemere Toilet?

Everybody has their taste and own demand. It is normal to find the reason behind buying any product. Where there are a lot of toilet models in the market, why you should choose standard American Edgemere? Each thing has its features. The American standard has come with excellent features. Here are the most crucial benefits of American standard Edgemere.american standard edgemere toilet

Compacted Design:

All the toilets in the American Edgemere series are designed to be very compact. It has come to the market keeping in mind the smaller bathroom space. But it is adorable to see and fit into the larger bathroom too. Anyway, this toilet would be great if your bathroom is small. 

Powerful flushing:

You will get maximum flushing benefits by using this toilet, which will reduce your water consumption. But it can remove the reliable waste quickly. Each flush you will need 1.28 gallon per flush water. As a result, the toilet internal and external surface will remain safe. It also keeps you healthy from germs and bacteria. 


American Standard Edgemere is super durable. The construction material is vitreous china. Vitreous china is well-known for the toilet and bathtub. So, you can use a toilet year after years. Besides, this material is glossy to look at and smother.

EZ installation:

EZ installation ensures the most straightforward installation. Because the user doesn’t need to manage any kit, they will get all installation kit with this toilet from the brand. That means the standard American company is providing different kits for bowl and tank. Most importantly, due to floor-mounted features, you can install it without hassle.


All of our listed Edgemere toilets is come with an excellent limited warranty. You will enjoy up to 5 years warranty with these toilets. In many cases, you will get a limited lifetime warranty.


When it comes to the price point, American Edgemere would be the first choice for the limited budget. You can get a friendly, quality, and affordable toilet from this company as the price is a big deal so you can choose this Edgemere for less price.

Pros & Cons of American Standard Edgemere Toilet


  • It is very compacted to suit into smaller size bathroom.
  • Comes with all installation components from the manufacturer company
  • Easy floor-mounted installation
  • Powerful flushing with low water
  • The best warranty for each product


  • The wax ring doesn’t include it.
  • You have to buy individual water supply line.

Final Words:

So, this was the last updated guide on American standard edgemere toilet reviews. We hope you have got a transparent idea about this Edgemere model of the American standard. Mainly American standard Edgemere is suitable for Design, quality, and limited price. You can try it to gain new best experiences with the bathing fixture. We have covered the top three Edgemere toilet. Hopefully, you can figure out your loveable one.

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