Best Square Toilets In 2023: Rectangular Shape Models

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Last updated on February 11th, 2023 at 07:54 am

Do you like to decorate your bathroom with a modern, stylish and unique toilet? Then you would pick up a square base toilet. Square toilets are a brilliant choice for remodeling or a new bathroom with a unique design toilet. It will improve bathroom beauty as well as providing a new experience.

In this guide, we have come to review on top 5 best square toilets. So, let’s began to read with us.


What is Square Toilet?

The square toilet is designed with a square shape toilet bowl with more space than a regular shape toilet. It is very appreciated to the people who have a square shape bathtub in their bathroom. Overall, it is best to blend with your bathroom space.

Why You Choose Square & Rectangular Toilet?

A toilet could come in a variety of shapes and colors. Despite having a lot of toilet types in the market, why you choose a square toilet? Yes, there have some logics to consider this toilet.

Unique Modern Style:

If you are bored to see the regular shape toilet, then square and rectangular shape toilet have come to provide you with a different experience. It is praiseworthy for a toilet and enriches your bathroom beauty.


The square shape toilet bowl is comfortable enough as like a traditional toilet. However, comfort is depending on someone’s taste. Many people appreciated the rectangular toilet comfort and some have complained about their discomfort. But in the average square shape toilet bowl is comfortable.

Wider bowl space:

The square toilet is a bit wider in the square shape Bowl; It will be ideal for many people who prefer large toilet bowls.


It is good to know that a square shape and a rectangular toilet don’t require any special installing tools. You can set it up with the common tools for the traditional toilet. So, it is also good for hassle-free installation.

Fit With Other Bathroom Items:

Good to know that a rectangular or square shape toilet comes with several lines in its built. So, you can notice on other bathroom accessories like sink, shower, bathtub or basin if those had come with plenty of lines or not. If the line is added to your toilet’s other fixtures, then the toilet in the square will be quite suitable.

Best Square & Rectangular Toilets



Main Features


Swiss Madison SM-1T256 Carré

  • Dual Flush

  • 0. 8 / 1. 28 GPF

  • Soft closing seat

Woodbridge T-0020 Black Square Toilet

  • Clog free toilet

  • Soft-closing seat

  • Chair height

EAGO WD333 Square Wall Mounted Toilet

  • Wall mounted

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Dual flush

American Standard 2851A104.020 Town Square S

  • Siphon Jet

  • 10 year warranty

  • Bowl clean with every flush

Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet

  • Eco Friendly

  • Dual flush 

  • Approved for commercial use

1. Swiss Madison SM-1T256 Carré

Swiss Madison Carré is another great square toilet with a modern design. It also comes with a one-piece style and enhances the toilet’s beauty. We praise for the white color porcelain construction. Especially, the Swiss Madison toilet is designed with a simple appearance.

The gravity flush function increases the value of this toilet.   Simultaneously, there is a soft-closing seat function, which never creates loud noise when you open and closes it. We are pleased with the quick-release seat unlatches system.

The most comfortable floor-mounted set up ensures user convenience. It needs fewer installation tools which generally has everybody’s home. Besides, it doesn’t need much time to install. So, overall, Swiss Madison Carré is a winner.

It comes with ADA and c/UPC & UPC certification, and there is a 1-year of limited warranty for the product’s average problem.

Top Features:

  • Floor mounted one-piece toilet with standard dual flush.
  • The fully skirted design is good to keep clean the external toilet surface.
  • The square shape toilet bowl provides a larger internal space.
  • Soft closing and quick releasing toilet seat and cover


  • This square toilet is lightweight.
  • Gorgeous outlook
  • Soft-Close, Quick-Release Seat
  • ADA height


  • One color options

Swiss Madison SM-1T256 Carré Specs

  • Dimension: 25.2 x 15.2 x 30 inches
  • Weight: 105 pounds
  • Color: Glossy white
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Toilet Type: One piece
  • Flush Type: Dual Flush
  • GPF: 0. 8 / 1. 28 GPF
  • Rough-In: 12 inches
  • Trip Lever: Up
  • Installation: Floor Mounted
  • Certificate: ADA and c/UPC & UPC
  • Warranty: 1 Year limited

2. Woodbridge T-0020 Black Square Toilet

Woodbridge T-0020 is designed with a connected bowl and tank. It is a one-piece style toilet. This black square toilet comes with glossy black color and modern contemporary design, which make it luxurious. This toilet is great for those who like to keep the elegant impression of black in everything in their life.

This square shape toilet comes with a powerful dual flushing function. Also, there have no clogs, leaks, and soft-closing seat functions. Besides, the flush button is included on the top of the Woodbridge toilet tank. It is floor mounted, so you have to set it in a pre-determined place.

Woodbridge offers a one-year warranty for any kinds of defective issues with free artistry services. And this toilet has come with few good certifications like WaterSense, UPC & CSA.

Top Features:

  • A compacted square shape toilet is of Porcelain material and a steel seat hinge.
  • Siphon jet dual flushing feature with 1.28 low water consumption.
  • Comfort height design with a porcelain material.


  • Three different colors are available in this model.
  • Fully skirted trap way
  • Siphon jet flushing
  • Clog free toilet
  • Chair-height seating
  • Soft Closing Seat
  • Easy to clean


  • It is a quite heavier toilet because of the durable construction.

Woodbridge T-0020 Black Toilet Specs

  • Dimension: 30 x 18 x 31 inches
  • Weight: 150.3 pounds
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Square
  • Toilet Type: One piece
  • Flush Type: Dual Flush
  • GPF: 1.0 /1.6 GPF
  • Flush System: Siphon Jet
  • Rough-In: 12 inches
  • Trip Lever: Up
  • Installation: Floor Mounted
  • Certificate: UPC & CSA, WaterSense
  • Warranty: 1 Year limited

3. EAGO WD333 Square Wall Mounted Toilet

Are you looking for a wall hanging toilet with a square shape design? EAGO would be the ideal choice for you. Due to the luxurious appearance and high-quality ceramic construction, EAGO has become the most popular among all square-shaped toilets. It comes in a one-piece style and looks like a complete box. It overcomes the outlook of the casual toilet.  

It comes as an eco-friendly toilet with ultra-low water consumption of 1.6 gallons. Therefore, it’s come with the ADA compliant, convenient 17 “height, and wall hanging installation. Moreover, we liked the solid European one-piece style with an attached tank and seat.

EAGO has come with wall-mounted installation, and it is a little bit tricky. It may require a professional plumber to install it. But you can also do it yourself if there have enough tools and experience.

EAGO has ADA compliant certificate, and the manufacturer brand is providing versatile warranty service for several periods. For example, you are getting up to 5 years of limited warranty for any porcelain material defect. On the other side, it offers one year warranty for the tank, seat, and flushing systems.

Top Features:

  • The wall-mounted square toilet comes with a one-piece box style which is very smart.
  • The outside body and inside the bowl are fully glazed and ever clean.
  • EAGO is notably water saving with the ultra-water consumption
  • Ceramic material is consistently durable and smart to see


  • Space-saving for wall-mounted design.
  • Dual flush with low water
  • Comfort height
  • Eco-Friendly


  • The installation is a bit tricky.

EAGO WD333 Square Wall Mounted Specs

  • Dimension: 21 x 14 x 15.75 inches
  • Weight: 72 pounds
  • Color: White
  • Shape: square
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Toilet Type: One piece
  • Flush Type: Dual Flush
  • GPF: 0.8 /1.6 GPF
  • Trip Lever: Wall
  • Height: Comfort height
  • Installation: Wall Mounted
  • Certificate: ADA
  • Warranty: 5 year for parts. 1 Year for flushing & seat

4. American Standard 2851A104.020 Town Square S

It is a one-piece style toilet, one of the best productions from the American standard brand. Although, the bowl shape is not square yet it has gained the place of a square toilet. Because the whole toilet body is designed as a square shape box, even the basement and separated tank are designed with square shape.

It has a convenient left-handed trip lever function and power wash rim system. Power wash rim is a scrubbing technology that can keep cleaning the bowl in each flush. Moreover, it is the right height toilet to provide the best comfort for an older adult.

This square toilet is highly convenient due to the floor-mounted installation. As well as, you can disassemble with less effort and time. Most importantly, this floor mounted installation makes the toilet more stable.

 The American standard square toilet offers three different warranty services. You will get one year warranty for the toilet seat, a 10-year warranty for mechanical parts, and a lifetime warranty for chinaware. Also, it has a WaterSense certification.

Top Features:

  • The available both right-handed and left-handed trip lever is quite good for the user.
  • A fully concealed trap way hides the drain pipe and keep this toilet smart and clean.
  • The automatic rim scrubbing method keeps the bowl surface germs free.


  • Varieties of warranty for chinaware, mechanical parts, and seat
  • This square toilet comes with a detail installation manual.
  • It is getting available in two different colors.


  • The weight is a bit heavier on average.

2851A104.020 Town Square S Specs

  • Dimension: 30.25 x 14.75 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 116.4 pounds.
  • Material: Vitreous china
  • Color: White
  • Shape: Elongated bowl
  • Toilet Type: One piece
  • Flush Type: Single
  • GPF: 1.28 gpf
  • Flush System: Siphon Jet
  • Rough-In: 12 inches
  • Trip Lever: Left-Hand
  • Installation: Floor Mounted
  • Certificate: WaterSense
  • Warranty: 10 year warranty on all mechanical parts, 1 year for seat

5. Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet

The last attraction of our review guide is the Dura style Duravit rectangular toilet. Even though it is designed with the traditional one-piece style and most common white color, but this toilet is quite different from the casual toilet. For example, there has a white Alpin color which is very elegant and glossy to look at.

 In this unique rectangular-shaped toilet, you are getting a very powerful dual flushing system. You are getting 12 inches rough-in size and backflushing button. Simultaneously, its trap way is completely hidden to hold the real beauty of a modern bathroom.  

 As usual, this toilet comes with a floor-mounted installation which is far easier for you.

Since it is the rectangular model from the Duravit brand, there has WaterSense certificate and 5 years warranty benefit.

Top Features:

  • White Alpin color square toilet with rectangular bowl
  • It is a one-piece style with the most common 12 inches rough-in size.
  • Highly powered dual flushing system


  • Easy to clean and access
  • It needs less maintenance.
  • Eco Friendly
  • Approved for Commercial Use


  • There will not have included seat with this model.

Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Specs

  • Dimension: 14.63 inches x 28.38″ x 29″
  • Weight: 121.3 Pounds
  • Color: White Alpin
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Toilet Type: One piece
  • Flush Type: Dual Flush
  • GPF: 0. 8 / 1. 6 GPF
  • Rough-In: 12 inches
  • Trip Lever: Up
  • Installation: Floor Mounted
  • Certificate: WaterSense
  • Warranty: 5 year warranty

Square & Rectangular Toilet Comparison

Swiss Madison SM-1T256 Carré

Woodbridge T-0020

EAGO WD333 Square Wall Mounted

American Standard 2851A104.020

Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle


 25.2 x 15.2 x 30 inches

30 x 18 x 31 inches

21 x 14 x 15.75 inches

30.25 x 14.75 x 16.5 inches

14.63 inches x 28.38″ x 29″


105 pounds

150.3 pounds

72 pounds

116.4 pounds 

121.3 Pounds


Glossy white




White Alpin





Elongated bowl






Vitreous china


Toilet Type

One piece

One piece

One piece

One piece

One piece

Flush Type

Dual Flush

Dual Flush

Dual Flush


Dual Flush


0.8/1. 28 GPF

1.0 /1.6 GPF

0.8 /1.6 GPF

1.28 gpf

0. 8 / 1. 6 GPF


12 inches

12 inches

12 inches

12 inches


Floor Mounted

Floor Mounted

Wall Mounted

Floor Mounted

Floor Mounted


ADA and c/UPC & UPC

UPC & CSA, WaterSense





1 Year

1 Year

5 years for parts. 1 Year for flushing & seat

10 year warranty on all mechanical parts, 1 year for seat

5 years warranty


Advantage of Square Toilets

Aesthetic appearance:

The square shape brings a new look to your bathroom. Firstly, it is improved style will provide you with a luxurious external look. Its beauty is no less than that of a round and oval toilet bowl.

Easy cleaning:

Since the square toilet has come with a fully skirted trap way, you are getting a smoother toilet body. As a result, you can clean the external surface easily. Even it has not multiple gaps and cracks where the germs and dust could be accumulated.

A square shape and rectangular shape toilet are easy to access because it is designed with a simple structure.

Larger bowl space:

Many are adjustable with the larger toilet bowl. In this case, they would pick up a square toilet. It is tested that rectangular and square toilet comes with a little bit wider space inside the bowl.

The Disadvantage of Rectangular & Square Toilets

Sitting  posture:

Some user complains sitting system is slightly artificial and needs some effort to stay on the bow for a long time. However, you can reduce the sitting problem if you will use a padded seat.

Fewer design varieties:

Square shape toilet comes with a versatile design, flushing, and color. So, you won’t get multiple options for flushing.

Considerations Before Pick Square Toilet

As a square-shaped toilet is slightly different from the regular toilet, there is some specific consideration before buying a square-shaped toilet.


 The product quality is mainly depending on brand value. It is why you need to make sure about a reputed brand. We think the Duravit, American standard, Woodbridge, Swiss Madison are some credible brands for square and rectangular shape toilet.


Everyone wants a beautifully designed toilet; significantly, the fancy people don’t compromise the design. Here, a square toilet is a great winner with a unique and luxurious design. The square shape bowl and the fully skirted trap way made this toilet more unique in design. So, we think you would better make sure about modern design.


The square toilet comes with an easy installation like the regular toilet. Even it needs fewer installation tools. There have two types of installation in this toilet. You can make a wall hanging or floor mounted toilet.

Bathroom space:

Consider the bathroom space is important when you are getting to buy a square toilet. Because square or rectangular, however, both need a little bit more space. So, make sure about your bathroom size and toilet installation place.

Existing Fixtures Design:

Consider the design of the existing fixture is a critical factor for many people. But the conscious beauty guys are like to match the design among the all-bathroom fixtures.

The Average age of the user:

Before buying a square toilet, you must consider who will use this toilet. It is good to know that square curves may be less comfortable or inconvenient for older and toddler. However, the adult and young user would get the best comfort with the larger bowl.


Here we are ending this guide on the best square toilet. We have given the top five square toilet reviews above. There have the highlighted features, advantages, and disadvantages of each product.

 And, whatever you buy, we recommend that you check the product properly. Try to read our buying guide to figure out the best Rectangular toilet from the crowd of multiple toilets.

If you think this guide has benefited from choosing the right square toilet, then share it with your nearest one to benefit.

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